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Published: Monday, Nov. 19 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

When I lived on the farm, we got up to milk the cows. We went to bed in the evening after the cows had been milked. It was always more than a sixteen hour day. It didn't matter to us whether the government told us to set our clock ahead or behind, we had a job to do and that job had nothing to do with the government. The cows had to be milked and THEY told us when it was time to go to the barn.

Simple minded people let the government rule their lives. They have forgotten that the government works for us. We do not work for the government. We elect government officials to hold a temp job and do to OUR will. They have no right to dictate to us and they have no control over the "time".

If the PEOPLE want the time to say on the same "clock" year around, then it is no business of the government to interfere.

Casa Grande, AZ

We don't do DST here in Az. I like it, it's only a pain trying to figure out what time it is in Utah and California to me.

But I fear it's like the metric system, just because it works better doesn't mean we will do it.

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