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Published: Monday, Nov. 19 2012 9:35 p.m. MST

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I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

The only move that would make sense for BYU is a move to the Big 12. Independence is far better than ongoing return trips to football 'meccas' like Laramie or Ft. Collins. I love seeing the games on BYU TV and we are doing just fine in the WCC for basketball.


C'mon post my comment!

Thank you Jeff Call for debunking this bogus story. Boise and San Diego are still moving to the Big East. Not BYU nor the other schools have talked with the MWC about going back.

Nice cheap shot Shumway!

Why would I?
Farmington, UT

Why would I expect the news to report "news" and not pick up every bit of gossip, inuendo and speculation? (Because I grew up respecting what journalists wrote and what they wre taught in the nation's schools of journalism.) Times seemed to have changed in the 'news business.'

Sandy, UT

Rutgers and Maryland to the Big 10

UConn, Louisville and USF to the ACC

Florida St and Clemson to the Big 12

That's it.....

BYU....Stay Independent
form a new Continental Conference with the "Best" of MWC, Big East, C-USA.

BYU must keep it's ESPN deal, and rebroadcast rights. (Minimum)

Franklin, IN

MTN West has moved on.

They may not take the Band of Aids back? Let 'em stay independent!


Maybe i'm a little too hing up on meanings, but how does San Diego state join the big east. Is Hawaii next to join the big east?

Bountiful, UT

College football is plain insane. The Big East with Boise and others is just silly. I wish the Big East had remained a basketball conference with the 8 teams in the northeast. But thanks once again to the BCS, the landscape of this great sport is a mess.

Danbury, CT

Only two options to consider:

1- Big 12 or other BCS conference
2- Stay independent - only until #1 happens

Don't even think about the MWC!!


Example that the BCS is still alive and bossy. They will drop the name but still have exclusivity to the big bowls. Time is running out, let's get a Big 10 or Big 12 conference.


The only way we should go back to a conference is it we create a new on and if they sign a new tv deal AND the teams are:
1. Utah
2. BYU
3. TCU
4. Boise St
5. UNLV (because of basketball)
6. San Diego St (because of basketball)
7. Fresno St -
8. Hawaii (for recruiting purposes)

That's it - do not add UT St. they have no tv market- get rid of New Mexico, Colorado St, WYO, and Air Force - they too have no tv markets and I'm tired of hoping they can win any out of conference games.

Then add Gonzaga and St Mary's for basketball only.

An 8 team league would allow BYU to schedule several top non-conference teams and travel around the country.

Frisco, TX

In a few years, I think the conferences are going to learn what the WAC learned years ago when it expanded - large conferences don't work. There are too many mouths to feed. The travel costs, for the school and the fans are too high. The natural rivalries are lost.

There will be a move back to 10 team conferences. With a ten team conference, every school can play each other once in football and twice in basketball. Why be in the same conference with someone, if you only get to play them occasionally?

Glendora, CA

The jockeying circus amongst the college teams continues.

Layton, UT

I think that it would be cool if BYU joined the ACC, or shared 1/2 of Notre Dame's ACC schedule (BYU and Notre Dame = full ACC team). Not likely to happen, but still fun to think about.

BYU should not join the Big-Least or rejoin the MWC. They can provide nothing but weak teams.


I have some questions as to how BYU is run. It has an enrollment of 30k plus, one of the 10 largest basketball arenas, a 60k plus football stadium, and a built in fan base (at least a couple of million) through association with the LDS church...and they're bowl access is similar to that of Army?

Hate to say it but, if I'm LDS and have a kid who is a top notch athlete I'm probably telling him to go to Utah until BYU gets their stuff together...

Rexburg, ID

Blah blah
Blah blah blah
Blah blah
Blah blah blah

Talk is cheap and speculation is worthless

Woods Cross, UT

It is a rumor... conference expansion is a "hot" subject that grabs headlines. Look at the 2013 schedule, BYU is fine. The MWC would have to sell BYU on the idea. Who would listen to Thompson? No one.

Richmond, VA

"Much ado about nothing." Somebody please poke me when something actually real and factual happen about this topic, otherwise, I'm going back to my nap. I'm just tired of all the nonsense.

Danbury, CT


If I live anywhere outside of Utah and have an LDS son or daughter who is a top notch athlete, why on earth would I send them to the U? Utah is a commuter school for people living on the Wasatch Front.

BYU is above the U academically and our kids meet a larger LDS peer group there that aren't all living at home. If they are really good academically or athletically, then consider Stanford, USC or an East Coast school that propels them into what they are looking for.

BYUtah Fan
Herriman, UT

I really don't care - MWC, Big East, Small Ten. It is all pretty much the same to me. The only thing I want for Christmas is an offense.

bountiful, ut

Be the best of the 'other five' (conferences) and you are automatically in an access bowl. How is this espn supported 'rumor' a bad thing? WAKE UP deseret news readers/commentors! The BCS is OFFICIALLY dead in 406 days. How many of those days will need to pass before you wake up to that reality? Stop with the stupid already! As for you Jeff I hope this article isn't an open mouth insert foot type thing. The press these days is perfecting that absurdity!

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