Comments about ‘Mitt Romney won white evangelicals, but struggled with Latino Catholics’

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Published: Sunday, Nov. 11 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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Kaysville, UT

It was great to see nations of Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba back our President. They know his process and what is happening in our country. They even see someone taking down our CIA director and it wasn't James Bond but we don't know the motive, yet. Maybe a sequel for James Bond in two or three years with e-mail hacking and cyberspace cryptology.

london, 00

The questions that arises is ...''Is the Church still regarded as Racist ?''...Can the church accept honest Crittism without Censorship of any kind from black and hispanic readers ?...Do we still value freedom of speech and open expression ?...Why did the church recieve a very small fraction of the vote from black and hispanic voters ?...Will a humble apology from the church go towards mending this rift between the different races that did not vote for Mitt Rommey ?....Member are asked to ponder these questions in light of the poor results from black and hispanic voters.

Clearfield, UT

wtz You could at least attempt to attempt to hide your predudice against hispanics. And where do people get the idea that hispanics have different family values than white folks. If that is true why are they embracing the LDS church in such large numbers. Why can't we set aside our stereotypes and treat each other with dignity and respect. As an active LDS I am saddened to see many of my fellow members post such terrible comments on here. I suspect you are a tiny minority in a very diverse world wide religion. Let's hope you soon go the way of the dinsosaur. In fact maybe that would be a good symbol for tea party conservatives.

london, 00

re- att555...You are totally incorect about the Catholic theology regarding wheather God the Farther had sex with mary....It is Mormon theology that was taught by a promnant ''Mormon'' church leader...the Catholic Theology is that 'By the power of the holy spirit she concieved...They think that she was born immaculate for this process to happen...that is why she is so revered as a holy saint who interceeds our prayers and presents them to heaven Father on our behalf ,allways pleading mercy for our transgressions . She is not so much worshiped but holds a position of highest respect :

Richland, WA

To atty555: You are in fact wrong about the Mormon beliefs about Mary, the mother of Christ. The Book of Mormon teaches that she was a virgin, and that she gave birth to Jesus through a miraculous process. That is what you will find in Mormon scriptures, including the Kinig James Version of the Bible, and in the Spanish language translations used by the Mormons who speak Spanish, including a million in Mexico. Millions of people in Latin America are Mormons, and a lot of the Mormons in the US are Hispanic.

Palos Hills, IL

One of the many reasons I did not vote for Mitt Romney is that I won't vote for someone whose church does not have an open door policy at all times. If I can't just walk into a Mormon Temple at any time to worship, or see if I want to join and worship, then I don't want a President of the United States to support this sort of exclusionary practice. Sorry, that's my opinion. When I found out that Ann Romney's parents WERE NOT ALLOWED to attend her daughter's Mormon wedding, I was disgusted. When my girlfriend's Mormon friend of many years told her that she could not attend her daughter's wedding but had to wait outside, I was outraged to hear about it. She made the trip out of respect for her friend. I would NEVER have demeaned myself in such a manner. if you can't open your doors to anyone AT ANY TIME, then your church is not worth considering.

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