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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 13 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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a bit of reality
Shawnee Mission, KS

Everybody who complained about the Obama deficits should be quite pleased at the prospects of going over the fiscal cliff. After all, the fiscal cliff represents a smaller deficit brought about by less spending and higher taxes on the middle-class and poor. Why aren't deficit hawks in favor of this?

Down under
Pullman, WA

Can you spell OBAMA? I am certain that he will deflect any blame for this fiscal cliff to the republicans. A real leader should stand up and take responsibility. If you voted for Obama you voted for this since we all knew this was coming with his re-election.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

I believe the country voted "Forward" into the darkness. We have a president and a congress that have no ability or desire to work together. It is time that they all go and we start over. 4 more years of all of this fun.


WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama revived a 2008 campaign promise on Friday, telling the crowd at an AARP forum that he would be open to raising the level of income on which Americans pay Social Security taxes.
(Sept 2012).

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders from VT pledged to introduce legislation to raise the SS cap in 2011.

Democrats will compromise on spending cuts. Will Republicans compromise on tax increases for upper levels of income?

Far East USA, SC

Now that the election is over, I hope the Mr Romney will reveal his plan to cut taxes, raise defense spending and reduce the deficit.

Inquiring minds want to know.

It would be the patriotic thing to do.

And while they are at it, both sides seemed to agree that we could reduce waste and fraud in medicare and medicaid.

How about we just vote on that piece and argue about the rest later.

Salt Lake City, UT

"That being the case, exactly what is he compromising on?'

The spending cuts that dems wouldn't want to make. See, the only way to get a large deficit reduction bill in a compromise is if both sides give up something they don't want to give up. Obama is insisting that Republicans give up the bush tax cuts for the rich. Compromising means democrats in turn give something up. If you want a compromise that doesn't touch taxes... the dems will also not give up anything they care strongly about and the debt reduction will be minimal.

"What a scam! President Obama said only if you made more than 250K would your taxes wouldn't go up! "

Obama wants to extend the tax cuts on those making under 250k. You do have a point but for a completely different reason. The payroll tax holiday ends at the end of this year. Everyone's payroll taxes are going back up to the normal level and BOTH parties support this. Neither obama nor romney oppose this. Apparently republicans found one tax they can support raising... the payroll tax that disproportionately hits those at the bottom.

Sandy, UT


I sure hope not. I will not endorse raising taxes, on the rich or poor, so corrupt, special interest-serving politicians in Washinton can squander more money. I am open in any way imaginable to raising taxes on the rich, so those rich will be further inclined to fire employees, sell or close their business and take all of their money overseas.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT


Oh, so many things to dispute and only 200 words to do it in! First of all, you criticize Romney for not having a plan. Well, what on Earth was Obama's plan!? He never said, except in a 20 page booklet AFTER the debates (apparently he didn't have a plan until after). Even after 4 years in office he had no positive plan!

You mention that Romney would raise taxes on middle-income earners. Obama mentioned this in his booklet of fluff, citing the Tax Policy Center as his source. I went to that source and found that Romney's tax plan were lower in EVERY bracket than Obama's! Why would Obama lie like that?

As for the social issues, are you opposed to the idea of getting people off handouts and into the workforce? I thought you were being sarcastic with your first comments.

As for the issues such as abortion, embryonic cell research, gay marriage, can you fault a religious man for having such stances? It surprises me that Obama professes to be a Christian yet supports such un-Christian principles (actions speak louder than words; he's no Christian).

Sandy, UT


Thank you for pointing that out. It's a shame there is a bipartisan effort coming from the rich and powerful in Washington to take more money away from minimum wage earners as well as the middle class.


Congress created the fiscal cliff. They voted for it. Boehner said he got 98% of what he wanted in the package. Now it is up to congress to fix it. They cannot blame the president or the senate. Neither the president nor the senate created the Budget Sequestration Act. The congress did. And they are the ONLY ones that can fix it. If they pass a bill, then the senate gets involved and if the senate passes it, that goes to the president. But until then, the congress is left with the mess they themselves created. And they all just got re-elected too.

Belching Cow
Sandy, UT

I thought Obama was going to help the middle class. I heard it from his own lips. LOL! I heard him say he was going to grow the economy through the middle class. What does that mean? Increasing my employers expenses so he can't afford to give me a raise even though the cost of living is skyrocketing? Is that what Obama meant by helping the middle class? My house value decreasing $60,000 in the four years he was in office. Is that how he was going to help me? Gas going from $1.85 to $3.85. Maybe that is what he meant, that has done wonders for my pocket book. I'm middle class and Obama has been nothing but a disaster for my finances. Obama was re-elected therefore we are going to enter another recession, you can count on it. Anyone who voted for him and can't see this coming is blind. I'm cutting my spending and expenses and getting ready for the train wreck.

