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Published: Sunday, Nov. 18 2012 12:30 a.m. MST

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Orem, UT

Nice going Big Blue. Almost thou persuadest this Cougar to be an Aggie!!!

Provo, , UT

"The road win is USU's first against a ranked team in program history, and the Aggies are now 2-50 all-time against ranked opponents."

I'm confused... First he says it's their first ever then says they've won two? Someone understand that?

Logan, UT

Stain claiming the Aggies are uneducated because a user spelled "number" wrong is comedic gold considering Stain can't spell or punctuate to save his life. And this has been the case for months now. There is no apostrophe in "fans," Stain.

Kaysville, UT


Careful there, bud, your jealousy is showing. The Aggies just demonstrated they are hands down the best team in the state this year and one of the best in the nation. At least there is one team representing our great state this year.

Ogden, Utah

Loved Old Cougar's comment...
As for Stang08...wow what jealousy.

Salt Lake City, UT

Ignore stang. Not worth it. He is blinded by his hatred of USU. I hate BYU but I can admit when they are good even though I don't like them.

Salt Lake City, UT

You know what I hate? When BYU and Utah fans say they root for the Aggies except when we are playing them. You know your program has arrived when they hate you and hope you lose every game. Then it's a real rivalry. Stang thanks for hating on us Aggies. At least in SUU fans eyes and yours we have arrived. Just so you know where we Aggie fans stand when it comes to SUU. We root for you except when they are playing USU. Go Aggies!!!

Aloha Saint George
Saint George, Utah

Great job Aggies!!I expected great things with Gary Andersen there. Best team in the State for 2012. Many can learn from USU. They never trash talk competitors in the public eye. They shut up and just play. They avoid the highs and lows. This year they win better than they ever have in years. Heard two thousand fans were at the airport when they flew in on late Saturday. The kids/player at USU love Coach A. Keep it up.

Cedar City, Utah

The A Game,

This doesn't concern you buddy. I'll say this again. I got over the loss. Your team is low ranking and so far off the radar you can't see them. My team has had and will continue success with Coach Lamb.

Cedar City, Utah

I'm not Jealous.

Logan, UT


Yep. We're low ranking in the high rankings! I would say we are at least on the radar.

Talk about double standards. If SUU has two winning seasons, it's great, but if USU does the same thing (in a higher division no less) then they aren't good? Your team wasn't very successful this year (lost to Weber, too). With Sorensen leaving, the birds could be in some undeniable trouble next season.

And for claiming you aren't jealous, you sure rant about how much you hate the Aggies a lot. Looks like we got your attention.

The A Game
Sandy, UT


This article is about my team, therefore it does concern me. Why and how exactly does it concern you? And USU is so far off the radar that they're getting votes in both polls to be 25th and 26th? Please explain. I'm sure a smart guy like yourself can give us a good reason. I have some good news though. Your team is on the radar too. They're now known as a team that got trampled by a 25th ranked USU. Congrats!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Yeppers, Congrats Aggies on a great season. So close to being undefeated. Good luck in your bowl, this Ute fan will be pulling for you!

Cedar City, Utah

Such children these two fan's

Germantown, MD

A typo isn't a lack of intelligence. It's a slip of the fingers. For example. Look at your post... The word "eveyrone" is wrong. If you want to make fun of me for a typo, make sure there isn't one in your post.

BYUfan1993: to clear up the stat. It was their first road win ever. Second win overall. They had one home win before. Hope that clears it up for you.

Cedar City, Utah

You aggies don't know when to give it up do you? Let's make a promise to stay quiet for one day.

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