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Published: Monday, Nov. 19 2012 11:45 p.m. MST

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San Mateo, CA

Good win. I feel Coach Ty's indecision on who to start is going to cost jazz in the long run. Advice for him is to sit, think, decide on the 5 and then stick with it through thick and thin so that by playoffs time the rotation will be set. Players will adapt accordingly and their familiarity with each other will hopefully give them much needed confidence.
My starting 5: Mo Williams, Gordon Hayward, Paul Millsap, Derrick Favors, Al Jeferson. Allows for development of Hayward and Favors around 3 solid veterans.
Bench: Marvin Williams gives them veteran go-to presence. Canter and Carrol give them size. Lot of shooting can be picked between Foye & Alec Burks, depending on who is hot. Tinsley keeping it all together.
Its too bad J.Evans is not getting minutes... I wish Coach somehow finds at least 5 quality mins for him each game...

Roosevelt, UT

Hayward's looks remind me of Bill Walton. One wonders if Hayward knows how obnoxious that looks.

Third quarter Hayward goes for a contested layup but misses and then another miss from the free throw line. His second layup he gets too far under the basket, misses, flops on the floor and lays there hoping the refs will fell sorry for him while Houston does a fast break the other direction. His third layup of the quarter is uncontested and he dunks it convincingly.

For Hayward to succeed he needs to be completing three for three layups during the game. He is supposed to be one of the Jazz bright stars. That means he has to be dominant and dominating every time to not miss a layup or a free throw. The Lakers count on Kobe to do that for their team.

Kobe if he does not score on a layup is at the free throw line. The Jazz waited for CJ to mature and make big time plays. The team hopefully has learned they don't have to wait 6 years.

Nampa, ID

Hayward looks tough in a beard. Go Hayward.

South Jordan, UT


Have you read the box score? Hayward is doing really well. How many guys his size can dribble and take it directly to the hoop? His shooting has improved, he's stronger, faster and plays defense every time down the floor. He is deceptively quick as well. Every player in the league wants to challenge the choir boy and he is responding well. Within two years, every team in the league will be making a run at him in free agency.

Guess what: Every player misses free throws. Every player gets hurt. Every players tried to draw a foul by acting hurt. Church ball in Roosevelt must be really good.

You are comparing Kobe to Hayward? Are you crazy?

South Jordan, UT

I was really disappointed with the starters in this game. Their backups outplayed them. This big lineup seems like it could be gravy but the last two games they came out playing like feeble old men with zero energy.

IRS Agent

I would like to see Corbin bring more energy and hustle to the starting lineup. My starting five:
Mo Williams, Hayward, Carrol, Favors/Milsap & Jefferson. Demarre has shown the hustle and energy, and has earned at least a shot at the starting spot. He and Hayward can alternate between the 2 & 3 spot.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Always the same story starters struggle. Why? Because they don't hustle/run enough. They try to execute in the half court which means AJ is using the majority of possessions forcing it up through double and sometimes even triple teams.

Hayward needs the ball in his hands more often running high pick n rolls where he can read the defense and make decisions because most of the time that is where he excels. That is why the 2nd unit is better for him because he can get more touches without feeling he constantly has to defer and distribute to AJ and Millsap.

They need some stinking hustle and energy in the starting lineup so why not put in Carroll? They have enough other talent around him that take all the possessions but he would infuse some energy into that stale group.

Doug, the replay showed Hayward was fouled across the arm on that layup attempt under the basket. Sure he exaggerated a bit to sell it but he was a long ways under the basket and thus was reaching back to attempt to get the shot up.

Kobe fake flails gets star treatment and phantom fouls.

Apples meet oranges.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I really like the idea of starting the "infantry" with Milsap, Jefferson, and Favors and then bringing the "cavalry" in with Hayward, Carrol, and Marvin Williams. They all seem to play much better on both sides of court in that rotation.

Sturgis, MS

The substitution patterns have been better the last two games. We'll see what the future holds, I hope.


A J and Evans for a quality backup or starting point guard, and a Adam Keefe like banger.

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