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Published: Sunday, Nov. 11 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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Glen in the Bronx
Bronx, NY

Can someone point out to me, what exactly, does the GOP have going for it that would make it attractive for a Latino? (And don't include Marco Rubio in the reply; he's of Cuban ancestry, and to Republicans, Cubans are God's special snowflakes). During the primary debates the candidates were all falling over themselves about how difficult he/she would make it on Hispanics who were here illegally and espousing such nonsense as "self deportation." Further it seemed they lumped those here illegally with those who were born here. The GOP treats Hispanics (and so many others) with apparent disdain, why should anyone be surprised they repaid the compliment in the voting booth?

Springville, UT

Now can we come to some understanding as to why the left wants an open border and amnesty? It's been clear to many of us for a long time as to what was going on--and no, this has absolutely nothing to do with compassion. Rather, it has everything to do with power. And this will quickly become one-party control over national politics for a very long time. The data verifies this.

very concerned
Sandy, UT

I'm a conservative, but as I have said before, I believe a more welcoming immigration policy would be good. If we were to welcome more Latino's into the U.S. legally, there would be more productive immigrants coming and fewer criminals. We welcomed the Scots, the Irish, the Germans, the Poles, etc., etc., etc. They came, they worked, and they made America a better place. I believe if we offered that opportunity to responsible Latinos wanting to become citizens, the country would be better for it. Let's not worry so much about whom they would vote for. That would take care of itself. I know I may sound Polyanna-ish to some, but I believe legal, responsible Latino immigrants could contribute to this country.

By the way, did you hear that sound like thunder clapping last Tuesday? It was the sound of the country's foundations cracking as President Obama was re-elected. His politics on gay marriage, unsustainable spending, contribution to the deficit, increasing presidential power, and actions in favor of gradual declines of religious freedoms - to name a few - are taking their toll on the American psyche, dreams, prosperity, and future.


Romney came across as arrogant, out of touch, racist, sexist, classist and angry to me. I did not vote for him as an active, endowed, temple married, LDS woman of partly African American heritage with doctoral degrees because, quite frankly, his beliefs and proposed policies sounded more warmongering and anachronistic than modern. His political speeches were like soundbites from one of those crazy older men at church, usually from Utah or Idaho, who you can tell still believes that Heavenly Father cursed people with a skin of blackness and that's how Africans came along and that women shouldn't make any decisions because husbands are the patriarch. Obama came across as intelligent, compassionate, hardworking, and sensible. Moreover, he seemed to be interested in serving the people of the US, not inflicting his agenda and personal religious values on a pluralistic society. Sorry, the GOP has been hijacked by demagogues, who appeals to racist whites with poor education, limited personal experiences and who are bereft of common compassion--in other words tea partiers. Sadly, GOP leaders think this is their base and that they are more important than the majority of Americans. I would have gladly voted for Hunstman.

Riverside, CA

Even if Heather McDonald's view is accurate, and most Latinos are freeloading Obama supporters looking for a handout (I don't buy it for a second and find it offensive), there are many many hard-working decent Latinos who have been here a long time and have conservative values. They have roots here, American kids, American spouses. We should be willing to entertain some sort of sane immigration reform that provides a path to legal status for those individuals.

If the GOP continues to be the Inspector Javert party we will continue to lose. We have never had a president who was hard line on immigration. It should be no surprise that Romney's harsh rhetoric in the primaries came back to haunt him as it did Meg Whitman. I say this as someone who is devastated Romney lost.

Purists on this thread should read Ann Coulter's latest piece where she slams abortion purists. Her arguments can be applied perfectly to immigration purists.

Ogden, UT


"So you mean Latinos don't vote FOR amnesty...?"

Of course they vote for amnesty. Why shouldn't they? The next step after amnesty is citizenship which Democrat B. Hussein Obama will accomplish in his next four-year term...

With Democrats in control of our government illegal aliens will soon be able to not only become citizens but they will be able to bring their families and friends here for the same favorable treatment, plus alotta handouts.


