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Published: Thursday, Nov. 15 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Saint George, UT

Parry always picks against southern teams Even when there rating is higher... typical northern bias

Washington, UT


It's not Parry who's picking against Dixie. It's the sportswriter. Parry ranked Dixie slightly higher. Having seen both teams play several times, I don't think the sportswriter is doing anything out of bias. He may be wrong, but he's not acting irrationally. You wouldn't be up in the night to pick either team.

Your dead Uncle
Saint George, UT

@ Southpride56
Here is the posting from 2 weeks ago. Please tell me how the south teams are always picked against when Dixie is favored?

Division 3A Playoffs
Favored TeamRatingDiff.RatingUnderdogEdward's Edge
DESERT HILLS91.823.868Bear RiverDesert Hills
JUAN DIEGO91.90.691.3HurricaneJuan Diego
SPANISH FORK87.918.869.1MorganSpanish Fork

red rocks
Saint George, UT

Who case who they pick. The teams don't care. They are just going to go out and play. This game is a toss up, whoever wins it won't be a surprise to most people.

Provo, UT

I agree that SF/Dixie game is tough to call and will probably come down to the wire.

SF's young QB is good but Dixie's QB is among the best in the state.
Both teams are extremely well coached.
I think SF's skill players have a slight edge, QB excluded.
Line play might favor SF.
Tradition is on Dixie's side...can SF's players, who are the first to make ever to this game from their school, stay focused?

I don't see the Jordan-Syracuse game being this close (as the Parry spread would indicate). Yes, the Titans hold down the Beetdiggers but Jordan still wins by two touchdowns. Jordan has too much firepower.

I also see Timpview winning by two touchdowns at least, perhaps three. Lloyd might have passed the extremely talented Kafentzis as the best QB in the state. The T-Birds seem to be on a mission as well and lastly they seem to have Mountain Crest's number and that has to eat on Coach Wooten if it doesn't also wear on his staff and players greatly as well.


Jordan 34, Syracuse 21

Timpview 42, Mountain Crest 17

Spanish Fork 24, Dixie 21

I wish Syracuse would get the upset, but I think they used all their luck on Bingham. Not that their win was luck, just amazing defense. I can only see Syracuse winning if they can force 5 turnovers, like they did against Alta and Bingham.

Go Timpview! Love my Alma Mater! Actually, I went to Jordan my senior year, but didn't like it. I'm a Thunderbird all the way! But I guess I am happy to see both my Alma Maters win State in the same year!

Ogden, UT

Edwards has a Salt Lake and Utah county bias, not a northern bias...he and a lot of the media does it every year. Not picking the schools from Region 1 or Region 5 (northern Utah) or the teams from Southern Utah (Dixie). He was way wrong as Dixie blew out SF. We will see about the other ones.

Provo, UT

Well papi seems like edwards was right about 5a

Salt Lake City, UT

And 4A

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