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Published: Monday, Nov. 19 2012 6:55 a.m. MST

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BYU Deek
Spanish Fork, UT


Reynolds isn't the O-line coach, he's the tightends coach. And, remarkably, the tightends haven't been an issue this year. Reynolds was the RB coach before that, but that was taken over by Dupaix, so he switched over to TE. Mark Weber is the O-Line coach, and the oline has consistently underwhelmed since he's been in charge. Grimes was a decent O-line coach during Bronco's first two years has HC, but left to go to Colorado with Dan Hawkins. Don't know what Grimes is doing now, but maybe he could come back?

Draper, UT

Niners, nice exageration. San Jose is a pretty good football team. BYU should still be expected to beat them, but their two losses are to Stanford and Utah State, two good teams.

Bronco and Doman are train wrecks when it comes to making difficult decisions concerning their QB. Riley certainly has more heart than Heaps, but Riley has made more mistakes costing BYU games than Heaps did and yet Heaps was pulled twice. I also have a hard time believing that Riley over threw Falsev on purpose because of the whistle. This looked like Riley's normal throw.

Farmington, UT

AND NOW WE SEE what is really a problem. The Coaches and Riley Nelson DO NOT KNOW the rules! The play is alive until the official whistles it dead....period.

Nelson should have hit Falslev with the pass, not thrown it away over his head, and BYU would have scored, forcing SJSU to accept the penalty. With the play being an incomplete pass on 4th down, all SJSU had to do was decline the penalty and they get the ball. What is SO HARD to understand about that? Haven't these guys been playing football since they were old enough to hold one? Why throw away the ball, Mr. Nelson??????

With respect to the rib injury, all Nelson had to do to avoid it was to PROTECT the ball and not fumble it.

Fundamentals, like knowing the rules and failing to fumble, make a big difference.

Once again, we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, which is becoming too common of late.


@troll police

Utah has no "excuse" they do not have enough depth to compete a full season in a strong conference. The same problem TCU, west Virginia and Utah have all experienced in moving to a better conference. Trust me buddy, next year it will happen to BYU. They are obviously not going to be an exception, they have 2 injured QBs while playing a relatively weak schedule. That's not even considering bronco is nearly winless when playing teams above .500. Not trying to troll just trying to get a unrealistic fan base to look at things realistically.

BYUtah Fan
Herriman, UT

There is no question that the offense is terrible. I was considering attending the Poinsettia bowl. But I really don't want to watch, in person, the nation's worst offense sputter against a MWC number 2. I don't know who is to blame. But, is is obvious that the offense is just not cutting it. Something needs to change. It is also clear to me that a option style offense leads to quarterback injuries which we cannot afford. If the quarterback pulls it down and runs occasionally, OK. But consistently putting your quarterback in the line of fire has proven to be a losing strategy. Forget the option. Let's return to the BYU offenses of old. The ones that put up 30+ points per game. If we had a good or even OK offense this year, we would be playing for the national championship. If the present coaches/player(s) cannot execute that offense then let's find someone who can.

Wilsonville, OR

"I threw it over JD (Falslev) because everyone thought the play was dead."

What the heck? that's a great excuse for throwing the ball over someones's head. Did he think the play was dead on those other 20 passes he threw over receiver's heads?

Do a google search on this article: "BYU Football 2012, The Movie: Great supporting cast spoiled by a drunk Russell Brand". It should have been on Cougarfan.com but is probably too negative!

St George, Utah

May Riley Nelson never throw another pass at BYU.



What exaggeration? Playing "Idaho state"8 times in 2 years. Hmm Idaho state twice, Idaho, nmsu twice, weber state, Hawaii, 2011 version of sjsu and the almighty 2011 ole miss. That's 9 teams in the last 2 years that is a guaranteed win for any mediocre team. I'll ask again, what exaggeration?

Lehi, UT

While America may be able to avert its "fiscal cliff" BYU will not avert the "Bronco Doman Cliff" Imminent and Inevitable. All because of favortism over talent and winning games. I am hopeful from Holmoe's last interview when he hinted at some major(?) changes coming next year. Let's start from the top! I have stopped watching/going to BYU games since Nelson came back as starter. At this point, a HS or Little League play caller has a better chance of winning games for BYU - oh, and also for $50 or for free! Fans, please let's "rise and shout" the ineptness in BYU coaching!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

They just don't learn.. after losing games earlier in the season because of playing Riley while injured, they continue to let him play hurt only to lose again.

I have fully supported Bronco as the head coach but I'm beginning to think the entire coaching staff is incapible of making even the easy decisions like this one. Take Riley out and put Lark in.. it's as simple as that and could have resulted in a win rather than an ugly loss.

