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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 13 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

J Thompson

3 strikes and your out.

I tried to give you a chance to redeem yourself and recognize why your posts have no credibility with anyone but yourself. Even with examples, supported by facts and presented in a straight bullet list, you missed the point.

So here's the cliff notes version.

You exaggerated by quadruple the amount of golf played by obama in order to make some meaningless point. When you lie in a post to exaggerate your position, people question your credibility.

You exaggerated by more than double the number of welfare recipients in order to make another meaningless point. When you lie twice in the same post to exaggerate your position, people realize you are comfortable lying when it suits your needs.

When you refuse to acknowledge that you are exaggerating(lying), even when blatantly caught doing so, your credibility is completely vacated.

Reasonable people want facts, you provide rhetoric. Your posts serve only for entertainment.

J Thompson


You've proven nothing.

How many hours do you work each week? I work 60+ hours with almost no time off for anything.

How many hours does Obama work IN THE WHITE HOUSE each week? One hour? Two hours? Does anyone know? Where is that information located. We know that he flies around the country. We know that he talks to people who like "rock stars". We know that he plays golf. We know that he plays cards while he's flying around the country, but do you have an evidence that he works in the White House?

Why is it so hard to find out exactly how many hours he has worked for us as our President while sitting behind the desk, doing the job that we elected him to do?

Who is "filtering that information?

Who is trying to tell us that a week on vacation is the same as a week working?

Who is trying to tell us that spending $450,000 a year on salary has not been a total waste of tax payer money?

Sandy, UT

J Thompson

Should I believe that you work 60+ hours a week when you've already shown you're comfortable lying about other stats in order to bolster your argument? Should anyone reading any of your posts attribute any truth to them going forward?

When you can show an objective comparison across presidents regarding travel budgets, time spent on recreation, time spent working at a desk, etc, then you might convince someone that you truly care about those details. When you pontificate about those things only in the context of President Obama, and lie to inflate the impact, then it's just Rhetoric.

I'd wager by your actions you work in Multi Level Marketing.

Eric Samuelsen
Provo, UT

Speaking as a liberal, let me offer my opinion about what Republicans should do in the next election:
Don't change a thing.
Really, that would be awesome.

Eugene, OR

So you're reduced to whining about Obama playing golf once a week. Sort of says it all, doesn't it?

one old man
Ogden, UT

J. Thompson, you've made a lot of claims with nothing to back them up.

How about showing us some numbers?

Some kind of solid data that will back up your foolish claims that the President spends his time playing instead of working.

You can't. So isn't that lying?



Between 1979 and 2011, Soros gave away over $8 billion to human rights, public health, and education causes.

Warren Buffett is continuing to make good on his promise to donate most of his $44.1 billion to charity.

The third richest person in the world gave about 18.4 million of his company’s Class B shares, valued at $1.52 billion, to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bloomberg Businessweek reported Saturday, June 10, 2012.

(Utah--with its low cost of living--ranks in the top 15 for personal bankruptcy filings).

Mad Hatter
Provo, UT

Well, some of these movement conservatives just like having their anger. If they didn't have Obama's victory to be angry about, they would not have meaning in their lives. The idea of commonality is foreign. They yearn for that world that existed only in their mind, that America than never was. It's as real to them as their memories of childhood untouched by reality.

Paul in MD
Montgomery Village, MD

Roland, TANF does not account for everything that people consider "welfare" spending. I don't have time to do the research again, but "welfare" spending is a much bigger piece of the Federal budget than 0.5%.

Rhetoric, demagoguery, anger, distortion, etc, are rampant on both sides of the political spectrum, and have been for quite some time. The problems we face as a nation weren't created in just the last one or two presidential terms. They have been in the making for decades.

The biggest problem we now face is too many voters want their representatives to be completely inflexible on particular issues. That leads to gridlock, meaning nothing gets done. Reagan said it's better to get 80% of what you want than 100% of nothing. Well, since voters are punishing representatives when they try to compromise to get something, most representatives are becoming hard-liners, which means we are all getting 100% of nothing.

Want change? Write your representatives and tell them you'll support them if they get something done you like, then back that up with your vote. Otherwise, all we get is posturing and finger-pointing. From both sides.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Truthseeker" yet even with all that he gave, he still does not do as LDS liberal claims. Soros is still worth $19 billion, and does not share all of his wealth with others. That is the point, it isn't that he doesn't give any, but that LDS liberal claims that liberals want to "have all things in common". With Soros' net worth of $19 billion, he obviously doesn't want to share everything in common with the rest of us. The same can be said for Buffett or Bill Gates.

If they want to share everything in common, why do they retain so much of their wealth. Just pledging to give it away once you are dead is not the same. Nor is giving it to charity because they are not sharing everything with everybody. Now, if they were to give all their money to the government, except what they need for basic living expenses, then I would say they want to "have all things in common" with the rest of us.

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