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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 13 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

"Us liberals: We are so dumb. All we want are handouts. We are all lumped together if we vote for Obama."

You said it

Ogden, UT

Are you serious? If the president tries in earnest to forge a compromise but is unable to do so because Congress is completely incompetent, partisan, and unwilling to yield, then it is all his fault? Congress isn't a piece of machinery in which the right sequence of buttons and knobs must be pushed & turned to get a desired result*. They can choose to come to the table here and make rational decisions. You can't all lump it up to user error. If Obama is too unyielding and demonstrates poor negotiation skills, etc., then you will have a decent argument.

I've never seen someone defend Congress's incompetence and low approval ratings like you
just did. Amazing.

*Well actually, there is a sequence. It's called Money.

Ogden, UT

Counter Intelligence,

Thanks for proving my prior accusation that conservative commenters on this article have sunk to a new intellectual low. It's like I asked a genie in a bottle for a prime example and -poof- your comment shows up!

Woods Cross, UT

From the above comments, it is obvious the Republicans have recovered from the 2012 election with vigor, resolve and (of course) denial. I so look forward to the next four years of stonewalling, bizarre accusations from Donald Trump and predictions of disaster from the "patriotic" Right.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

"...The bleak scenario could push the White House and Congress to reach a deal...".

Why does it always take a bleak scenario for elected representatives to do their job?

Why do we keep electing the same Congressional folks (with some minor rearrangement of the deck chairs) yet expect different results?

CPA Howard
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Here's something to think about, what does a trillion dollars really mean? If I made 1 million dollars a day starting at the birth of Christ, as of today I would still be $265 billion dollars short. I don't think raising the tax on all those earning $250,000 would make a dent in the federal deficit. The only way to reduce the deficit is to reduce spending and lower our expectations on what the government should do for us.

Even if we taxed those who make over $250k at 100% it wouldn't make a difference other than those who made of $250K and saw it taxed away would have no incentive the following year to do anything.

Leo Femedlers
El Paso, TX

To: There You Go Again
Re: Why do we keep electing the same Congressional folks (with some minor rearrangement of the deck chairs) yet expect different results?

The American Electorate is horribly uninformed. This comes mainly from the whitewash from our Liberal Media. Case in point--Benghazi. Had a Republican been been in office while that happened we would have seen/heard nothing but railing accusation from 9/11/12 until the last ballot was cast 11/6/12.

Another reason is because of apathy. I was amazed to see individuals admit that they did a couple hours of research on the presidential candidates before casting their votes. Really? And some I talked to "just don't do politics". Sad. Sad. Sad.

But payday is right around the corner.... hope you have your food storage.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT


Please don't give me the "I am a victim of the evil Conservative" melodrama when it was a direct quote from a leftist

I would like to say that blaming others for noticing something silly said by a left-winger is a "new intellectual low" - but in reality, is its fairly common place.

I am not a conservative as much as I tire of left-wing passive/aggression - such as what you just did.

All you proved is that the left plays victim even when it is their own stuff that stinks.

Far East USA, SC

Look folks.

Raising taxes on the rich is a DENT.
Tweaking SS is a DENT.
Reforming medicare and medicaid is a big DENT.
Reducing defense spending is a DENT.

So, quit excluding things that only make a DENT.

All the DENTS will add up to some real money.

The term "its only a dent" is code for "dont touch MINE"

Dont expect the poor and old to sacrifice if cant DENT the rich a bit.

Spanish Fork, UT

For every % of taxes increased on anyone, an equal number of entitlement spending cuts.

If any taxes increase, than have a $100 minimum tax on every person 18 and older. No freeloaders. No more paying NO taxes AND getting a refund.

For every day Congress (House and Senate) fail to have a budget, they each get penalized $10,000.

Before an increase in ANY government benefit, the debt must be paid off in full.

As for Defense, return spending to Pre-Iraq War levels.

Anchorage, AK

JoeBlow posted:
Now that the election is over, I hope the Mr Romney will reveal his plan to cut taxes, raise defense spending and reduce the deficit.

Me: It would be a bit like Einstein trying to explain his mental process to come up with his advance theory's in mathematics. Mitt was able to intellectually crunch numbers and come up with a solution. Until he had became President and could have access to ALL data he felt he needed, he wasn't going to lie and bribe folks for votes.
He simple stated, trust me, I know I can do it, take it or leave it. We know the answer to that. Mitt can't prove he can do it now.

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

I pay 7% tithing.

Cache, UT

@There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

"...The bleak scenario could push the White House and Congress to reach a deal...".

Why does it always take a bleak scenario for elected representatives to do their job?

Why do we keep electing the same Congressional folks (with some minor rearrangement of the deck chairs) yet expect different results?"

I concur. Why did we elect the same failed president and expect any different results. I say "we" elected him because we are all Americans. "I" voted for the other guy.

Manti, UT

Bring on the tax hikes... and wait till you see the Obomacare bill your going to get on top of that! Happy Daze are coming!!

Salt Lake City, UT

I would be quite happy to pay more taxes if: 1. The taxes went to deficit reduction and 2. Someone was minding the store to prevent government waste and corruption. So far I have no indication that either will happen.


Letting tax cuts expire is NOT a tax increase.

Wasn't the United States in a better financial condition BEFORE the Bush Tax cut and the Social Security Tax cut of the Obama administration?

West Jordan, UT


I think we are coming from the same place here...


So...What you are saying is that Pres. Obama is a great leader if he could only get people to follow?

Ogden, UT

All who think the liberal lovers who voted for 4 more years should bear the vast majority of the burden of the 'cliff'. All in favor type I ...
I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ...

Enough Said!!!

Ogden, UT

Counter Intelligence,
Who is being passive-aggressive? I flat out called your comment intellectually impoverished. That's pretty direct. Playing the victim? Conservatives have been doing that wonderfully since the election, skulking about blaming anyone they can for their loss, acting as if the world has betrayed them and now the country is going to come crashing down around them. The media, the liberals, half of America, you name it, they are all to blame. Poor martyrs. One thing is for certain, though: I don't feel victimized by conservatives. That's giving yourself far too much credit.

Go ahead and simplify it any way that makes you feel comfortable. By your definition the Republican Party isn't a great leader right now either, are they? Just lost the presidential election to an incumbent during a poor economy, didn't they? Nice leadership there.

You are right. This is futile and I am contributing little by doing this. It's a selfish motivation, really. A way to vent my irritation and yet end up more irritated. As before, I will grow tired of it eventually and go away for awhile.

St. George, Utah

I keep hearing about paying their fair share. What is the millionaires fair share? when they have multiple homes, who maitains and cleans those homes? Don't they pay someone to do so? they pay taxes on those properties as well. Most contribute to charities and their local communities.
Business and corporations do not pay taxes their customers pay it through higher prices, who are those customers? (you and me) President Obama promised he would not increase taxes on the low and middle income people, yet the only way the "Affordable care act" passed the supreme court is they could not hinder governments ability to tax. So Obama care is a tax on all.
And those that say the Bush tax cuts were ment to be temporary. Research the sales tax, it was only suposed to be to help finance that one war and then recended. good one govenment give up money? they say they cut taxes but they then cut a deduction to make up the difference.

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