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Published: Monday, Nov. 19 2012 6:55 a.m. MST

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DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Is there anymore to say in this comment section? Why, continue to play with ribs (going in and out???) and just maybe Lark would have delivered for the win? Now Cody Hoffman got a shoulder injury, he will be better off to recover and come back 2013. So is Riley going to play at NM State? "Yep", Riley will tell Bronco and he will let him play?

Orem, UT

Why are the coaches so stubborn? The only thing I can figure out is Riley is blackmailing them or they don't want James Lark to look good so they look bad. James should have played long ago! No wonder the team is flat when they come out.


BYU is rubbing off on Riley finally. His first two seasons he never had excuses after losses, which was very abnormal for a BYU QB. Now its...The refs made me over throw it, I'm injured, my receivers are injured, we just started slow. All these excuses trying to imply "BYU is better, we just didn't play our best". I knew Riley couldn't finish at byu with a good sportsman attitude, it's just not possible.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

Another indictment of Brandon Doman? Is there any school in the nation who has chased away two # 1 rated QB's because of lack of a offensive coordinators?

Provo, UT

Anyone else tired of the same old comments week after week of woulda, coulda, shoulda. Also if someone is hurt do you keep playing them?

Salt Lake City, UT

The fatal decision in a dismal season for BYU was choosing Riley instead of Lark as BYU's starting QB.

That decision forced the second fatal decision, to install an option offense instead of a passing offense.

I don't blame Riley, I blame Bronco for his misplaced loyalty to one player, over his obligation to the rest of the team. And I blame Doman for his poor choice of quarterbacks and his unimaginative offense that is little more than the offense he learned at Skyline HS.


I understand that playing "Idaho state" 8 times the last two years hasn't caused too many injuries for byu, but if that is the excuse already what's it going to be next year when 5 to 10 of your starters are down by the end of the season like teams in the SEC, PAC, big 10 and 12? I can't wait to hear it next year after BYu plays a real schedule, without 5 bye weeks per season which gives their starters time to rest/ less injuries.

Wasatch Al
South Jordan, UT

Are there other colege teams in the country that play injured players so consistently? Would the coaches pull a player with a concussion? No, shake it off and just go back in!

Danbury, CT

We've all been tough on Doman and Bronco. What about Reynolds who has coached the offensive line for 30 years there and can't get his guys to open a decent hole for our runners or give pass protection to the QB's? The game is won in the trenches.

Syracuse, UT

Riley has never been the right person to lead BYU. Sure, he makes an exciting play - usually running all over the field - once in a while, but he has never been a quarterback.

But, I don't blame Riley. I blame the weak Offensive Coordinator who won't stand up and say to Bronco, "Riley isn't cutting it. Give me someone else!" I also blame Bronco. He is great a defense, but just doesn't have the talent or vision to see what has to happen on offense.

Davis, UT

Still waiting for "Caption Chaos" (AKA R. Nelson, thanks to B. Poppinga) to save the day! No one can or has the guts to stop his madness. His madness not only destroys himself but also his allies. When will it end?

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I wonder what Riley thinks causes the problems he mentioned?

Salt Lake City, UT


What's Utah's excuse for not even being able to qualify for a bowl playing "Northern Colorado" twice a season?

The Utes still haven't beaten a single PAC 12 team with a winning record.


Chandler, AZ

This is so insane. Doman's HS Offense has ended Hill's year and now has injured Nelson twice. And yet he either doesn't know about these injuries or doesn't have the guts to make the substitution. Either explanation is equally troubling. Furthermore, beyond the injury debacle, is the playcalling. On BYUs last offensive play of the game, they have a, "slowly developing" play called when they had to know that SJSU was coming with a blitz. What kind of play call and/or play design is that where there is not a release, "hot" receiver available?

While I was watching this game I couldn't help but think that this is the game that seals it for Doman. Let him coach out against NMS and maybe even the bowl game and then he needs to either be re-assigned in some sort of recruiting role or just given a handshake and shown the door. It's clear that he is a great guy, blah, blah, blah, but he is just not able to do this job.

Salt Lake City, UT

Other than the opponents, the comments here sound remarkably like those of Ute fans. It's been a tough season for all of us... well, not for the Aggies.

Salt Lake City, UT

clearly, it's time for a new offensive coordinator.

Syracuse, UT

Trying to figure out why so many Ute fans are commenting on the BYU board, at least BYU has a winning record. Have fun little brothers as cellar dwellers in the Pac 10.2.

Iowa City, IA

"I stood up and when I elongate the torso, it pops back in," he said

No matter, you gotta love Nelson and his determination.

Sandy, UT


One problem with your comment... Reynolds coaches the Tight Ends, not the O-line, that job goes to Webber....

Sorry for ruining your rant on Reynolds.....

Provo, UT

So. Much. Losing. Would be nice to see a new head coach and a rotation of the deep QB talent from the bench. BYU fans, as loyal as we are, want to see more wins and fewer excuses.

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