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Published: Monday, Nov. 19 2012 6:55 a.m. MST

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Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

@ troll police:
I know, Utah hasn't beaten a good team in several years.
And we all know that BYU would have absolutely dominated the PAC12.

Lux et Veritas
Draper, UT

Not only is playing a severely injured quarterback strange from a game and personnel management standpoint, it's also highly irresponsible to put an athlete at risk for long-term, lifelong injuries.

Yes, Riley wants to play. He's a competitor. Still, a good coach knows when they must protect an athlete from him or herself.

What's the point? All for San Jose State? So silly.

Provo, UT

I am sorry but when you lose to San Jose State you have hit rock bottom. They are a joke. I dont' care what their record is. Utah State smoked them just as they should have. All you have to do is look at their uniforms. Enough said. They don't even look the part. I will be happy when the Riley Nelson saga ends. He is not a good qb period.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

I see one of two things being the case:

1) Bronco is just such a Riley fan that he will play Riley until Riley himself or a doctor tells him that Riley cannot play.

2) Bronco (or whoever) realizes that he has been wrong about Riley being the right man for the job, but doesn't want to admit it. So instead he plays Riley Nelson for fear that if Lark ever played, he would prove to be better than Riley and Bronco would be embarrassed for having made such a blunder.

There might be other possibilities, but these seem the most likely. Any thoughts?

Ogden, UT

This tells me A LOT about both the coaches and Nelson, he is thinking about himself rather than the team...multiple times player were wide open and he could not get the ball to them...if he is not up to "helping" his team win he should not be in the game. Lark has spent 4 years working and waiting..he should be given the chance since Nelson can't do the job

Mission Viejo, CA

Clearly, Doman has to go. Bronco probably has a short lease.

But it's a lot easier to pick a poor HC than a good one. I'd give Bronco a B overall as HC/DC, recruiter. But we have to get a B-level OC, at least.

SomewhereIn, UT

Ahhhh, back to the good ole days - when the Sunday morning hangovers of Uta fans were tied more directly to a BYU loss than to a Utah win!

Layton, Utah

@BlueHusky, I would rate you as an F level fan.

Saint George, UT

No words....

How many games do we have to lose because Bronco continues to play an injured QB. I'm sick of losing. Riley is good when he is healthy but he isn't himself when he is injured. Put in Lark Coach! Geeeshhh!!!!


For those of you calling for a coaches head, you need to see the tweet from Holme this morning. Nothing on the staff is likely to change.

Roberts, ID

I listened to 97.5 after Saturday's games and Riley Jensen, Steve Tate et al were discussing the games. One of them stated he thought Riley Nelson leading the Cougars to their comeback victory against the Aggies LAST YEAR won Bronco over and Bronco became committed to Riley regardless of how good or how bad he played. Riley isn't the only problem the Cougars have, but he is the main problem, followed closely by Doman.

Roberts, ID

The loss to the Spartans clearly rests on the shoulders of the defense. You ask, how could that be? Well it's real simple, the defense should have scored at least two touchdowns and that would have been sufficient to make up for a sub par offense.

Syracuse, ut

Love BYU football, but in all honesty, I'm just ready for this frustrating season to be over with. If BYU plays like this next year, they'll get their doors blown off with that schedule.

Down under
Pullman, WA

Doman and Riley have to go. We should be 10-1 right now and would be if not for poor play calling by Doman and foolish mistakes by Nelson.

Rexburg, ID

Hopefully Nelson is injured enough that the coaches will FINALLY keep him out of the remaining games. Riley Nelson is the primary reason for 4 of BYU's losses -- replace him!

St Louis, MO

I'm not sure Niners understands the meaning of the words "rational discussion." Otherwise, he wouldn't be making stuff up for every post. First there's random digs at Riley Nelson's and BYU's sportsmanship, which you don't hear from neutral parties; you only hear it consistently from people who actively root against BYU. The only people I read/her talking national championship are kids like you who do it to mock the delusions of the BYU Straw Man Fan.

The BYU Straw Man Fan is that guy who was seriously touting Riley for Heisman before the season, who thinks John Beck is one opportunity away from being an All-Pro, and who believes BYU and Notre Dame are on the same plane in D1 football. You know; he's that guy who doesn't exist among fans actually paying attention and who have some baseline understanding of football.

I'm not disagreeing with the Y posters because they're making true (if obvious) points: Riley is mediocre, the coaching staff is questionable and the 2012 team is mediocre. See the difference? I fear not.

Salt Lake City, UT

Couple comments. One- I can't believe the excuses laid out in this article. Blaming refs and talking in so much detail about injuries. He doesn't use injuries as an excuse but if he was really tough as he thinks he is, he'd opt not to talk about them.
Two- James Lark must be the worst recruited QB in BYU history for him to not play over the worst full year starter in BYU history.

Morgan, UT

Give Riley his diploma and send him on his way...I could hear heaps laughing all the way from Kansas...what a joke!

Roberts, ID

You might check my earlier post, but this is Riley's call. It's up to Riley whether he plays or not, just as it was against Utah & Boise State.


....and the problem is, who else is out there that can lead this team???? That is the big question. I do think that Bronco deserves another season. You gotta see if he can turn this car around...

(please do not say Andy Reid or Mike Holmgren). Both would get a half dozen or more calls from NFL teams as soon as they place their resumes on the open market.
Who else can we get???

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