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Published: Sunday, Nov. 11 2012 10:00 p.m. MST

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Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

It is tough to be good on offense with a freshman QB. Only Tex A&M has proven to be good with one. The Utes offensive line has not proven to block as well on the run as last year. Frankly, without pick 6's and kickoff returns for TD's, the Utes could be 3-7 or 2-8. But the biggest surprise to me has been the defense. They have give up a lot of points and a lot of yards. It was supposed to be a great defense, but has not turned out to be that way. That is a bigger surprise to me than the weak offense.

Sandy, UT

Ok, where is the real Duckhunter and what have you done with him?


Still Blue, only TAMU has been good with a freshman QB? Not Oregon, UCLA, Notre Dame, or Stanford? Interesting.

Duckhunter, yes Whit took a gamble on some staff hires, but I believe they were hires made for the future, not necessarily for right now. I agree, much of the starting talent at most positions on the team is up to par with the majority of the conference, but it's obvious that depth is an issue, and several positions seem to be among the worst in the conference. Johnson, Shah and Tuiaki, in particular, I strongly believe, were promoted and hired at the moment entirely based on their recruiting ability, with the hope and assumption that they would grow into the X's and O's aspects of their jobs, and so far, they are putting together another solid recruiting class, with a small possibility of being even stronger than last year with a few very high profile recruits strongly considering Utah right now.

Saint George, UT

I think the game with Arizona will be competitive. Utah's defensive line is terrific. Arizona's offense is very good as well. Utah's offense is awful and Arizona's defense is abysmal. Should be an interesting match-up. The weather could really hamper Arizona who is not used to cold and wet conditions. That said I'm picking Zona 42-31. Utah will kill Colorado.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah needs to pull it together if they can have a chance to beat Arizona this Saturday. Arizona is a good team that has had some ups and downs for sure but their coach has turned that program around pretty fast. That being said the Utes have played better at home and AZhas struggled on the road so who knows what will happen in this one.

I hope Travis Wilson can shake the Washington game off and play better also if the ball hits your hands, the receivers need to hold onto it. There were so many dropped balls again against Washington that really could have made a big difference. I still can't believe the fumbled punt - fair catch that and we were at mid field.

For sure there have been games that Utah could have won this year and of course I wish our record was better, but if you would have told me that we would have had 3 different starting QB's, I'm not sure I would have greater expectations.

I'm still way happier to see Utah compete at this level and lose than see them rack up pointless victories over lousy teams.

Go Utes!

Highland, UT


"if you would have told me that we would have had 3 different starting QB's, I'm not sure I would have greater expectations"

You were told that was going to happen, you just didn't want to admit that it was probable. A lot of the problems utah has had were pointed out before the seaon started, but of course it was mostly BYU fans pointing it out so utah fans did not want to aknowledge it. It is similar the other way as well, utah fans point out BYU's possible weaknesses and BYU fans do not wish to aknowledge that it might be true either. It is simply an emotional reaction people have. For noe no one wants to hear possible negative things about their team, second of all they surely don't want to hear them from their rival. But interestingly it is that rival that is probably best suited to recognize those problems.

The rival is going to try to find the weaknesses to try and exploit them on these boards. It happens all of the time. But fans push back and don't want to aknowledge it. That is what happened this year.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah


"...of course I wish our record was better, but if you would have told me that we would have had 3 different starting QB's, I'm not sure I would have greater expectations."

Any objective observer could have told you that having three different starting QB's was practically a given before the season started.

Everybody knew that injury-prone Wynn would be lucky to last through September and it was obvious that Hayes wasn't a long-term solution, so Wilson was all but guaranteed to be the starter at some point in the season.

The fact that BJ was bringing Travis in for situational plays from the very beginning of the season shows that the Utes were giving Wilson game experience early on in preparation for the likely possibility that he'd eventually be starting.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

@duck & fax

Yes every Utah fan was nervous about Jordan Wynn going into this season as they should have been since he has gone through many injuries. However many Utah fans were also encouraged that he had bulked up in addition to hitting the weight room. Wynn was throwing the ball much better than he had at any point during last season, which I realize still isn't saying too much.

I think most Utah fans also understood the issues with O-line but maybe not quite realizing that it would take them so long to get it figured out.

I don't mind any fan pointing out the obvious as we all have tendencies to do so. I guess what I'm saying is that the Utes are about 2 or 3 games short of where I was hoping they would be. I'm not sure if waiting two more games to start Wilson would have changed the outcome of either the UCLA or OSU games but hopefully that is a decision that will pay off next year for the Utes.

Go Utes!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Every time I think Travis Wilson is getting better, he lays an egg. What a dissapointing season.

Washington, UT

You can't win at this level without good QB play and Utah doesn't have it. It's offensive scheme is hodge-podge and ineffective. That isn't gonna change against AZ, even though AZ's defense is pretty thin.

On the other hand, AZ has a first rate dual-threat athlete at QB, a top notch running back and a hurry up read option scheme that wears opponents down. Utah hasn't yet been exposed to this offense. Furthermore, AZ is coached by Rich Rodriguez, the guy who invented the read option, the same scheme Chip Kelly uses so effectively at Oregon.

In the two big losses to Oregon and UCLA, AZ's QB was injured and they don't have a credible backup. Unless he gets hurt against Utah or Utah gets a bunch of turnovers, AZ should win this.

Springville, UT

Spokane Ute

"Every time I think Travis Wilson is getting better, he lays an egg. What a dissapointing season."

Impatient and desperate Ute fan... he's a freshman, what the heck do you expect?

Blame your coach, not the kid.

cedar city, UT

Unfortunately this is growing pains feels like. For those of you that don't like our quarterback, coaching staff, and whomever else you are crying about, move on! This is a great time to clean house of bandwagon fans. Unfortunately many of those fans got ahold of tickets, as you can see the stadium emptying out way too early whether we are losing or winning by alot. My point is, don't let the door hit you on the way out. I plan on sticking with my team no matter what. We need to support our Utes and stick with them through the good and bad times. That's all part of college football and it happens to every team.

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