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Published: Monday, Nov. 19 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ toosmartforyou

"What makes you think SDSU is so great? They had little effect on the outccome of the MWC Title and tell us again...jow many times did they win it?"

They beat Boise State this year, didn't they? They're tied for first place in the MWC this year, aren't they? Their program seems to be on the upswing right now!

"Thie whole thing would be pretty funny if the MWC gets BYU to a BCS bowl game quicker than the PAC12 gets Utah to one. Then there'd be plenty of howling from up on the hill"

If BYU couldn't bust the BCS while they were in the MWC. What makes you think they will when they rejoin? Before they left, Utah and TCU stood in their way. Now Boise State, San Diego State, Nevada, Utah State, San Jose State will stand in the way. Good luck with that!

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

After reading every comment, it's clear most are not BYU fans, with the "The upstarts are getting their comeuppance for being so high and mighty" attitude or not very informed college football fans, not knowing the Big East situation or the the B12 deal broke down over BYU-TV which wasn't the case. BYU pulled out of talks in the July-Sept 2011 time period, telling the B12 presidents, "See you when you get your act together", then later they pushed too little and clearly too late for the position TCU filled. BTW- the Longhorn network is doing fine, with B-12 approval just as BYU-TV would have been. Twice in October national articles by college football writers at CBS Sports and usatoday claimed BYU has had NO CONTACT with the B12 since TCU was invited. The new commish said "he has never spoken with anyone from BYU and knows nothing of their plans". That's inexcusable. There is no way on earth BYU would dumb down to join the MWC as a full partner. It's a mess with a bunch of 1-4 win teams and no wins vs BCS teams, but several losses to FCS teams.


And now its being reported that Houston is looking at backing out of the Big East. Guess will find out more in the next few days about that.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ toosmartforyou

"Whatever place they go, this time I hope they get to use BYU TV and their broadcasting studio. Texas got to keep their network and if other schools were honest they'd admit that with BYU TV broadcasting their games they'd have a global audience, not just a conference-wide one".

BYU is not Texas! Texas gets what Texas wants! The Longhorns have negotiating power because of their brand. BYU does not!

Everett, WA

Independence would have been a good move, if BYU could have won their "Big" games these past two years. They would have been nationally ranked, invited to better bowls and talk of BYU joining a BCS conference would have entailed serious negotiation. As the many "Big" losses exemplify, BYU has neither the coaching prowess nor the player talent to take them to the level of remaining successfully independent, or to join a BCS. May as well pack it in. Re-join the MWC,keep a winning record each year, and Bronco & Brandon can remain employed for the next 20 or 30 years. BYU has proven what they are capable of with current coaching ability and player talent ... The experiment was tried, but has obviously failed. Watching the Utes suffer at the bottom of the PAC food chain is additional reason to expect BYU would not do much better in that setting. BYU will have to live within their means and stop "putting on airs." Hello again Laramie!

Bountiful, UT

I think it would be funny if San Diego State and Boise State were brought back and BYU was left out in the cold. There arrogant attitude when they left should give the MWC pause to let them back in. If they come back in, it should on the MWC terms, not BYU's. The only reason the Cougars want to get back is to get a good Bowl bid. As a biased Wyoming fan I would like to see BYU hang in the wind on this one.

Mcallen, TX

Independence, and TV rights are great. Why go to a conference, unless you can keep BYUtv broadcasts.

San Diego, CA

byu should only go back if

a) craig thompson is sacked
b) the MTN network dissolves or BYU retains its broadcasting rights/ESPN deal
c) we know for sure that BIG12/PAC10.2 aren't looking to expand, which is unlikely, although i hear we may have turned down BIG12 because of byutv? that was dumb.

if it does happen we definitely will be eating humble pie this thanksgiving. plenty of apologies would be due.

Somewhere in Time, UT

There's such a thing as a wyoming fan?


Wildcat - Thanks for patting yerself on the back...

No No No BYU should not go back. I will cancel my season tickets. I would so much rather watch the cougars play the national powerhouses than USU. The only reason for the loss to Notre Dame is Riley Nelson. If we have to go back to the Mountain West in order to compete for the dang BCS we need a new coaching staff who can take the team to the next level.

Watching every game on ESPN has been great. Even the late games.

I don't care about an easier path to the BCS. We shouldn't take the easy way out. I don't care if Boise stays, we need to play bigger named teams.

