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Published: Monday, Nov. 19 2012 6:55 a.m. MST

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Alexandria, VA

Note to Bronco: QB is a SKILL position. It is the ultimate skill position. It is great to have some gritty overachievers on any football team, guys that give their all and aren't afraid to mix it up. The whole team will love those guys. And there are many positions where guys like that can excel.

But QB, particularly at a school with a tradition and brand like BYU, is primarily for guys that use their heads to think, not as a battering ram. It is for guys with strong arms, as much as strong wills, for guys that can throw a ball accurately on a consistent basis.

You and Holmoe say that you still expect the QB you sent packing to play in the NFL someday, but somehow it is OK to play, even when injured, a QB that in the glory days would have been lucky to make the scout team to prepare for Air Force.

You say BYU will be different, not like those other schools only interested in money. Newsflash: ESPN is underwriting your salary. As good as your defenses are, the BYU brand is suffering, and that doesn't bode well for your future.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Is James Lark really that bad? I would think he would be a better choice than someone with a serious injury. At least give him a shot at it.

Carthage, MO

It's been a frustrating year for all Cougar fans. The one receiver Riley has been able to find consistently is Cody. Does his separated shoulder mean he's out for the rest of the season? If so, and if Bronco stays with Nelson, the future looks worse.

I admire Nelson's grit, but he lacks skills, a feel for pressure, and too often good judgement. In a word-change. It's time to let Lark sing!

Surfers Paradise, AU

A lot of Riley and Doman bashing is well deserved. That being said, it took the defense 30 min to figure out how to stop a team on 3rd down. Plenty of blame to go around on both sides of the ball. Lastly, SJSU is not as bad as they typically are. They are allowed to have a winning season in 1 out of 10 years...I guess this was their year so good job to them.


People that say were were one step away, we almost had it, we're better than our record are in total denial. BYU has earned their record. They are not better than they're record. They're players and coaches are performing to their potential.

Why would an elite level recruit risk a promising future by going to BYU when they see so many get run out of town because it's impossible to live up to the unrealistic expectations of the fans and coaching staff (Jake Heaps)or they get caught violating the honor code. BYU gets the quality of recruits that they want. It's unfair to place such unrealistic expectations on them. Especially when you don't have an elite level coaching staff.

Nampa, ID

James Lark must be horrible. So horrible they keep him on the team....but don't play him.


CTJ fan
Salt Lake City, UT

You know Riley says he's a team player but I don't see it. Never once thought about coming out of the game, I can see that if you have no one else and if you can make the plays, but once again he was NOT able to make the plays, once he saw that he should have said something if he was really a team player. Especially after costing us 3 games early on in the season, it's like he could care less whether they win or not, as long as he gets his. I'll be so excited for this team when this season is over, I'm sure he's a great guy but it's amazing how selfish he is being right now. He's an ok qb when he's healthy but a mistake prone lousy one when he's hurt! I'm very disappointed in Bronco too for allowing this too happen. I'm sure he could see he wasn't himself. The fact that they were in the blue zone that many times and came away empty, hurt or not he should've yanked him.

Dr Rush
Saint George, UT

After James Lark came back from his mission he had an opportunity to go to UCLA,Arizona and Utah but he chose BYU because of his family and a promise made to him by the BYU coaching staff that he would get a chance to be the starter. After doing more that what he asked to do and tearing it up in spring practices he has been passed over for Nelson,Heaps and Hill even after being assured over and over that he would get a chance. Now we have seen what the other OB's have done and they will play an injured Nelson over him.Now I want this to be posted so I won't say what I think of the BYU coaching staff but a thinking person can see what kind of coaches and people they are, enough said.

Bountiful, UT

*sigh*....if only excuses were points. We'd be undefeated and have a Heisman candidate at QB.


"Cody played with a separated shoulder, a severe injury"

Riley, stick with football for now instead of playing orthapaedist.

1) It is either the head coach's or the injured player's right to make a statement on an injury.

2) A "separated shoulder," as an AC sprain is commonly called, is not a "severe injury." It can be very painful, especially raising the arms over the head, but is easily managed with small chance of complication. The only position this injury typically really adversely affects is QB, because the pain can alter the throwing motion. Dozens of notable players of the years have played, and played well, with this injury, but it is painful and requires toughness, but is not "severe."

Spanish Fork, UT

Wow. Unbelievable. Rib injury and still playing. Is Riley the Head Coach and makes the decision when he plays? I've never seen such an obvious situation of coaching ineptitude. And allowing Nelson to play with such an injury? One more hit...Can you say pierced lung? lawsuit? wow.

Slow start, not ready to play, not caring about the game, overlooking SJS....coaching fail. Epic fail. I read the newspaper reports because I live in Utah County and am surrounded by alumni, people who work there, people with kids there, etc. but it has gotten too painful to watch. I do feel bad for the fine young men on the team.

St Louis, MO

Thank you for the lesson in semantics, StGtoSLC. I had no idea there was a technical medical definition for the word "severe."

Morgan, UT

Ya know, it is wonderful that Riley is so tuff he will go back out with a rib injury...but he should keep in mind his rib might hurt, but the entire team, school, fans and Cougar nation are the ones who are really getting hurt...this program is on the skids and I am afraid it will not recover...

Orem, Utah

Cougars need a new Offensive Line Coach and a real Offensive Coordinator. Time for Ty Detmer to emerge. Get us back to a real quarterback that can throw the ball and not serve double-duty as a running back.

Hill can fill that void if used properly. Come bail us out Ty. We need you now.

Nampa, ID

Riley's hurt. When he plays hurt, the team suffers. Insisting on playing when he's only 60% is not leadership, but selfishness. He's only hurting the team. The coaching staff is basically saying that a 50% Nelson is way better than a 100% Lark.


SlopJ30, severe: critical or dangerous; "a severe illness" (World English Dictionary)

It's not a lesson on semantics, it's an example of why athletes shouldn't try and talk about other peoples' injuries/bumps/bruises when they don't really anything about it. a) It's unethical b) It can make them look silly.

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