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Published: Friday, Nov. 23 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Centerville, UT

As a Republican I feel there is nothing wrong with exploring "clean" energy options and reducing our dependence upon fossil fuels. Such policy would reduce our dependence upon the Middle East. I call on politicians, the president and the Congress to come up with a plan that encourages further research, further market penetration of "clean" energies, and do it without increasing taxes further or spending additional government dollars. We cannot afford more government spending when $.40 of every dollar spent is borrowed money.

Go ahead and push the green policies, but do it wisely without further breaking the bank that is already broken. Encourage mass transit, community planning and development that reduces long commutes, and safe transport by bicycle and walking. Just recognize that we live in a fast-paced, high stress culture where not everyone can participate in bus transit, etc.

Look to hydroelectric power, natural gas, nuclear, solar, wind, geothermal. And while you are exploring those sources, do not increase federal debt. In other words, work with a balanced budget and begin paying down debt.

In the mean time, a balanced approach would still allow for utilization of fossil fuels.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

To all who say that Al Gore "invented" global warming: Svante Arhenius, a Swedish physicist, was the first to determine that increased carbon levels in the atmosphere would lead to higher surface temperatures. He did this in 1896, he never heard of Al Gore. His handwritten physics equations can still be found. They have never been refuted.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

The ignorance displayed in this letter is mind boggling! Bubble said it best with respect to the science, but the comments I find most disturbing are “the good Lord prepared this earth for us…” and the total lack of perspective betrayed in the “follow the money…” comment.

The “good Lord” comment is troubling because it suggests a mindset that believes we are simply incapable of screwing things up so bad that it could lead to cataclysmic events - or worse, that if we do we will be saved by a celestial super-hero. Given the age of the earth and the fact that 99.8% of all species that have ever lived are now extinct suggests this view is a fantasy… and a particularly dangerous one.

Follow the money – yes, please do. Look at the foreign share holders of Fox for example, and in general look at the dollars at stake in continuing to burn fossil fuels unabated, and then compare the magnitude of that motivation with the geeky scientist applying for a grant… the image of a mountain and a ant hill comes to mind.

Salt Lake City, UT

Yeah, that's right man cannot change the enviroment. God said so. Just don't look around at the world, keep your nose in that Bible, and you can actually believe that.

And, yeah, even more then that, it's all a huge conspiracy, just to make Al Gore rich. Now that makes a lot of sense.

Now, excuse me, I have some yard work to do. I've got some weeds coming up.

Centerville, UT

Pot growers around the world know 1,500 ppm levels of CO2 and higher temperatures create optimum conditions for plant growth. At 390 ppm plants are starved for CO2. Now tell us what tempature and CO2 level your going to hold at. And sea level rise is not a valid arguement. Every progresive knows humanity does not merit a better existence than the roaches crawling through the plants decaying. All you liberals with vast understanding and intelligence give us a valid temperature and CO2 level that is not based on fearmongering, hype, and is based on some reality. Some glaciers in the Himalayas mountain range have gained a small amount of mass between 1999 and 2008, new research shows. Antarctica ice sheets are growing. 1,300 peer reviewed papers and not any tell us the correct temperature. UN said cap and trade was wealth redistribution. Fear mongering progressives are alive and well. I'm going for that 1,500 level. Lets end world hunger.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

"Peer review" is a myth when those who "review" climate change are paid by the government and when their "findings" would cause the largest tax increase in human history.

Take away the "grants" and then see how many "scientists" agree with man-cased global warming. The lies of those "scientists" have already been reported. That doesn't matter to those who want the money from those new carbon taxes.

the truth
Holladay, UT

IF man can supposedly cause climate change,

they why can't they fix it?

There is no study showing we can effect change in climate for good by no more than a few tenths of one degree.

IT stand to reason and pure logic, if there is climate change then man is not causing it, it is 99.7% natural.

While we can do things better,

living our lives based on illogical and unreasonable leftest fears is a very bad way of doing things.

leftest whining is not getting us anywhre but putting more power ans m0oney in hands of a few,

while depriving the rest us of money, property, proper heating and cooling, economic liberty, freedom of movement, personal freedom and liberty, and freedom of choice,

just to name a few.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

The truth,

Not everything you break can be fixed. I do think we can fix it but how much damage will be done before we do? Like an aircraft carrier, the climate does not “turn” the second you spin the wheel. It takes a long time to react.

