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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2012 4:25 p.m. MST

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West Jordan, Utah

I am not sure if I was BYU, that I wouldn't want to go back to the MWC if TV and other concessions were made. Even more so if the conference got stability and Boise State to return.

Where is the Big East headed? Didn't they lose their BCS affiliation? I am not sure that matters with the landscape of college football in the future, but why not stay out west. Maybe BYU wants that 'exposure' thing on the east coast. It's just a long way to travel for road games, especially in basketball more games per week and more overall).

Las Vegas, NV

I love BYU but lets get real. They have not beaten a good team in the last two years. When you have to rely on USU as your big win its a shame. The schedule in the next few years will be great but if the talent and coaching does not improve no conference including the MWC will be calling.

The Dixie Kid
Saint George, UT

No way BYU joins Big East after Tulane and ECU joined. Its Big 12 or nothing now.

Frisco, TX

Just because conversations are taking place, doesn't mean that BYU is interested in Big East. Big East is obviously talking to anyone they can, trying to hold their conference together. Losing Rutgers and adding E Carolina and Tulane make the conference less desirable than it was 6 months ago when BYU said no.

However, I wouldn't be surprised to see BYU add a scheduling aggreement with the Big East like Notre Dame and ACC. The Big East can't afford to lose BSU and SDSU. A scheduling agreement would help BYU and it could keep BSU and SDSU happy.


With Louisville being taken up by the ACC, the only real options for Big XII expansion are Cincinnati and BYU. They aren't going to stay at 10 forever, especially the B1G going up to 14 member schools and the SEC with that number already. The invite will come eventually (or the Big XII will get robbed by other conferences.)

Danbury, CT

Best thing for BYU to do is win games. Seems we are always worried about status but haven't done the first step of winning the big ones. That's how you get invited...

Orem, UT

Wow, story was over for me a few words in.


Lightening Lad - Correction, there are four, not five important conferences. The ACC is headed the way of the Big East.

U 90 - I think you're right and I don't see Texas ever agreeing to join the Pac 12 where they'd have to give up a $15M/year contract with ESPN for the Longhorn Network. Given the Big 12 now shares revenue equally and seems like a likely landing spot for FSU and Clemson when the ACC crumbles, the Pac 12's expansion options may be extremely limited should superconferences form.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

First, moving to either the Big East or MWC makes as much sense as playing Riley Nelson, so you never know with BYU. Second, assuming the Big XII will be one of the so called Big 4 conferences, and most think they will, they are looking east not west. Everyone seems to think FSU, Clemson, VA Tech and perhaps Miami are on their list. Cinncy could be there. The ACC would have to hold together, which they are trying hard to do, for the Big XII to have interest in BYU. But then there would be a big 5 conferences. Additionally, most of the writers in TX and OK seem to think BYU's Admin blew it a year or so ago with their demands and that the Big XII AD's and presidents were really bothered by their percived arrogance. That still leaves the Pac 12. They don't want BYU, but as others have pointed out - where do they go? The only school west of Texas left that worth anything is BYU so to not ask BYU would prove their religious prejuduce rather than silly academic statements. Or they stay at 12 teams while all others are at 16 teams.

Provo, UT

Your daddy's Big East is no more.

Today's Big East is your daddy's Conference USA.

BYU, stay put! Do not go to the Big East. Stay independent unless the Big 12 or some other BCS conference comes calling (if ever).

Elk Grove/U.S.A., 00

Joining the Big East would be a step backwards for the Cougars. It would be like rejoining the Mountain West. BYUTv described it like the United States rejoining Great Britain. The only thing better than independence is joining a major conference like the Big 10, Big 12, or PAC 12. Getting an invitation to join any of the latter conferences won't happen for a variety of reasons. Perhaps BYU can associate itself with the Big East the same way Notre Dame has with the ACC. Starting 2014 Notre Dame will stay independent for football, but will be guaranteed five ACC games and all the other sports will join the ACC. BYU could benefit from this arrangement for football during late October and November when it is more difficult to schedule decent opponents. I prefer BYU staying with the WCC for most of their other sports though because it allows me to see them play on occasion since I live in northern California.:)


Another unnamed "source". This is pure speculation and conjecture.

This article is published to titillate and tease the Cougar fans and foes alike who don't understand BYU's mission and the role of its athletic teams.

BYU will remain independent.


@ Chris B.

What is Utah's record in the PAC-12?


Go buy yourself a Slurpee, pal.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

They may be talking but it would take a crazy good deal for BYU to make a move. Ride out the ESPN contract and then renew and wait, the bigger conferences will come calling once they decide to move to 16 teams. The PAC especially will have to consider BYU then and will bow to the Sunday play needs.

Utah Fan2
Anaheim, CA

"Source says BYU, Big East still talking"

Yes, the conversation is going something like this:

BE: Have you changed your mind about joining the BE?

BYU: Not yet, but we're evaluating all options.
(but yours is seeming less and less attractive everyday)

Until the Big East signs a new television contract and BYU can see in writing what they'd be getting in exchange for their Independent contract with ESPN, the Cougars would be fools to even consider joining the Big East.

Salt Lake City, UT

The best commentor so far said all BYU has to do is win. If they win their games then they will be top 20 or even 10 material and the new payoff system is within reach.

The BYU naysayers are right to a degree. They will never be in the PAC, not because of their football talent or lack of, but because of Sunday. Sunday is also why they are not already in the Big12 or the PAC for that matter.

Comparing the situations of Utah and BYU both still come down to winning. Neither will get into a playoff game without winning. The PAC holds no magic for Utah if they continue to go 4/5 or 3/6 in conference games. If BYU wins, the path is set. Their brand is well-known now. Had they gone 12-0 or 11-1, they would have been in a BCS game this year. Ditto for Utah, 12-0 or 11-1 puts them in the Rose Bowl or better. One naysayer said BYU is incapable of winning. A correct statement at this point. But he should have included his own school also. Both schools fit the mold for the past 2 years.


@KSUBYU, you do not seem to understand that the conference realignment is not about wins/losses over the past few years and who BYU has/has not beaten. This is all about TV revenue! Not about bowl games, rivalries, win/loss records, whether your dad wears a belt or not - it is simply about TV revenue and the TV markets. Utah and Colorado were invited to the PAC because they wanted the TV markets. That is why the SEC, Big 10, Big East, and ACC are expanding is expanding - it is all about TV markets which bring in the TV revenue - period!

Salt Lake City, UT

"The PAC especially will have to consider BYU then and will bow to the Sunday play needs."
Sunday play was never the issue. The common "problem" when negotiating with the PAC12, Big12, and Big East has been television rights.

Salem, UT


How is the PAC 10.2 treating you? The U will always be a fringe bowl team struggling to win 6-7 games each year. And let's talk about basketball.... they will never again sniff the post season. Enjoy losing, but hey, you're in the PAC 10.2

Agua Dulce, TX

Lavell Edwards Stadium would make a good new MTC.

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