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Published: Monday, Nov. 19 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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USU is hardly a storied program anymore than the MWC is a powerhouse. Your One conference win in decades means little at this point.

BYU needs a new coaching staff that will take them to the next level in big time games against strong deep traditional programs. Every game needs to be against a team that wins or has won national titles. Not WAC titles.

BYU is the most talented team in Utah, the coaches just can't coach to the talent.

Keep dreaming Aggie!

Salt Lake City, UT


Hyrum, UT

It's interesting to continue reading so many Ute fan comments on articles about BYU. To those, I say... How is the PAC 12 thing working for you so far? Gee, that's too bad! At least in independence BYU is still going to bowl games... even though it, like the U, currently struggles against very good teams. As it is now, neither school will be going to a BCS bowl game anytime soon (in or out of a conference), since both struggle to beat anyone with a winning record.
It's also interesting that Texas came to BYU to learn how to do their own sports TV channel, since BYU has some of the most advanced college broadcast facilities in the country. And last year, BYU played on par with Texas, at Texas, by almost beating them.
Also, BYU is now making 3 times the revenue as an independent as they did their last year in the MWC. And that's guaranteed to continue with their ESPN contract. On top of that, more BYU fans than ever before are now able to watch them... week in and week out, with their ESPN contract. There's not much incentive to leave independence.

PAC 12 Dreamer
Mount Vernon, WA

Utah is such a dreamer in the PAC-12. They have a losing record in year two and did not even play Oregon or Stanford (arguably the best two in the conference). Utah is the one that needs to return to the MWC. They cannot compete in the PAC-12. They are bottom dwellers in basketball, volleyball, softball, and mediocre in football.

Spanish Fork, UT

What some of you are missing about the PAC-12: Yes, Utah will have a tough time competing in arguably one of the two best conferences in the country. But being invited to the dance has many HUGE advantages, like being able to play with and against the best teams in the country. Like being able to recruit better athletes that want to play in the big leagues. Expectations are higher, the bar is higher, results have to improve or coaches will be changed.

What some of you are missing about Independence: Recruiting. If kids can't play for USC, then they want to play against USC. BYU already has two strikes against it when it comes to recruiting top athletes (playing in Utah, Honor Code). Independence is the third strike. Both the LaTech and San Jose St quarterbacks are far better than I've seen at BYU for many years. BYU fans need to wake up and realize they cannot recruit even top second-tier athletes on a consistent basis. Enforce the Honor Code or don't. Results show on the football field.

Highland, UT

These reports are false, it has never happened and BYU has no intention of ever returning to that conference. What BYU would like is to schedule some, not all, of the MWC teams on a regular basis. They would like to have one or two of them on their schedule and I would like to see that as well. Air Force, UNLV, USU, NM occasionally, are all schools that would make interesting, if infrequent, opponents, with the exception of USU who I would like to see most years.

There just any reasons to recturn to the mwc, BYU is better all around as an independent. This non story will blow over in a few days.

Palo Alto, CA


"being invited to the dance has many HUGE advantages, like being able to play with and against the best teams in the country" - like say Texas, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nebraska, West Virginia, and Boise State?

"Like being able to recruit better athletes that want to play in the big leagues." - call us when you actually see some on-field success because of those "better" athletes

btw, you're mixing apples and oranges with your disjointed "big dance"/"honor code" argument.

The very Honor Code factor that you cite as a disadvantage when recruiting some players, is a HUGE advantage for BYU when it comes to recruiting other players. EVERY player has his own unique reasons for picking one school over another. Don't assume that your priorities are even remotely the same as any particular athlete in question.

PAC 12 Utah versus Independent BYU

2011 - BYU ranked; Utah unranked
2012 - BYU bowling; Utah no bowl

Still a small sample size, but, so far, the advantages U speak of are nothing but a pipe dream.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Sounds like most fans don't want to go back to the MWC - therefore I don't think it will happen - at least not yet.


It's all about money folks. BYU is making truckloads more money than they ever made in the MWC. The ONLY reason BYU would consider going back is if ESPN wants out of the contract due to BYU's pathetic performance as a so called "offensive powerhouse". So long as BYU and ESPN are getting along this will NEVER happen. Both the coach and OC have had several lapses in judgement this season. Better days are ahead if Bonco wakes up, quits playing injured favorites, and fires his OC and hires a QUALIFIED OC. That might be a big if. I seriously question the wisdom of any head coach that allows his OC to operate from the sidelines instead of from the booth.

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