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Published: Friday, Nov. 16 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

First we listen for four years to these nay (neigh)sayers tell us that the first election of Obama was a mistake that would not be repeated especially due to the way he handled the economy. Then they put up a businessman with all the answers on fixing everything and he get soundly beaten by the incumbent (except in Mike R. tally which is by county). Now that they have been proven to be in the minority again they carry on with mindless ways to make themselves feel better like the free phones and gifts to voters (earmarks anyone?). Bobby Jindal tells it like it is from their side of the aisle and still they don't listen...oh yeah, I forgot he isn't in their voter demographic even if he calls himself Republican.

Christian 24-7
Murray, UT

Oh yeah, I forgot that if a Lib Dem says it, it must be fact. If a conservative says it, it must be wingnut.

Note the sarcasm, Silo.

Sandy, UT

"Who would tell them that lie?" - Christian 24/7

If only there was some kind of search tool available to aid in that investigation. Here, let me help.

Perhaps the group telling that lie is the group most likely to benefit from the government reimbursement for the program? For instance, the following two sites show up as primary results when searching google for 'obama phone'

obamaphone dot net
freegovernmentcellphones dot net

When you drill into those domains, both link back to wireless providers...those who get guaranteed reimbursement from the government. But of course, it's much more convenient when the story is something that can be blamed on Obama...because lying is what a 24/7 Christian would do, correct.

South Jordan, UT

Romney didn't lose because of the House of Representative, the media, Obama gifts, rugged primaries, right-wing radio, lies (Obama had more than his share) or self-inflicted wounds. All may have contributed but the truth is that we, with eyes wide open, chose bondage over paying the price for freedom. Too many people refuse to do what is required to prosper. They want the "good life" today. Worse, they think they deserve it not because of any merit but simply because they exist.

Romney's message was that effort leads to individual and national prosperity. But that's not a popular message. We chose bondage to a government that promises cradle-to-grave care that they have no hope of delivering.

Since Johnson's great society, we've seen ever increasing poverty and other social breakdowns among minorities. In 1960, there were more two parent black families than white familes. Today, black families are decimated and on the verge of extinction. Housing, education, employment were more favorable to blacks before Affirmative Action, Dodd-Frank, and other ill-conceived liberal initiatives. Black wealth has decreased by $Bs.

2012 voters ignored history. The carcass we're feasting on is our own.

Millcreek, UT

@Christian 247
First, Since you clearly have the internet do a google search. The program was started under the Regan administration.
Second, The Republican campaign this whole election was to try and paint Obama supporters and no good freeloaders. What better way than to lie about Obama starting a program to give away free cell phone? I had plenty of my conservative friends email me this urban legend email forward about how the country is going down the tubes because OBAMA is giving away free stuff. It wouldn't fit into their narrative this election to admit that is was actually Ronald Reagan that started the free land line program and Bush that started the free cell phone program would it?

Christian 24-7
Murray, UT


So the Obama phone page is only an information page, but who's page is it? It says nothing other than Obamaphone.net.

Do we have to do this again?

Who would have a page called Obamaphone.net?

It is clearly not a republican conspiracy page. That would make no sense. (See previous post)

It is not the phone company's page. They have no rights to use the president's name and photo, unless...

The president and his party have given them permission to promote it as President Obama's program and get the credit and the votes.

Or it is the Democrats own page to promote the free phone program for their guy.

Ta Da! Still a Democrat propaganda lie! The pay-off was in votes, in this case.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Those people were told that the phones were from Obama. "

They aren't told that at all. They're told the phones are from the program.

"Not the republicans, because that lie would give Obama and democrats more votes.

Democrats? Yes, that makes sense. Democrats would benefit from telling that lie. They would win votes, many votes."

Obamaphone is a word used to try and attack the program as being an example of Obama taking tax money from others and using it to give freebies to moochers. You know how I know this? Because we already have an extremely prominent example of Republicans attaching the name Obama to something they want to attack as a tax hike being used to give freebies to moochers. Its' called Obamacare. Or as Democrats tend to refer to it... the Affordable Care Act.

"They have no rights to use the president's name and photo, unless..."

Not true. There are all sorts of anti-Obama websites around that use his name and photo. This just happens to be one of them.

the truth
Holladay, UT

The Life line program is NOT a Reagan program,
the Life line program is a Democratic Congress program,

just more democratic taxing and spending.

The Obama phone is legitimately the Obama Phone,

and it certainly bought the vote of some,

This article is more left-wing nuttery,

do we really need another crazy nonsensical left-wing democrat analysis of republicans?


re:the Truth
"The Life line program is NOT a Reagan program,
the Life line program is a Democratic Congress program"

The Life line program (available in 30 states) was created in 1984 (during Reagan's tenure) by the FCC, (not Congress) the program was enhanced by Congress under the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

Which party controlled Congress in 1996? Republicans.

Tooele, UT

Who cares if Reagan started it? Obama used it to his advantage. Had the Republicans not raised the debt ceiling Obama could not have used it to buy so many votes, which he did. Not just phones but food stamps as well. He's a manipulator just like Hitler was. Didn't you see him threaten the elderly, that he would cut off all social security checks if the debt ceiling weren't raised? That's Hitler 101. "No, there's no such thing as a person in American politics that could possibly do the things Hitler did, and believe the same kinds of things Hitler did. That's simply impossible. We have a balance of powers, it couldn't happen here in Oz."

Provo, UT

@Clydesdale -- You have no idea what Hitler was like I'm afraid.

Eric Samuelsen
Provo, UT

Mike Richards,
I do wish you would stop it with that silly argument that 'not a single Senator' voted for the Obama budget. That just flat didn't happen. What was rejected was a Jeff Sessions gimmick: a fake budget proposal that he entitled "the Obama budget". This has been very widely reported; the Senate did NOT reject any actual budget proposal from the President. See, for example, the report from Jake Tapper of ABC News.

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