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Published: Monday, Nov. 26 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Okay, now that we know BD is out of the picture next year and Riley...let's have a more meaningful speculation about who will replace Doman?

Ty Detmer isn't coming back. And Steve Young won't either.

Do you think BYU will try to bring in a big name OC? If so, who?
Do you think Bronco will promote from within? Ben Cahoon is the Jerry Rice of the CFL. Could he be moved from coaching the receivers to OC?

Weigh in, what is your speculation?

Let's have some fun with this and stop killing the coaches and players.

Richmond, VA


I know Riley's era is coming to an end, but Doman's too? This is news to me! When was that decided? If it's true, this is the first time I've heard of it. Truth be told, I'm not disappointed one way or another. Honestly, I really wanted him to be successful because he seems to be a really good guy. Unfortunately, I think he's got a long ways to go as an OC. BYU can't afford to continually struggle offensively against better competition if we ever hope to gain respect nationally and achieve the kind of exposure we can be proud of.

Looking forward to an exciting bowl game between two worthy competitors! May it be free of the ugliness displayed in the past.

Go Cougars! and good luck to the Aztecs too!


Greg Wruebell was asked to send a tweet by Holmoe last month. He stated they are aware of the problems with the offense coaches and said changes were coming after the season ends.

The D coaches became upset with the O coaches.

It's very clear Doman is a problem along with Weber.

South Jordan, UT

Putting money aside...because really BYU is raking it in on its tv contract and other things...it's a little pathetic that since going independent the only teams they have played in bowl games have been old WAC and MWest teams.

Highland, UT


Where have you heard that Doman is out? Like thebigsamoan I am not going to be disappointed either way, if he is gone then hopefully they get someone better, if he is back then I hope he has improved. I do blame Doman for the pathetic offensive scheme early on but the more I study the Riley Nelson situation the more I think that was Bronco's decision and Doman just had to deal with it and try to make the best of it.

In Doman's defense you can go back and watch the games in the 2nd half of the season and see better play calling as well as open wr's, you can also see Nelson failing to get those open wr's the ball and failing to make the plays. SJSU is a perfect example of that. I thought Doman called good enough plays in that game Nelson just failed to execute them or make good throws.

We know Nelson is done and we know there is still plenty of QB talent based on recruiting rankings. We'll see if they can use it better this time around.



Yep, that sounds like a long-time rivalry to me.

North Salt Lake, UT

Hopefully the final game of the extremely underachieving Bronco era

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Greg Wruebell was asked to send a tweet by Holmoe last month. He stated they are aware of the problems with the offense coaches and said changes were coming after the season ends."

So how did you deduce from the tweet, that the "changes" Holmoe mentioned involved any particular coach(es)?

It's obvious that BYU has had some serious issues with their quarterbacks, offensive line, offensive schemes, and kicking game the last two seasons, but lessons have hopefully been learned and opportunities for making better decisions in the future may still be given.


The tweet used stronger language. Do we have any Twitter experts who can find Greg's tweet?
Doman is out. Trust me. Holmoe is not happy. Need to find the Tweet...


This will be my first non-U of U bowl in 10 years. (Going to a Niners game instead.)

But, I'm excited for San Diego.

I need to go to the Cougar store and buy me some stuff.

Taylorsville, Utah


Could you please do me a favor and wait 'til after the bowl game is over and then I'll weigh in on your speculation that the Y OC is out. As far as I know he's still planning on coaching in the Poinsettia Bowl.

Taylorsville, Utah


Lark! Lark! Lark! Lark! Lark! That's my favorite missionary hymn, "Lark all ye nations..." That's going to be my pre-bowl game chant since we quit doing the Haka.

Pac 12 Fever
Salt Lake City, UT

funny that real football schools go to watch the game as it is the most important.

Byu fans are just excited to go to San Diego. Would rather vacation, go to the zoo, se world, then.....oh yea. the game. Bag the football.

Thats funny.

Good luck Cougs.


I-am-I - First the complaints were about scheduling but, that quickly improved. Better bowl ties will improve with time though could be helped perhaps significantly by taking one at Boise, or one at ND from time to time.

Canyontreker - Wow, a Ute fan headed to the Cougar store to buy some stuff??

Pac 12 Fever - There are some who are this way but, as long as they buy tickets I really do not care. I drink enough beer in the parking lot for all of them anyways.

Salt Lake City, UT

phoenix thought "Ironically, THIS is the year a 1- or 2-loss BYU COULD have gotten into a BCS bowl."

You mean IF BYU was still part of the MWC, right? Kent State might get in because they are in an non-AQ conference. As an independent, the non-AQ qualifications do not apply to BYU. BYU would have to be ranked #12 to be considered. Considered, not automatically qualified.

Highland, UT

@pac 12 fever

Funny that real fans of their schools don't go by the moniker of the conference their school is in, they are actaully fans of the school.

That's funny.

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