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Published: Thursday, Nov. 15 2012 10:00 a.m. MST

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Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Hopefully civility will continue as memories of Romney fade

Clearfield, UT

As a non-Mormon, I've held my personal beliefs about the Church to myself. But I don't think that the LDS Church really will benefit from Romney's run for U.S. President. A number of his various comments seem only to solidify the outside image that both Romney and the LDS Church is more focused on profit and money, having an aristocratic, white, male image that is not really the mainstream of the direction of America. It's just as likely that Romney has painted an image of the LDS church in is own image which by association pushes the LDS Church more onto the borders of politics rather than the mainstream.

MiddleofNowhere, Utah

@ tabuno,
Any publicity is good publicity. More people will ask questions about the church, more people will seek out the church through friends or missionaries. It's a matter of statistics. And why would Romney's comments show that the LDS Church is more focused on profit, money, and white males? You have no base for that argument. Last but not least, Romney is not the image of the LDS Church, it's Jesus Christ. Just because a member runs for POTUS doesn't mean they have now become the image of the church. Was JFK the face of Catholics?

Danbury, CT

Nice but we still have such a loooooooooong ways to go. Our missionaries here say there is NO difference in how people are talking to them. We need to get busy and be good citizens, be more active in our communities, make more non Mormon friends and be good LDS. I think we are learning some great things but still learning.

The Scientist
Provo, UT

It seems the people who are so eager to declare Mormonism "mainstream" are -- guess who? Mormons themselves.

I don't think being "mainstream" is something you can nominate and elect yourselves to.

Farmington, Utah

@tabuno, I would politely disagree with you. My non-Mormon friends living in California, Florida, Ohio, New York all admire and respect Romney, and the way he has lived his life, giving generously to others. They were devastated by the election results. And have individually remarked that the Romney family elevated the Mormon Church in their eyes. So, your assessment is probably more based on your political leanings than anything else. But, we are hearing story after story of doors being opened to LDS missionaries that were heretofore closed. Ask the folks in Rockaways, New York, who has been helping them the most: FEMA or the Mormon Church.

Apo, AE

I am very pleased that there was so much support across the Southern "Bible Belt" for Romney. We didn't really see that in 2008 when Huckabee and Romney were running against each other. That fact that there were so many red states from Texas to North Carolina gave me hope that people were not voting on religion or religious biases in that region.


I agree with SS. I don't see where Romney's campaign nor the LDS church focus on profit and money, nor the whole white male image. If you are familiar at all with the church, you know that what they stand for is what Christ stood for, helping the poor, sick, and needy no matter of race, color, religious ties, etc. The world will be a better place if we all were to follow Christ's doctrine.

salt lake city, utah

Talk to the 51% who didn't vote for Romney who thought he was dishonest, elitist, and had no moral center except to obey the teachings of his religion. Chances are that reputation didn't do Mormons any good at all.

park city, UT

The world would be a better place if organized religion would stay out of politics.

kearns, UT

I don't believe the lds culture should subscribe to being socially accepted by the "mainstream". It's overrated! I'm glad that there are relationship improvements with fellow Christians as well as those that dedicate themselves to service....but I don't believe Ill ever need my faith to be validated by the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Martin, snoop dog, george clooney, Sean Hannity, and/or ladies of "The View".

Taylorsville, Utah


Name the organized religion you would like to stay out of politics.

Woods Cross, UT

If there was a positive effect from the Romney campaign, it was on conservatives. Liberals don't care about your religious background. Note the Buddhist and Hindu members of Congress representing the state of Hawaii. Note Harry Reid as majority leader. It is nice to see conservatives increase their religious tolerance. I hope it lasts.

park city, UT


I used the general term, "organized religion", in which I meant ALL of them.

Cache county, USA

The more the negative comments fly, the stronger Mormon I become.
So, let it fly.

Marlborough, MA

Is the LDS church main concern "winning"? Is faith a game to the LDS church? It appears reasonable to suggest that the view painted of the church in this election will be a view colored by the remarks from Mr. Romney post election loss. A different article in this paper sums it up. See the article "Mitt Romney: President Obama won with 'gifts' to certain voters." Mr. Romney and all he is associated with comes across very poorly based on his comments. The comments from those here, who so vocally supported this man during his campaign, is quite telling. The GOP itself is busy distancing themselves from this man and are in full damage control mode. Not a pretty picture at all.

sandy, UT

This is not true . . .What is sad is that some are going to feel the destruction, and others aren't.

The Scientist
Provo, UT


That comment sounds like you are trying to convince yourself, not anyone else...

Salt Lake City, UT

Whatever good Romney has created....Harry will surely destroy!

Cache county, USA

Some seem to be scared of Romney.
Don't be scared, he's a good man.
A simple, good hearted man.

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