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Published: Monday, Nov. 12 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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John Charity Spring
Back Home in Davis County, UT

The premise here is correct: the election process must be reformed. However, the only effective reform is a return to the past. The 17th Amendment must be repealed.

Before this subversive amendment, Senators were elected by the States, not an uninformed and uneducated public. Under this system, only true statesmen were elected--only those who were willing to put the welfare of the Nation above personal gain. Now, we are plagued with obscene campaigns in which candidates sell their souls to the highest bidder in return for funds that are used to fool a gullible public.

If the last election proved anything, it proved that the general public is simply not smart enough to pick the candidates that are best for this Country. It is time to say "enough is enough," and return the power to choose to the States where it belongs.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Is JCS blaming the people who showed up to vote for having to stand in long lines at the polls? Perhaps it wasn't smart not to vote early or absentee, But should that be the reason for disenfranchising the voters from elections to the Senate? After all, it's only one spot on the ballot, and only a third of Senate seats are contended every three years.
I suspect JCS's plan really has nothing to do with voting and everything to do with WHO gets voted in, and to him that means hand-picked plutocrats who needn't dirty their hands giving speeches to the unwashed public who end up being the ones being governed.
I wonder if JCS has compared the literacy rate now to the 1780's lately. If many other countries can permit registered voters to do so, then certainly we, who showed the world the principles of democracy, can move forward, not back.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Oops. I meant every TWO years.


@ JCS: Senators are two spots on the ballot. I seriously doubt that removing those two spots would reduce the voting time by enough to get rid of the lines.

Did you even read the article on which you are commenting?

And, even if we accept your premise - how is having Senators elected by the state going to change the election of the President or Representatives?

Mark B
Eureka, CA

BTW, when JCS uses the term "States" he really means "state legislatures". You'd have to ask him why he just doesn't call it what it is.

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