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Published: Saturday, Nov. 24 2012 11:20 p.m. MST

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Mcallen, TX

BYU is a great school, and begging someone to attend is not needed. I'm sure Jabari is a good basketball player, and it would be great to have him on the team, but let's not stoop to begging.


Jabari seems much more mature than I was at his age, but the girl ratio sign would have had the most impact on me! lol


worf: It's all in fun.

Holladay, UT

Desperate and pathetic!!

Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA

Stoop to begging?

How about let's not throw cold water on the efforts of creative and avid fans who love their school and admire a fine young man who also excels at basketball.

It has been exciting to follow the high school career of this great kid and it will be fun to watch him in college (hopefully at BYU but really at any school he chooses) and then in the NBA.

Go BYU! Go Jabari!
Go away Scrooges.

Frisco, TX

The best recruiting tool of all had to be Tyler's 30+ points, knowing he'll be around to balance the load next year.

Alexandria, VA

Please please please Jabari come to BYU!

South Jordan, UT

Great effort! Will still be tough to Win out over Duke.

Golden Helmet
Salt Lake City, UT

"I really hope Jabari makes the correct decision. . ."

The "correct" decision? BYU athletics are great, but their fans are beyond arrogant. "Correct decision"? Look at it from any standpoint...quality of basketball? Duke, Michigan State, and Stanford all outweigh BYU. Quality of education? Stanford and Duke are in a class of their own. LDS influence? Stanford has as strong an LDS influence as any out of state campus, they are the only non-LDS school in America to have an LDS meeting house on campus - even the U's institute is off campus. Stanford's LDS institute is the second largest in the country, plus you get the real world component not found in Provo. Nice showing BYU, but don't hold your breath. The "correct" decision may not be your little bubble past the point of the mountain.


It's all going to boil down to exposure and competition. Does Parker want to play against the nation's best players back east (North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky, etc.) with its accompanying exposure, or does he want to play in an insignificant conference out west and get overlooked by the national media as he prepares to play in the NBA? It will be interesting to see what he chooses.

Either way, good luck to this good young man in the future.

Orem, Utah

What if the ACC falls apart (as is being rumored lately) and Duke's no longer in a major conference? That'd be one less school in the hunt for Jabari, unless he plans to only play one year and go pro without serving a mission. Unlikely. Bet he goes on a mission before playing anywhere in college, if he plans to go on one at all.


it is not begging. It is appreciation of one of ours and our desire to have him be at BYU. It is arrogant to suggest that we are begging or that BYU is above this.

This young man is a fine example of athletics and spirituality. If he chooses BYU it will be a blessing to the University.

Basketball is fun and gives us moments of great joy and excitement. I for one hope Jabari joins us and even if it is only for a year it will be fun to have him.

Sandy, UT

@Golden Helmet
You protest too much, me thinks.
All he said was "he hopes he makes the correct decision".
He never said attending BYU was the correct decision for him.

For Manti Teo, the correct decision for him was attending Notre Dame.
And who can doubt that now?

For Bryce Harper it was going straight to the MLB draft.

For Jabari, it's between him and the Lord and nobody should get in the middle of that.
Folks, mind your own business.

And as for Exposure.
The WCC has games on ESPN regularly, while every other BYU game will be televised Nationally on BYU-TV. In other words Utefan......Exposure...BYU has it and U don't!

As for NBA scouts finding players, Weber State just had a player taken in the top ten of the first round. Weber State!

NBA scouts know where "all" the talent is.
This notion that you must play on the East Coast to be noticed, is pure rubbish.
BYU just had the Unanimous NPOY, not 2 years ago.

South Jordan, Utah

Good for BYU and its fans for doing its best to recruit Jabari. I would be disappointed if we didn't look and act like we really wanted him to come.

Don't start on the "arrogant" card Utah fans. After proclaiming for the last 2 1/2 years that you were going to steamroll the PAC12 - a think a huge dose of humility would be in order.

I too hope Jabari makes the best decision, albeit selfish for me - and that is to come to BYU. Otherwise good luck wherever you go. You will excel at whichever school you select.

Spanish Fork, UT

Did the fans go overboard? How can a self professed "FANatic" go overboard? What the heck, flip and crud. They're having harmless fun. Go for it. And I do agree with one poster who said the 15000 girls at BYU would have gotten my attention.

Best wishes to Jabari. I hope he goes to BYU. I hope even more for his sake he gets the chance to serve a full time mission. But, it's his life and with prayer and thanksgiving he'll find the best path to trod for himself and his future.


He's not going on a mission until he retires from basketball.

He could sign with UVU and still be the top overall pick in the NBA.

Iowa City, IA

Great work BYU students/fans!! Way to represent! Love it when the studentbody gets involved and makes an effort. I would have loved to see Jabari on Y mountain. Just hearing about the effort though was impressive.

Critics and rivals, knock it off, give it a rest. You all can't even let people post with some excitement without being incredible critical. I can't believe one of you actual wrote a 3 paragraph reply on the word "correct"... is it possible that correct could mean...our school!! Why wouldn't that be the correct choice in the eyes of a fan?

west jordan, utah

What i'm waiting to see is if Coach Rose has more class than Roger Reid and Bronco when Jabari picks another school?

I got a gut feeling Coach Rose is way more classy and he won't bash the kid or his choice of another school.

Bronco how you think Manti's choice of schools is working out about right now??

St. George, UT

I don't remember Bronco criticizing Manti's choice? I do remember Reid..

Cedar Hills, UT


Duke is in a league of their own when it comes to basketball. Besides, the only thing that matters in NCAA basketball is if you make it to the tournament each year and they will.


POY and yet he is sitting the pine behind (2) guards in SAC town. Not that impressive.

Jabari is going to Duke.

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