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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 21 2012 10:05 a.m. MST

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sammy, dying to hear your spin on how a team's record impacts an NFL scout's evaluation.

Springville, UT


Utes were so good for Star. What a 'stellar' wasted opportunity he had in the PAC12 as a Ute this year. Just imagine had he had the opportunity to have been on a real winning team in the PAC12 or some other conference as a senior.

There's no doubt that he will go high in the draft but had the Ute coaching staff had done their jobs better Star would have had more opportunities to perform.

It's a moot point but a valid one. Losers do not help their NFL draft picks nearly as much as winners.

Franklin, IN

It's funny how the Y fans keep talking about how bad Utah was this year but we beat them which makes them worse than us

What a bunch??!!

Cottonwood Heights, UT


"Oh and Sharp willingly left utah, couldn't leave fast enough. Star would have gladly stayed at BYU if he could have been admitted. Pretty big difference."

Only one problem with what you and others are saying ... Star absolutely could've still gone to the Y once he finished JC classes, and yes the Y still wanted him. So it's not quite the "big difference" you speak of.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


You're really reaching. Sometimes it's better to just admit you're wrong.


sammy, I'd love to find an NFL scout who would ever say anything along those lines. Literally the only position where number of wins recorded are ever talked about in the media is the QB position, but even then, among NFL scouts, it's not that important. Like I said before, stick to talking about cable tv, you've got something going for yourself there.

Highland, UT


Only one problem with what you are falsely claiming, it is false. Star could not have "still gone to the Y" because they did not offer him after Snow. Now I think that was a huge mistake and failure on the part of the BYU coaching staff, one of many they have made the last several years, but they did not want to take a chance on him academically again. So despite your weak attempt to make yourself feel better about utah's desirability to recruits it is just plain false.

Also if utah is such a desirable place for this family then why hasn't the younger brother committed to utah yet? From what I have heard he is leaning BYU, his fathers alma mater. You would think he would have accepted the utah offer immediately.

Orem, UT


It's funny how Utah fans keep trying to justify their miserable failure of a season by pointing to barely winning a game that BYU handed to them on a missed-snap scoop and score.

If that helps you feel better about finishing the season in the couch potato bowl, knock yourself out!

As disappointing as BYU's season was, at least the Cougars will be playing in a bowl.

Centerville, UT


So tell me how it feels to be dominated for the last decade by this so called "loser"

3 in a row and 8 of 11

You cougies are full of arrogance bringing up the guys grades. He's a stud on the field and that's what the article is about. Don't bring up stuff like that trying to make the him look bad.

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