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Published: Thursday, Nov. 15 2012 10:00 a.m. MST

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Tyler Ray
Taylorsville, UT


I understand you are just reiterating the conceptions of many about Mormons, however I resent those misconceptions.

As a missionary in Africa, I spent nearly all my time among the extremely poor, black, people, many whose homes were smaller than most people's walk in closets. These people embraced the teaching of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Days Saints and were flocking into the chapels. I also saw many local clergymen (ie Bishops, Stake Presidents) were black.

The only money they are asked to give is 10% of their income, same as every member, all of which goes to maintaining and building places of worship, helping others, or furthering the message of Christ. None of that money goes to personal gain.

The LDS Church takes the gospel to every country it possibly can to further the gospel, no matter what gender, race, or social status. If only the rest of America could see that this is a global Church dedicated to blessing the lives of EVERYONE

Maricopa, AZ

Always amusing to see the "intolerance" expressed here by the same short list of people.
Especially those who live in another state, but search articles on the DN.
Must be a boring way to spend your day.

The LDS church is so far past the boring white Utah male that someone tried to attach to the church's image the other day on here.
I attend a Spanish ward here in Phoenix.
There are other Spanish wards that meet nearby.
The church has become so diverse and blended and I love seeing proof of that with new temples being built in other countries.

Boise, ID

The DN message board provides evidence that there's still plenty of road ahead!

In places where the LDS Church is prevalent, I believe it's probably more challenging, because:
1) the population in general is more likely to know the tenets of the Church, and eager to point out any deviations
2) more Mormons = more BAD Mormons. (There are bad Christians, bad Muslims, bad Mormons - they all give their religion a black eye!)
3) People are afraid, rightfully or not, of the influence wielded by the Mormon bloc.

The best thing we can do is PROVE by our actions - loving our God and our fellow men - that we are Christian in every sense of the word. Keep the faith, brothers and sisters!

Belching Cow
Sandy, UT

Well, I can tell you who didn't win in this election. The entire middle class. All the middle class people who voted for Obama are in for a rude awakening. Better tighten your belts. Most the rich will probably have enough money to soften the blow if they are smart with their money. However they are going to have a lot less of it by 2016. The poor will remain poor. The middle class are going to get absolutely clobbered.

Murtoa Australia, Victoria


park city, UT

The world would be a better place if organized religion would stay out of politics.

That would be very hard since almost every member of government anywhere in the world is a member of some sort of organized religion. Peoples values are based on their beliefs so that is part of what they look for in their political leaders. Religion is part of the political landscape but should never be the entire focus.


The Billy Graham Association only took Mormonism off their cult list as a strategy to get Obama out! don't fool yourselves! Mormonism will never be embraced by the
"true church" which consists of a world wide group of bible believing born again followers of Jesus Christ, also known as the body of Christ...
The true Christian is indwelt by the Lord Jesus (John 14:23) through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the Christian church is figuratively said to be the body of Christ.

Rom. 12:5, "So we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another."
Eph. 4:12, "For the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ."

park city, UT


True, but what I'm talking about is a religious organization taking an official position, and making that position clear to it's members with the intent of influencing political outcomes. In the US, this action alone is enough for that religious organization to lose it's tax exempt status.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I believe this election was decided on the basis of policies and leadership not religion or race. For that reason I think we all won.

American Fork, UT

Religion has no place in politics. Churches should always lose elections.

Murtoa Australia, Victoria

As a person that was born and lived most of my life in the United States and now holds dual citizensip with Australia I am very aware of the tax exempt status, it exsits in both countries. As you probably know the LDS Church remains neutral in all elections. Yes there are issues that effect what we believe in and when those issues come up we like every other church and organizations have a right an duty to let our feels known be known. That is why we have the legislative branch of government, they are suppose to represent the will of the people. Like every other church and organization we lobby for our ideals. You can not seperate peoples beliefs from politics.

bountiful, ut

Amen Truth! Let's just hope that people outside of Nevada will forget about his religious affiliation! Nevadans won't, but they are hardly a threat to politics....