If money was not involved, would you then believe the science? Is your lack of acceptance just economically driven?

Mike Richards,

Peer review is a myth? So when you go for medical treatment, and your doctor says this is the best treatment according to peer reviewed studies, you say “peer review is a myth” and go with an alternative treatment? Really?

Your point that the results are money driven supposes a worldwide conspiracy involving tens of thousands of people across a variety of economic and governmental systems, languages, and cultures. Where have we ever seen such a conspiracy be successful?


Pot growers. Is that where we want to get the critical scientific information we need to save the planet? I think not.

Centerville, UT

Twin Lights not just the pot heads, but they use the information to maximize their production. It is a scientific fact that even potheads understand. So how much intelegence is hadby those who don't know the facts. What is the correct temperature Lights? No liberals yet giving an intelligent number. Green houses also use this information. Sorry for the inconvienient truth.

Park City, UT

How in the world has climate change become a political issue? There is no way a persons' opinion can be based on their political persuasion. Unless, of course they cease critical thought.

Please stop throwing around the red herring "liberal" and "conservative" names. These have nothing to do with science.


Yes the earth's climate has changed. When it's changed quickly it has a dramatic effect on the Earth's biosphere - like mass extinctions. For example, the dinosaurs. The hypothesis is that a large meteor hit the earth, caused a large amount of dust to rise into the atmosphere and cooled the planet. Then no more dinosaurs.

The Earth will be just fine. We however might be in serious trouble.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Evidence gathered by scientists around the world over the last few years suggests that ocean acidification could represent an equal -- or perhaps even greater threat -- to the biology of our planet than global warming," co-author Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies and The University of Queensland says.

Ocean acidification, which the researchers call the 'evil twin of global warming', is caused when the CO2 emitted by human activity, mainly burning fossil fuels, dissolves into the oceans.

"These changes are taking place at rates as much as 100 times faster than they ever have over the last tens of millions of years"

Besides directly impacting on the fishing industry and its contribution to the human food supply at a time when global food demand is doubling, a major die-off in the oceans would affect birds and many land species and change the biology of Earth as a whole profoundly, Prof. Hoegh-Guldberg adds.-Ocean Acidification: 'Evil Twin' Threatens World's Oceans, Scientists Warn, Science Daily, Apr. 1, 2012

jsf, you don't mind if I listen to the experts and not to you are your potheads, do you? Sorry if that's inconvenient.

Centerville, UT

Only human activity, "is caused when the CO2 emitted by human activity". A good example of fearmongering and misdirection. What about all the naturally occuring CO2. It doesn't effect the outcome. And I would hardly call the greenhouse growers in the Nation as not experts. It is so amazing that creationists are skoffed at because, they say god created the earth, and yet global warmists think they are god and control what happens with the earth and think they can control the things that cause evolution. Species die off is a natural event on the earth. Yours is the fearmongering of being afraid of change and evolution.

Salt Lake City, UT

Sorry, jsf, there is no need for theology here, just science. And I really do hope it is okay with you, but I will listen to the experts in the field, not you. Sorry that’s inconvenient for you.

Global warming is having and will continue to have significant negative effects on our oceans and the communities that depend on them. The loss of ice sheets in the arctic is having and will increasingly have adverse consequences for many species of marine mammals like polar bears, walruses, and ice seals. Warmer oceanic and riparian waters is resulting in increased marine diseases and invasive species, changes in weather systems, modifications in species distribution patterns, dead zones and coral bleaching. . . increased fishing risks and adverse health consequences. Ocean acidification will harm calcium carbonate plankton, adversely affect shellfish larvae, hinder the ability of corals to build new reefs and cause serious food chain disruptions. Sea level rise will cause habitat loss from inundation, infrastructure damage, and climate refugees that will need to be relocated as their island and coastal homelands are eliminated.- Oceans and Climate Change, The Ocean Foundation

Here, UT

Whats more amazing is that you can deny something where theres so much physical proof as a "myth" and turn around and claim that God exists. Which is more likely to be a myth?

Here, UT


Maybe you should do a little more research. Most plants do not like higher temperatures and will stop growing during periods of excess heat, if not outright die.


What's amazing to me is that people can still deny climate change. I guess they think they know more than scientists (the experts).

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