I can't wait for Riley to graduate and leave the team.

Happy Valley, UT

This game was rather symbolic of the whole season. Poor blocking by the offensive line; loose ball security, a few poor decisions, and gritty play by Nelson; unimaginative play calling by Doman on two crucial 3rd and 1 and 4th and 1 plays; defensive lapses in the first half that put them in a hole; a brilliant special teams play on the onside kick; and, of course, coming up short. This has indeed been a season of might have beens. The only game they should have lost was the Oregon State affair.

I think two things will stay with me from this season: losing again to a mediocre Utah squad and wondering how good James Lark is. The one positive for next year is that we won't have to watch the heart-stopping adventures and misadventures of Riley Nelson. But at least he was instrumental in getting Jake Heaps to transfer.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

I didn't get to see all the game, but from what I did see in the second half I kept thinking that if BYU wins it will be despite Riley Nelson, not because of him.

Seriously, coaches! Is James Lark really SO BAD that an injured Riley Nelson that makes bad throws, interceptions, and fumbles is STILL better than him? Give him a chance! He can't do any worse than Nelson has been.

I wanted Riley to succeed this season. I did want Heaps over Nelson and people thought I was crazy, but when Heaps transferred and Nelson became the starter, I wanted Nelson to prove me wrong and be an awesome QB. However, we now see that Riley is not a good QB. Period. I love his grit and his athleticism. I really do. But he is NOT good at throwing the ball, which is vital for BYU's offense. Put him in at another position. Just not QB.

I'm not a football expert, but I honestly don't think that my evaluation is that far-fetched. After all, how many times did we have an opportunity to win that Nelson failed to deliver?

Salt Lake City, UT


Stronger schedule means NOTHING if you don't win.

It's hilarious that U haven't beaten a decent PAC 12 team in two years, yet you're whining about another team beating up on weaker opponents.

What happened to the program that was billing themselves as national championship contender USC's main PAC 12 south challenger just a few months ago?

Beat somebody, then you can whine about other teams not beating anybody.

btw, as it turns out, BYU did beat a Top 25 team this year. Who did U beat, a 6-5 team that handed U the game?


Paging Tom Holmoe: please fix our program. Thanks!

St Louis, MO

Niners has a selective reading comprehension disability. I'm pretty sure that Nelson did give SJSU for making the plays necessary to win. It's there in plain English. Stating that you have a rib injury when you actually DO have a rib injury is unsportsmanlike . . how, exactly? Complimenting a receiver for continuing to play hard and play well with an injury is unsportsmanlike . . how, exactly?

And if stating that you "started slow" when you did start slow, or stating that you didn't play your best after a loss makes BYU . . exactly like every other team. I still fail to see how that's got jack to do with sportsmanship. If a team is completely outclassed, that would sound silly. If you lose by one or two scores, of course you're going to look at mistakes made and tell yourself you can do better.

But nevermind; I forgot that we aren't applying logic to our analysis; we're just pulling random lazy anti-BYU myths out of the air after a loss. YAWN.


Sorry BYU fans I forgot there is no such thing as a rational discussion with some of you. By the way many realistic BYU fans are saying the same thing as me in different words, why not disagree with them? Anyways ignore me, go get excited about your national championship run next year with the amazing depth and amazing athletes on that BYU squad. I hope it works out for you:)



Sorry, but saying its the refs fault for overthrowing a receiver by 10 yards is not giving the other team full credibility for beating us...It may not be unsportsmanlike but it is not very classy either.

Salt Lake City, UT

Amateur athletes going to college and dating girls. No need to pile on Riley Nelson. He isn't getting paid. He isn't holding a gun to people's heads. He's just playing his rear end off and doing what he can do. If it isn't enough, it's not his fault. Like all of us, he's just doing what he can do.

Gotta look to the coaches. They are the paid professionals.

IA Cougar
West Des Moines, IA

Bottom line is this: BYU has 6 wins over a combined record of 21-44. Two of those 6 are over teams with winning records (Utah State 9-2 and Ga Tech at 6-5). BYU has 5 losses against teams with a combined record of 41-13. BYU struggles mightily against good teams from any conference. With no offense, the only thing keeping BYU in this season is a very good defense. Would that we had an AVERAGE offense. Our offense is offensive to Cougar Nation. I put that on Doman. Love the guy but he's not an OC. Hate to say that, but the numbers show it. Nelson is the most gutsy, well liked player, perhaps ever.....amongst the players. But he does not deliver against winners. The proof is in the numbers.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Kind of sad that we byu fans hated Norm Chow & Robert Anae. Both fine OCs.

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