bountiful, ut

Very concerned: It took me a long time to embrace a plausible reality. While the BYU football team would like to win every game it plays and all the accolades that would come with an 'earned' championship that is not their number one priority. Their priority is to represent in a positive light the religion that runs the university. Wins will come to those who do things right. Sure, we may not play the toughest schedule, but neither do those affiliated with conferences. I'm sorry but if they were all that teams roof to cellar would be over .500. During the coaches show with Bronco on Sunday I could finally see, through the reaction to the brawlers that there really is more of a push to be different and visible than to win with run of the mill students that are spit images of other campuses. It is fundamentally crass to think that the BYU football team will ever go away for as long as the sport is upon this landscape known as the US of A.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I'm going to go ahead and say the vast majority of Americans still think it's totally weird.

Mount Pleasant, UT

To pragmatistferlife: By your comments it seemed you were watching with your eyes and ears closed because Mitt Romney never said or did anything that was dishonest. As far as Harry Reid your comments would match him perfectly. I don't understand why the public is so intimidated by the truth and a good man like Mitt. We believe in God and His son Jesus Christ who atoned for our sins. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints strive to be morally clean, truthful, kind, caring and willing to help others. We have a testimony of what truly is the TRUTH. There is always a solid reason why things in life do not turn out the way we wanted them, sometimes it is not the Lords will.


I think Mitt Romney and his family did a great service not only the the Mormon church but to all of us. As a professional woman in a male dominated field I heard many, many positive comments about Mitt Romney and the strong moral and family values that he demonstrated. Again and again I would hear what a good man he is and many would comment about something new they had learned about our church.
now that the election is over I am sad that Mitt was not elected but I chose to be positive and will continue to try and be a good citizen and neighbor to all. May God bless the United States and each one of us who believes and supports this wonderful country.

Heber City, UT

as it relates to pragmatistferlife....

you mean we should talk to the 51% on welfare that were promised lots of help and given free phones and more?
you mean we should talk to the 51% that were promised Gay Marriage would be fought and NOW backed off from?
you mean we should talk to the 51% that are the only Ding Dong's left in the US after Hostess' BK today?
you mean we should talk to the 51% that don't pay taxes (did you know it is almost that much and we have to make up for them)?
you mean we should talk to the 51% that are now going to be waiting in line to die @ the hospital? (i have lived in 2 socialist countries for many years and have seen it first hand)!!!

Yep..those are the smart ones....the 51%

We now live in the USSR even more than ever...you know the 51% that want the United States Socialist Republic to come to pass

St. George, UT

Romney's "gifts" comments were spot on and 100% accurate. That is how BHO won the election. (along with running the dirtiest campaign in history). Anyone " running away" from those comments is just trying to be a good politician. We need more people to tell us the truth and not be afraid of the political correctness crowd.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you

@atl134 abd Pragmatist
The "Repiblicans are racist" meme is merely your brand of race baiting
you ascribe intolerance to others in order to rationalize your own
(why dont you consider Obama racist because white Sandy victims have been critical of his response? oh yea - its a one way street)

Ogden, UT

With romney's defeat, the LDS Church definitely won. Thanfully Romney will not be a visible "represenetative" of the Church (granted, if he had been elected President, he would not be an OFFICIAL representative o the Church but he would have been held up as an example). The dishonesty and lack of truth found in Romney's campaign, and in his life, is NOT what the Church is all about.

Durham, NC

JParkerfan - really.... there were no gifts being offered byt he other side. No tax breaks for all. No tax elimination for people who like Romney make 100 percent of their income off of long term capital gains. Yes, there are fewer millionaires out there than people who make normal incomes.

This whole blaming the other side for ones own loss, rather than taking responsibility for not articulating a plan that people could follow is a sure sign of lack of leadership. That is what leaders do - they lead people to do the "hard" thing. Anyone can do the easy thing - no leadership required. Romney failed to inspire people to do the hard thing... and so he lost. Plain and simple. The buck stops there.

It was a great experience for the church. My son serves in a former soviet block nation as a missionary. People wanted to know more. He had lots of discussions about the church because of it.

But I am glad he lost, because politics is an ugly business, and the church doesn't need that kind of stain on it. You look at how LDS people talk about their fellow brothers and sisters here

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