Mcallen, TX


Time to do some research. Had Romney won, in just one day, you would have seen a turn around.

Manufactures held on to their money waiting for a Romney win, which didn't happen. As a result, they're will be massive lay-offs. Look around, and you'll see it. 120,000 square miles has been closed to drilling in the passed six days. Research the up coming regulations. Wait for a Lockheed announcement on lay-offs, or you can look it up. Wait for Obama care, and the loss of the Bush tax cuts. Look for a wave of new taxes.

Colorado Springs, CO

Riv Coug: So both don't have a plan. So we should get rid of a president, who doesn't have a plan, but he economy is showing signs of turning around - I know you will argue that point - for a different president who doesn't have a plan? Is what you are saying?

The economists I cited - and I believe they were nonpartisan - said that there is no way that Romney could do what he says he wanted to do without raising taxes on those between the $100,000 and $250,000 tax bracket. Romney always said he would not raise taxes on the middle class, but it's funny he never defined what he believed the middle class to be.

As for your third paragraph, I totally agree with you. See, not one of those libs that you want to lump together.

Now, you better be careful with your last paragraph. Are you telling me that Romney was against stem cell research? Are you telling me that Romney was against all abortion? Be real careful with that one, as abortion is abortion. Gay marriage, we'll have to agree to disagree.


If you think taxes aren't going to go up anyway then just go try to put more into your FSA account for next year. The amount you can contribute pre-tax has been slashed meaning you are paying more taxes for health care in 2013. Pretty slick.

Colorado Springs, CO

@Grundle: You're right, but you all want to keep saying Romney - or McCain/Palin for that matter - would be better than what we have now. As you say, there's no way to know. As far as we know, it could have been much worse!

Salt Lake City, UT

@Riverton Cougar

"You mention that Romney would raise taxes on middle-income earners. Obama mentioned this in his booklet of fluff, citing the Tax Policy Center as his source. I went to that source and found that Romney's tax plan were lower in EVERY bracket than Obama's! Why would Obama lie like that?"

Obama's claim was that Romney had two options if he really was going to pay for his across the board tax cuts by closing loopholes since it can't be done by closing loopholes only on the rich. Option 1 is increasing taxes on the middle class. Option 2 is not paying for his tax cuts and adding it to the deficit.

"It surprises me that Obama professes to be a Christian yet supports such un-Christian principles (actions speak louder than words; he's no Christian)."

You profess to be Christian yet you oppose programs to help the poor and heal the sick.

" Romney won, in just one day, you would have seen a turn around."

That's foolish. No wonder people are voting for Romney. They think he's the Messiah. Sorry, but Rafalca's a brown horse, not white.

Cache county, USA

Open up and say ahhhhhh.
Cause your about to be given much nasty caugh medicine.
The world is going to be very different.
But, we can still be happy.
Just get rid of those bills.

Layton, UT

Obama's tax revenues are needed to fund Obamacare. The deficit is the last of his concerns... despite what he's said.

Ogden, UT

Once I read the title of this article, I knew there would be some predictable and childish knee-jerk conservative comments. I also figured most of these people wouldn't actually read the article and understand that both sides brought this issue on as a game of chicken to see who would flinch and yield on the budget. Neither side did, so now we head toward the cliff. Both Obama and Demos & Repubs in Congress need to compromise if they want to avoid this.

Then I read the comments. Congrats, conservatives, you have set a new intellectual low! You people are so bitter and angry over the election that you cannot even take the time and effort to read a simple 3 page article to gain some understanding of the issue. It's right there on page 3!: "Congress and the Obama administration agreed last year that these cuts would kick in if a congressional panel couldn't agree on a deficit-reduction plan".

But you guys desperately need a platform from which to vent your bruised political spleen, so go ahead and fire away, blame Obama for the fiscal cliff.

Sandy, UT


Obama was not forced at gunpoint to take a second term. He wanted it. He campaigned FIERCELY to obtain it. If he fails to live up to the task, only he is to blame, not Congress. Congress already is the most hated body in this country. They cannot be more disliked. However, if Obama fails to deliver on his very grand promises, and take charge and lead the sheep of the Congress to financial solvency, only he can be blamed.

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