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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Deep Space 9, Ut

To "LDS Liberal" since just mentioning Drudge makes you cringe, how about you actually look up the article that Drudge links to. It comes directly from a Chineese newspaper, and does state that in China, they are cutting taxes to attract more businesses.

Tell us again how open minded liberals are. Yours seems to be quite closed.

Mcallen, TX

LDS Liberal,

Romney lost because we have a nation of beggars, and takers.

If flip-flopping mattered, he would have won.

May our liberal friends get what they voted for.

Lebanon, IN

By taxing the rich, those who create the jobs, are going to pass that tax onto the customer. Meaning the tax increase was really meant for the middle class. The rich will always make their money, so who does the President think he's fooling? Duh-uh!

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