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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 20 2012 12:35 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Why not just join the Big 12

Or the Pac 12?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Honest assessment here:

You guys won't go to a BCS(or "significant" bowl once the official BCS goes away) game as a member of the WAC, MWC, or independent.

So why not stay independent and at least get more money from ESPN?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Confererence will continue to shift, but regardless of what happens, 2 things will be constants from here on out:

1)Utah will be "IN"

2) byu will be "OUT"

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

We have our choice of conferences because evryone wants us but will remain independant.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

Honest assessment here:
Chris B has no life

Independence is a tough schedule and I miss most (not all) traditional rivalries - but unless the entire national college football structure is rewritten to go back to traditional regional rivalries - there is no reason for BYU to go back to the MWC. It would be better to do what they did previously, when creating the MWC, band with others to start their own new conference.

Gilbert, AZ

Chrissy B

U should worry more about that bunch of misfits on the hill,

especially when

1) BYU 2012 bowl - IN
2) Utah 2012 bowl - OUT

btw, your predictions of BYU never playing in a "significant" bowl (or never playing in a playoff game) are about as meaningless as your constant "mark it down" predictions; in fact, your prediction of "never" is practically a guarantee that it will be soon.

Harrisville, UT

I would rather continue as an indepedent with a "scheduling arrangement" with a few MWC institutions.

@ Chris- Utah is what Rutgers will be in the Big 10 family. The akward, slightly ugly relative with poor hygeine everyone avoids speaking with at family reunions.

Columbus, OH

If realignment really does mean that four 16-team superconferences are inevitable, than the B12 needs 6 teams and the PAC needs 4. There simply aren't that many viable candidates within their current geographic footprints. The B12 will try for Florida State and Clemson, maybe Louisville and Cincinatti...then what? They would still need to find 2 more teams. Besides, the SEC can pick up FSU and Clemson any time they want. My point is, if it comes to that, BYU will find a home. They might not be full members, maybe just football-only additions. If it doesn't come to that, then there's really no reason to go away from independence.

Making Sense
Herriman, UT

@ Chris B

Nice to know BYU is still relevant with you.

And what exactly is utah in? They are in a rough rivalry with fellow basement dweller Colorado. They are in for a longer Christmas break. They are in with fellow non-bowlers like Wyoming, New Mexico, Idaho, etc., etc. They are in the pac10.2 like the Washington Generals are in games with the Harlem Globetrotters or how Angola was in the game with the '92 Dream Team. Oh, and utah was in two BCS games coming from the MWC, so basically you're biting the very hand that fed you.

BYU is better served by maintaining independence unless provided an opportunity to join a stable situation like the BIG 12, which isn't a guarantee.

Oh, and Chris B, the utes are in one more thing: last place in the nation for basketball!!

Provo, , UT

Chris I'm being honest here. Why the hate? I really do just want to understand. I can be completely honest in saying I wish Utah the best. You guys are down this year and that's too bad. I don't care that you're "in" and we're ''out'' as you say. The PAC-12 is great for you guys! Really! I'm enjoying independence and have faith it will work out. So why can't we both just wish the other the best and let the other work towards their own personal goals?

West Haven, Utah

So . . . How's that 'In-ness' working out for you, Chris B? Remind me again - where is your team going 'bowling' this year?

Never mind.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU won't return to the MWC. They can't win that conference with USU, SDSU and Boise State in it.

They'll stay independant where they have to compete with ........no one.

Farmington, UT

Ah, Brad, why play New Mexico at all? They are as bad as Wyoming in the win-loss column. True, they are in a warmer area than UW in Laramie, but my gosh---New Mexico? If you were really into some good competition in the old MWC you'd want BYU to play Air Force occasionally. They have a better record than Utah in the MWC over the course of all the years everyone belonged. And if you've ever attend a game in Colorado Springs, they are a class act----unlike Fort Collins where they are just another state school, only wearing green instead of red. AFA needs some good competition, too, so I think they'd go for it. (There has to be a reason Whittingham said he was glad they would never play Air Force again...the cadets were just too good too often for the Utes.) And UNLV? You must want to frequent Vegas. While warmer there, too, their stadium isn't up to much----although it is covered with red paint so maybe that's why you want to go there.

Interesting points of view that you expressed.

Iowa City, IA

re;Chris B.

I feel sorry for you. You have the first three posts on BYU and you are a...Utah fan. And somehow your digs always make it past the d-news board regulators...I don't know which is more confusing.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Apparently Utah may sneak into a bowl after all.


C'mon Rock, this is old news now. I didn't even read your story because you're just trying to stamp your brand on it. Stick with Chris B and the losing Utes.

BYU will not join any conference. They like independence.

Farmington, UT

@ Chris B

Honest assessment here:

Your beloved Utes won't ever:
1) Go to the Rose Bowl
2) Win a National Championship
3) Produce a Heisman Trophy winner
4) Get over bashing BYU

Utah will:
1) Finish at the bottom third of the PAC 12 almost every year, or lower
2) Follow Arizona and compete (?) for decades before going to your first Rose Bowl (they haven't gone yet)
3) Go years before ever getting into another BCS Bowl---if there is such a thing then

You will:
1) Keep bashing BYU every chance you get
2) Continually harp on belonging to the PAC 12 as being better than sliced bread
3) Get older without ever growing up
4) Always try and post first on BYU articles (see #3)

Danbury, CT

If BYU wanted to win games as badly as Chris B wants to blog on BYU articles, we would be number 1. Undefeated.

Danbury, CT

Reasons for BYU re-joining the MWC:

(I can't think of any)

Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

I see no reason that BYU shouldn't be getting into the BIG 12 soon. But if that weren't an option then there would be one more reason to join the MWC, conference championships, conference rivalries, and full season motivation.

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