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Published: Monday, Nov. 19 2012 9:35 p.m. MST

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Morgan, UT

Just so everyone understands, I AM a BYU fan, but BYU is proving they are at best a middle of the road WAC team, why would the MWC take this mis-guided, ill-performing misfits into their conference? Sometimes you just need to start over and that time has come for BYU...from the coaches to the bench! I was so mad and embarressed with the game Saturday, I actually changed channels to watch Utah...then when it was over, I switch back to my team and watched Riley fumble the ball for another should-have-won loss...graduate Riley now!

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT


In order to be the best of the "other five" conferences, BYU would have to run the table or, at the very least, have only one loss against another quality team.

As an Independent, BYU wouldn't have a guarantee, but to be considered as an at-large selection, BYU would also have meet the same standard.

Does anybody doubt that with teams like Nebraska, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Boise State, and West Virginia on BYU's future schedules, that BYU wouldn't be ranked just as high, if not higher, as an Independent than the Cougars would be as a member of the MWC?

In reality, BYU would have just as good chance of playing in one of the 'bcs access" bowls as an Independent, as the Cougars would as a member of the MWC, and probably a better chance, with a stronger SOS, of finishing high enough in the playoff rankings to qualify for a 4-team and certainly an 8-team playoff.


JustTheTruthMan "WAKE UP deseret news readers/commentors! The BCS is OFFICIALLY dead in 406 days."

Wake up justhetruthman. Officially dead is not really dead. The same conferences have exclusivity to the big bowls and the National Championship.

We should have jumped to a big conference three years ago. Might be too late now. But, I still want to hear that BYU is talking and showing interest rather than just playing it cool.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Every conference in America wants us.


eastcoastcoug - While that's true there are a lot of LDS church members who think they've got to get their kids to the "holy land" even if they cannot get into BYU. I was raised LDS in Houston of all places. Quite a few from my seminary class went to Utah and USU for this reason.

That said, the main point is it's apparent BYU is not committed to competing at the highest level in football.

Agua Dulce, TX

BYU wants the money grab and all of those South American football fans. They aren't interested in having a competitive football team that competes for championships.

Danbury, CT


I agree with you - and am also disappointed at the level of play by both our football and basketball teams. This talk about which conference we are in is academic since we would not win in ANY conference. Have the best record in all 5 non BCS conferences? Not a chance!!

I still would never send my kids to the U...I love them too much!!

Henderson, NV


BYU is NOT 'at best a middle of the road WAC team'. I too am frustrated with their dysfunctional performances. But lets not exaggerate.

Salt Lake City, UT


Gilbert, AZ


"it's apparent BYU is not committed to competing at the highest level in football"

Sorry, but I totally disagree with your assessment.

BYU has already scheduled games with Texas, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Nebraska, West Virginia, Michigan and Boise State. If that isn't conclusive evidence that BYU is committed to competing at the highest level in football, I don't know what evidence you're looking for.

Nobody is confusing Independence with being a member of the Big 12, but it's certainly MUCH better than joining a crumbling conference like the Big East. "Cultural" roadblocks ensured that the PAC 12 was never a viable option. BYU's move from the MWC was the inevitable result of the MWC's inept leadership and unwillingness to address serious concerns about its lame television contract and broken promises.

Independence or membership in the Big 12 are the only viable options available if BYU wants to compete at the highest level of college football.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Unless the MWC can come up with a BCS bid, and a lucritve TV deal; why in the world would BYU want to go back? They are better of as an independent, or to wait for a invite from a BCS conference.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

BYU won't join the MWC, even if they begged. If the MWC can't keep their promises before, why would BYU trust them this time? The MWC could have been a very good conference with BYU, Utah, Boise St., TCU, and later Utah State (in hindsight). However, they cheated their members and gave them no incentive to stay when other opportunities arose.

Morgan, UT


Ok, I'll back off of saying at best...they are a middle of the road WAC team.


Sceduleing of games is one thing, but showing up to play at that level is another...and they are not and appears in the future will not be at that level...sorry.

Salt Lake City, UT

Cougars won't go back to the MWC. They couldn't win that conference with Utah State, Boise State and SDSU in there.

Park City, Ut

I too doubt BYU's return to the MWC, not unless they could keep their TV deal. But you have to admit, it would be a lot better than playing the likes of Idaho, NMSU and Weber State in November. And if you cannot find enought teams to schedule late in the season, I guess you can always do what NMSU and Idaho are doing next year and just play them twice in the same season.

BYU to the Big 12 wont happen, I think most of you guys know that already. I dont' have a dog in this fight, I personally don't care if Boise or SDSU rejoin the MW. I'm fine with the conference the way it is! I'm sure the big east will pluck up a few more CUSA schools and Boise and SDSU keep their pride and stay put. Have fun!

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

Liked your comment. I believe I sufficiently scared my teenage daughter recently with the likelihood of having to settle for the U if she doesn't get her grades up from the 3.5 GPA she just earned in her first quarter in high school. . . .

Spanish Fork, UT

Negatives: Games in Laramie, Albaquywhatever, Ft. Collins with perennially lousy teams. Hair Thompson. Limited exposure, low-paying bowl games (like now). Lots of crappy teams to play that pull down recruiting.

Positives: If the conference has 1- BYU, 2-Boise State, 3- San Diego State, 4- Air Force; that gives some limited stature. 5- Utah State and 6- SJSU are just starting to do well. 7- Fresno State and 8-Nevada are okay. 9- UNLV is weak in football but good in basketball. CSU is a real stretch.

Forget including Wyoming, New Mexico

BYUtv must be part of the deal.

ESPN would be hard to drop and compensation must result to make up for this, although it's hard to replace the exposure.

Res Novae
Ashburn, VA

I think that this is a tempest in a teapot. While the independent experience has certainly been a little "interesting" at times, I don't think that the school is ready to throw in the towel after two seasons. The CFB landscape is just too unsettled right now. And crawling back to the MWC conference is the last thing we'd want to do.

But in the off chance that we *DO* head back, at the top of my list of demands is getting rid of Craig 'Hair' Thompson. No negotiation on that point. How that man still has his job is bewildering to me.

Herriman, UT


"In a few years, I think the conferences are going to learn what the WAC learned years ago when it expanded - large conferences don't work. There are too many mouths to feed. The travel costs, for the school and the fans are too high. The natural rivalries are lost."

Hmmm, how many multi billion dollar tv contracts have been signed recently?

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Salt Lake City, UT
"Cougars won't go back to the MWC. They couldn't win that conference with Utah State, Boise State and SDSU in there."

Coming from a fan of the team that won how many MWC championships? U can at least be grateful UNLV isn't on your list. But U DO still have to worry about Colorado.

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