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Published: Sunday, Nov. 18 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Spanish Fork, UT

Where LDS Liberal sees jobs, I see money being wasted. Business owners, and product inventors have every right to line their pockets. It is their hard work that created those businesses, and now its time that they get paid. Getting paid when you OWN the business is NOT Vulture Capitalism. It is Unions requiring overpayment into 40 different types of pensions and benefit policies isn't creating jobs. It's creating confusion, its wasting money, and now. . . it is KILLING jobs.

Pendleton, OR

All my "snack cake" purchases are made on price alone so Hostess usually loses to the Little Debbie equivalent.

I have opinions about unions in general and this union in particular. 1) Got the job on my merits; could have kept the job on same but "the union" required that I join-- 2) Existing employees protected their own benefits by agreeing to inferior conditions for new hires; "class" conflict-- 3) Union agreed to individual pain when revenue could not continue group benefits at same levels allowing for lay-offs instead of a general reduction among all employees--demonstrating that staffing levels in negotiation had been based on lies and proving that unions really aren't unions at all.

If management and unions would act honorably in distribution of income so that labor, management, and stockholders all had appropriate shares related to productivity, then the business involved would continue indefinitely. That means all three groups participate in the bad just like the good. This type of relationship requires no single group to stockpile resources and provides for individual asset allocation in preparation for any bad times. It also encourages direct recognition of productivity.

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