Has everyone forgotten how awful the conference was to BYU and Utah for that matter?


Albany, NY

This is just too good to be true. Thanks BYU.

Woods Cross, UT

IF BYU goes into a revitalized MWC, it will be on BYU's terms. The MWC knows that BYU brings the viewership to make their conference viable for a lucrative contract with ESPN. But I think BYU will remain independent. Look for a coaching change after the bowl game.

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

I had not considered this move an option. However, it is an interesting conversation to have now that the Mountain West Conference Network no longer exists. The deficiencies of the mtn. were the primary impetus for BYU's departure, so negotiations could be interesting now that other broadcast options can be considered. The report came from ESPN, so it is not unreasonable to assume that both BYU and ESPN are in negotiations with the MWC.

I (as a fan outside of Utah) do not like the move, because it again reduces the opportunities for fans in other states to attend games.

south jordan, UT

Why BYU would ever entertain the possibility of returning to the MWC is so ridiculous to Me. If this is true, than Tom Holmoe should be fired. It says He has no idea what He is doing. Independence will work! They just need to stay the course and let this ride out. If they go back to the MWC, it will take BYU backwards for years to come.


Having conversations doesn't mean anything. They've had conversations with the Big East, and Big XII, but that hasn't changed anything has it?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

You have to admit that this is pretty funny, no matter who you root for.
But listen coug fans, this wouldn't be all bad. The Mountain Network has already failed so you don't have to worry about the station no one else in the country has. And because of that, there would probably be a few concessions allowing certain games to be broadcast or rebroadcast on BYUTV.
But the best thing of all would be that chance at a better bowl and maybe even a birth to the four team playoff if the stars aligned. We've all heard how much you BYU fans prefer that route to the big games rather than the harder road of winning a PAC-12 championship which is supposedly impossible.
Bottom line, it seems like the right thing might just be to go back home to the MWC. Suggestion for Holmoe though, be humble, say your sorry and don't start demanding the world. Time to start proving BYU knows how to get along with others. Otherwise if I'm the MWC I'm saying "no thanks, we're good."

O-town, UT


I just pointed out the ESPN story to the D-News (they need help sometimes), I didn't claim to have the idea for BYU to rejoin the MWC.


Just pointing out a fact, not patting myself on the back.

I think it would be a good overall move for BYU. Basketball would be a great conference: SDSU, UNLV, USU, BYU, Nevada, and New Mexico. It would definitely be the premier western basketball conference. I think it would be the best conference of the five in football (other four Sun Belt, C-USA, MAC, and Big East).

BYU barely beat USU this year and lost to San Jose State and Boise State, lest we forget, probably have another loss waiting in SDSU. This year's BYU team could have been a fourth to fifth place finisher if this conference existed this year, but keep living the fantasy world of independence where 0-10 Southern Miss and 2-10 UNLV were scheduled recently to bolster BYU's strong schedule.

It works better without BYU:
West Division: Hawaii, SDSU, SJSU, Fresno State, UNLV, and Nevada
Mountain Division: Boise State, USU, New Mexico, Colorado State, Wyoming, and Air Force.


I for one would be horrified if BYU went back to the MWC. We need to move forward not backwards. Going back to the MWC is not moving forward. Independence may not be ideal, but I think the next couple of years the teams we are playing look great. We play a team from almost every single major conference and we play a couple of them at home.

Playing Wyoming, and New Mexico is no better then some of the WAC games we are playing already. And the ESPN contract we have is better then anything the MWC can offer us. I don't care about our team winning the MWC championship. I want us to get into big bowl games and compete on a national level. That is much easier to do as an Independent rather then a member of the MWC.

By the way the logo for the MWC is horrible I don't want to see it on our football field.

San Diego, CA

The MWC won't want 13 football playing teams; they will take two or four. Who might the fourth be?

Given BYU's recent history (leaving the MWC, the failed WAC deal) could Craig Thompson welcome back BSU and SDSU and give BYU the cold shoulder? I think it is possible.

Washington, UT

No, no no! This is a very bad idea. Independence is perfect for BYU, just stay there. BYU will regret every consequence of rejoining this irrelevant conference, including their TV deal. Personally, I don't care if BYU ever goes to a BCS bowl, I care that I can watch them play.

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