"Republicans lost the Hispanic vote over immigration policies."

You mean the Democrats won the Hispanic vote over immigration policies. Obama played it very smart by giving the two year amnesty just before the elections with tacit approval for extensions. Very clever politicking.

"As long as the right wing tea-partiers continue to stereotype Hispanics as lazy freeloaders and criminals they will continue to lose Hispanic support."

They're not lazy... but they are criminals (illegal).

"Is is just plain wrong to deny children an education due to unlawful actions of their parents."It's just plain wrong to provide free education to non-citizens."

We don't have the funding to educate our own people let alone foreigners.

Eureka, UT

Look at the platform of each party. Compare and contrast the platform with the citizens of our nations. Get rid of the stereotypes of people who are different than yourself and look at what people actually do and how they conduct their lives. Recognize that "We the People.." really applies to all people and not just a select few with money, status, or class privilege. Once you do this in an honest way not colored with ideology, it's much easier to see why the Republicans missed the boat on this election. They believed their own surveys where methodology was used to boast their cause not show what was really happening. If they are advocating for more of the same or a sharper turn to the right, I'd say go for it, someone else will take their place.

Olympia, WA

I was raised Catholic in New Mexico. My sisters have all married Hispanic men and have Hispanic last names as do their children. I think they voted Democrat because some of my family works for the church. Doing so lets them see first hand the gap between what good the church can do for the local poor and how important it is for the government to be a partner in the needs of the poor. They have voted Republican for just one issue in the past, abortion. That seems to take a back seat to poverty relief when we see more and more poor children on the streets for any reason. If Church's could handle the needs of the poor they would gladly do so, but they can't.

Ogden, UT


"As a Latino, LDS woman, I voted for Obama."

Not voting for Romney was a mistake.

"I am not in danger of self deporting to Cleveland, where I was born."

If you were born in Cleveland, you are American. You should think/act American. Would you like your country to be overrun with foreigners? People generally prefer their own kind.

"I would not vote for Romney because he would raise taxes."

Romney would not raise taxes. It's the other guy (Obama) that would/will. You shouldn't be voting if you don't understand the issues.

"The conception that Latinos are looking for a handout and freebies..."

Almost everyone is looking for handouts and freebies. What some people want is for people of their own ethnicity to increase in this country. And how does that happen? Immigration, illegal and otherwise.

"The reasoning in the article is that there aren't enough 'white' people...."

Certain minorities (as reported by the DNews) will soon be the majority here, at which time 'white' people will be shut out. Already happening.

"Try working with people, not dominating them."

You can help by telling illegals to stay home.

Saint George, UT

The message coming from the REPUBLICAN PRIMARY to Hispanic families and their extended families was...

self-deport (romney talking point).

While you're self-deporting WE (Who is we? Which ethnic group gave the most votes to romney?) will decide whether to electrify the border fence or build a border wall 100 feet high.

3 great welcoming possibilities!

romney saw the bind he was in.

romney tried to move to the middle.

Too late.

The die was cast.

Ogden, UT


"Only American citizens can vote."

That's true. But the Obama administration would like that changed. They want not just citizens but all residents (i.e., illegals) to have a vote. That's why they're pushing so hard against voter ID laws.

"Less than 30 percent of Latinos in this country are here illegally; the vast majority are US Citizens..."

Those born here would like to see their voting block increase. That's why they voted for Obama's amnesty action.


"Because Kerry and Gore also got huge percentages of the African American vote."

Were Kerry/Gore running against an African American? No. Bush is not African American.

"It's mostly a party thing than a race thing."

I can only suggest that 'Blood runs thicker than... party.'


Excellent post RRB. You hit the nail on the head... except for one point... 'Only enforcement keeps it manageable.'

It's way too late for enforcement. Hispanics thh votes to determine elections. You can't say anything untoward re our Hispanic populace or they will cast their vote for the other guy. Romney found that out when he said 'Hispanics should self-deport.' Serious mistake.

