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Published: Monday, Nov. 19 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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O-town, UT

I guess I tipped the D-News to this, check out my comments on how week 12 opponents for BYU fared. Not like it was a big scoop, but I might as well post my comment from that story here to get in on the discussion:

I know I am going to have a bunch of BYU fans yell me down, but I think it would be great for BYU to rejoin the MWC. They could have the last game of the year against USU for the Wagon Wheel and have a bunch of other entertaining games instead of the fillers they had to do with independence. That conference could probably get a good TV deal, too.

I still think BYU's best move is to join the Big 12, but according to some sources like Bolerjack, they basically were invited in that the Big 12 started talking with them, and BYU basically turned it down by asking for their own TV deal, so the MWC is the next best thing--FAR better than independence.

Cedar Hills, UT

oh boy this doesn't surprise me. The Y is struggling to survive in the NCAA and especially football.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

It's about time BYU realizes it! They never should have gone independent in the first place. Independence gives the players nothing to play for except a mediocre bowl game. The MWC would look good with BYU, BSU, and SDSU back in the fold. Now swallow that pride Cougs and get back into MWC.

Provo, , UT

I'm not sure how I feel about it... I definitely say no unless boise state and and San Diego state come back, but hey, that could be a good conference, if San Jose state and Utah state con be consistent and then BYU and Boise state, with San Diego state being good, and then there's Air Force and Nevada who can both be decent, as well as Fresno st. Yeah there is Wyoming, Hawaii, New Mexico, UNLV, and Colorado state... But that's not a horrible conference, and its almost a given the MWC champion would be getting that bowl berth almost every year

Andrew J. Marksen
Deseret, UT

It would be painfully ironic if we learned that BYU spurned the BIG 12 over a poor tv contract and ended up back in the mediocre MWC with its bungling Commissioner, and a poor tv contract. How does a once nationally known program relegate itself into oblivion? Through no flexibility (tv) and clinging to the fantasy land of Tom Holmoe. Oh it could be spun for the Cougar faithful in a nothing lost nothing gained that was then this is now narrative but for those of us who have season tickets it would be a really bitter pill to be forced to swallow.

Mesa Coug
Phoenix, AZ

With the Big10 expanding I would like to wait and see if we could get an invite from the Big12 before we crawl back to th MWC. Unless we could get a deal with the MWC like ND has with the ACC. If we could get some help scheduling and have access to bowls, I think both BYU and the MWC would benefit.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Why not join the big 12 or pac 12?

Danbury, CT

Just shoot me...

The ONLY logical reason for going independent was to show BCS conferences that BYU was serious about getting out of the obscure MWC. The Big 12 is the best option, followed by the Big East. Play football for a couple of years in one of these and then join in basketball as well. You need to play the same teams every year to get the real benefit. Playing Wisconsin 1 or Texas 2 years doesn't help build recruiting base the same way.

RE "Exposure", you get that playing in big media markets. It doesn't count to be on BYU TV unless you're LDS.

Independence just does not work. Repeat after me...

Orem, UT

EPIC failure by BYU for not getting the Big 12 deal done...

Idaho Falls, ID

If they can keep the contract with ESPN and keep their BYU-TV broadcast rights and if we can keep BSU in the MWC, then I say go for it.

Big East lost their AQ status? How did I miss that? If that is true, why in the world would BSU and SDSU want to join them over MWC? I think if you make the MWC strong enough, they may get AQ status.


The Cougs won't return to the MWC and its amateur, low-paying, limited-access sports network.

BSU and SDSU now have nothing to gain moving to the Big East under the revamped BCS playoff system. They will probably beg to return to the MWC as the Big East continues to unravel.

BYU players have plenty of motivation playing each week to a world-wide audience on ESPN under its exclusive and lucrative contract. The independent Cougs will have just as good a chance with an automatic access bowl berth finishing as a top 10-12 team as they would as the highest rated champion of the "Group of Five."

BYU will remain independent, as will Notre Dame.

Y Grad Pumping Gas
Beaver, UT

I called it from the beginning!
Indy is a death trap, BYU had no business doing it.
BYU is NOT a Notre Dame.
It was a knee jerk reaction to Utah going PAC.
Next on the list fire the man that got the Cougs in this mess.

New T-shirt slogan; Band of Aid

Danbury, CT

Although the way BYU's football and basketball team play, they should just stay out there in the Rocky Mountains. You gotta play with more heart and a desire to win out here in the real world.

Farmington, UT

@ Wildcat

You really think you are the one that started the idea that led to this speculation? If BYU had these discussions they were started long before your comment.

@ Elmer Fudd

What makes you think SDSU is so great? They had little effect on the outccome of the MWC Title and tell us again...jow many times did they win it?

Thie whole thing would be pretty funny if the MWC gets BYU to a BCS bowl game quicker than the PAC12 gets Utah to one. Then there'd be plenty of howling from up on the hill. Too funny....

Whatever place they go, this time I hope they get to use BYU TV and their broadcasting studio. Texas got to keep their network and if other schools were honest they'd admit that with BYU TV broadcasting their games they'd have a global audience, not just a conference-wide one.

I know this much from talking to an ESPN employee in Connecticut the last of August: ESPN loves BYU. So look for them to watch out for each other.

Now, let's get better coaching at the Y......

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

Now that I've stopped laughing! 2 thoughts...

1) The MWC should insist on some of the revenue from the espn deal or no re-entry
2) I thought Notre Dame was also watching out for byu?

Wally West

There are openings in the ACC & Big east with Maryland and Rutgers migrating to the Big10.

Somewhere in Time, UT

They should only go for it if they can keep their TV contract.

O-town, UT


I said I tipped the D-News to the ESPN story (I posted comments concerning the ESPN story to the How Week 12 BYU Opponents Fared before the D-News posted this story), and said in the next sentence that I didn't consider it was a scoop (they would have found out eventually), but that I might as well post my comment that dealt with this topic to this thread. I am not taking credit for the idea of BYU joining the MWC...but if you want me to take credit, sure, I'll take it--lol.


Who knows. BYU could keep its TV rights intact. And if these schools did come back to the MWC, perhaps ESPN could develop a conference contract. Not significant like the SEC and others, that won't happen.
The West does need another conference besides the PAC 12. Just my opinion but most other major conferences border each other around the country. This will make it more interesting.

Oceanside, CA

Re: Cats

That's the attitude that kept them out of the Big 12. Good luck with that.

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