Manti, UT

What is beyond my comprehension is why the Jews voted for the Democratic Party this time around. Obama wanted to give most of Israel to the Palestinians a while back and he more favors Israel’s enemies then Israel. I don’t believe that if Israel is attacked by another middle-Eastern country, Obama will defend Israel if they need it.

I also don't understand why the Latinos want America to cater to them and expect the rest of the nation to accept Latino ways and lifestyles. America used to be a melting pot of many nations but everyone became American when they lived in America. Latinos want Americans to accept them as a separate entity as Latinos, not as Americans. They want everyone to speak Spanish, thus taking away the individual identity of America. Yet they complain about how Americans won't accept them. Why can't they accept America and become Americans instead of Latinos? Why should Americans accept their lifestyles instead of Latinos accepting the American way of life?

Nearly every American came from a different nationality, yet they were assimilated into being Americans. Why do Latinos require special treatment?

Layton, Utah

@Moderate, I think what you meant to say is that the over 65 population has earned the money from the government because they paid into it for all of those years. The under 19 group has not.

Miss Piggie
Ogden, UT

@Glen in the Bronx:

"Can someone point out to me, what exactly, does the GOP have going for it that would make it attractive for a Latino?"

Nothing. That's why they lost.

"And don't include Marco Rubio... he's of Cuban ancestry..."

He speaks Spanish. That's enough.

"Further it seemed they lumped those here illegally with those who were born here."

They lump themselves. It's called ethnicity. It's human nature to flock together/support one's own kind.

"The GOP treats Hispanics... with apparent disdain..."

They treat illegal immigrants with disdain. Nothing about ethnicity. Should illegals be praised? It'd by like praising bank robbers.


"Now can we come to some understanding as to why the left wants an open border and amnesty?"

Simply stated, votes. Plus our leader himself is a foreigner. He tells it like this in is book: 'I was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.'

@very concerned:

"If we were to welcome more Latino's into the U.S. legally, there would be more productive immigrants coming and fewer criminals."

Give them all citizenship as they cross the border and there'd be no criminals.

Murtoa Australia, Victoria

When the Republican Party wakes up to the fact that there are people of different colored skin other than white, that here are many other religions besides Christians that are citizen of the USA and become inclusive they might have a win. That means including in the white ole boys club Jews, Muslims, Buddists, Hindu and the list goes on and on, then and only then will Republicans have a level playing field. People of all races, religions and color are becoming better educated and doing their own research and look for a party that will include them, they are not looking for a hand out but for respect.

Manti, UT

@ Moderate: Do you have the real statistics for that? "The government spends 10 times as much money on seniors as it does on people 19 and under? what abut the people 19 and over? At what stage do you get to be a senior where you need to have the government spend 10 times as much money on you? Please explane. If you are right, euthanasia may be a viable opton for senior, right (sarcasm)

Idaho Falls, ID

Paloma...are you serious? You didn't think Obama has every intention of raising taxes? Obmacare- will not fly without raising taxes. (It's going to fly like a lead balloon anyway.) I want to know why half the country thinks they don't have to pay any taxes at all? They are users of the infrastructure, too. EVERYONE should pay their fair share. Even if it's a small percentage of what they make, there should be no exclusions for anyone on paying taxes except for the mentally disabled and elderly who have been paying all their lives. Maybe vets should be given a break, too, but many of them had their school paid for on the GI bill so the taxpayers have paid them back for their service. Some who are physically unable to work maybe should get a break, too. But I think the poor need to pay something. The very wealthy are already paying way more than their share. Let them keep investing and buying to keep the economy going.

Mcallen, TX

I've seen the kinds of leaders Latinos put in their home countries.

Hank Pym

re: worf 8:23 p.m. Nov. 12, 2012

"I've seen the kinds of leaders Latinos put in their home countries."

And alot of have been propped up/supported by the US of A. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

Mcallen, TX

Hank Pym,

Good point.

Did you see the foreign leaders who propped Obama?

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