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Published: Sunday, Nov. 11 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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Murray, UT

If your point is that the Hispanic majority vote Democratic, then you are correct. When Reagan gave them amnesty they still voted for a Democrat.

Springville, Ut

Re: RichardB

So you mean Latinos don't vote FOR amnesty, hand-outs, etc? But that was what I was told during my daily listening hour of Conservatives R Us!

Andrew J. Marksen
Deseret, UT

This makes total sense. Latino voters have different family values. The numbers used from CA illustrate the ideological deficiency. CA is a super-majority Democrat and 1 in 10 Latinos are poor. Latino's as a group expect government to give, participate, equalize things in their lives so they vote Democrat. Latinos leave Mexico etc...for a better opportunity yet cling to the ideology that is crippling the U.S. and Mexico as indicated by the numbers cited. The numbers also indicate that Blacks voted racially in 2008 and 2012 combined with the same ideology as Latinos despite the conditions of the Democrat controlled inner cities. White Evangelicals went to the polls holding their nose, but they went. All of this is nothing new. Society is polarized. Even had the "missing" voters participated it would not have mattered. The deciding factor appears to be race, political stereotypes, and single issue ideology. The question is was there a fundamental shift or are we exactly the same as we were four years ago. Given the makeup of Congress I would say nothing has changed.

Clearfield, UT

Republicans lost the hispanic vote over immigration policies. As long as the right wing tea partiers coninue to stereotype hispanics as lazy freeloaders and criminals they will continue to lose hispanic support. Is is just plain wrong to deny children an education due to unlawful actions of their parents. The time has come to enact comprehensive immigration reform and recognze the many positive contributions immigrants make to society.

Provo, UT

Why would the Republicans give the Democrats 12-20 million new voters? The Latino vote showed the Republican party why they need to fight amnesty and enforce the laws.

Sugar City, ID

“Romney heavily dependent on a strong white turnout that did not materialize,”
Most of my evangelical family was strong Romney supporters because he won their support. He is considered a sensible leader on moral issues. Some would not vote for the incumbent but remained convinced that Romney was more interested in enlarging his circle of millionaire friends than being concerned about them. These are blue collar workers who have strong feelings of “too many people on the draw and too few paying in”. So get that straight.
We need a Ben Franklin and Mitt Romney is the best choice. Why not compromise on the tax issue? There seems to be agreement on everything except the tax rate for those making more than $250,000 a year. So make permanent the current rates on those making less and extend for 2 years for those above. Let the American people decide in 2014 which side is telling the truth. If jobs are being created in substantial numbers then extend the rate. If not, then roll it back to the Clinton years.

Cache county, USA

Rubio and a female vp.

Provo, UT

Immigration doesn't make a difference to them. They failed Reagan.

What makes you think they are being denied an education? They get a k-12 like everyone else. And if they have the money, they can go to college.

They are taking rights away from Americans, but no one cares about us.

Ventura, CA

As a Latino, LDS woman, I voted for Obama. I am not in danger of self deporting to Cleveland, where I was born. (Remember, some of you don't realize that Hawaii is a state) I would not vote for Romney because he would raise taxes. The conception that Latinos are looking for a handout and freebies is so insulting and stereotypical of a charge leveled by Republicans, and that attitude is the problem of that party. The reasoning in the article is that there aren't enough "white" people, instead of waking up and seeing that world has changed, embrace or you'll lose yet more seats in any legislation. Try working with people, not dominating them.

Alexandria, VA

Take the Tea Party component out of the Republican Party (and any other very right wing elements) - let the party go back to its roots and perhaps the next Romney will have a chance. (If you continue to repeat what you are doing - do not expect the results to change!)(Or - foolishness is continuing to do the same thing time after time, and expecting different results).


Latinos who vote are Americans. Only American citizens can vote. Members of the Republican Party keep showing that they think Latino = illegal immigrant. Less than 30 percent of Latinos in this country are here illegally; the vast majority are US Citizens; the vast majority of those were born here. It's time for conservatives to come to grip with that fact that one can be both American and have a Latino heritage.

Springville, Ut


Reducing the votes of Black citizens to being racially motivated is cheap and factually proven to be just wrong. Despite your insinuation, voters of color aren't dumber than voters of white skin.

Kaysville, UT

We live in a multi-ethnic world and always have. We are not polarized due to that fact but both parties have listened to pollsters or done campaigning using race, ethnicity, religion and anything they can to make efforts to gain their vote. That is normal in a world of campaigning. The statisticians game the market with the GPS point specific voting, knowing what a specific household is voting. That is available, almost like government information.

At least one party used that information for their high density cities in the battleground states as they have shown that information on the media.

We always talk about government intrusion but when our secret ballot or private type ballot becomes available prior to the election through information available to someone, that appears to be an invasion of privacy. We have accepted it through exit polls for decades but now that they can pinpoint their target areas, those few highly dense populations will make a difference as money speaks, especially with a Supreme Court that helped make it more available through money that speaks. That is not what the Founding Fathers envisioned even though we have small and large state protection. Cities are states.


New strategy for the tea party should be to move into the Democratic party and control it's agenda.

The way it is now, the Socialist party is in control of the Democratic party and the poor and so-called minority are being manipulated by Socialists.

This actually makes more sense for the poor and the minorities to be voting for constitutional principles especially the 10th amendment instead of being used by the Socialists to set up a dictatorship with government owning and controlling everything and taking away their individual rights and private property. That's not why immigrants come to America.

Farmington, UT

@ Claudio

Please explain how your point of view is true when 91% of African Americans voted for Obama. I am not buying into your statement of others think they are dumb, either, just that they voted for their own race. I expected they would, didn't you?

Salt Lake City, UT

"Please explain how your point of view is true when 91% of African Americans voted for Obama. I am not buying into your statement of others think they are dumb, either, just that they voted for their own race. I expected they would, didn't you?"

Because Kerry and Gore also got huge percentages of the African American vote. Obama did several points better than them, but also did several points better nationally (since unlike them he won). It's mostly a party thing than a race thing. Much like Allen West (a black Republican) or Harry Reid (an LDS Democrat) are not getting the majority of the black and LDS vote respectively when they run.

Andrew J. Marksen
Deseret, UT

@ Claudio and Paloma10

The numbers cited in this story run contrary to your conclusions. There are implications inherent in the numbers. We live in an isolated microcosm here in Utah, but nation wide the fact remains that Latinos and Blacks continually vote for those who have done nothing for them. I would cite CA, and Detroit as perfect examples of what I am talking about. There is nothing racist in the analysis when you look at 40 years of patterned behavior. Fortunately I have lived in enough other states over the years that the numbers in the article make perfect sense despite the indignation and name calling.

Salt Lake City, UT

The federal government spends seven times as much money on people over 65 as it does on people under 19. The Republican base are the people who get the most from the federal government.


We are not living in a new world. Hoover and Roosevelt conducted the Mexican repatriation. Over half a million illegal aliens removed. In 1950, Eisenhower did the same thing. In 1986, we had amnesty and reform, the laws were never enforced, In 1996 Clinton closed the cases still active and granted amnesty, he created NAFTA and told us it would end illegal immigration. It's been the same problem for well over 80 years. The deporting worked, and kept numbers down, the amnesty just caused more problems. It created a monster with 12-20 million people. If it's not solved by deportation to stop further problems, it's going to get bigger and bigger. From half a million in the 30's, to one million in the 50's. Then 3 million in the 80's, now 12-20 million.

Only enforcement keeps it manageable. It's the same old problem.

Palos Hills, IL

Latinos are predominately Catholics, and the Catholic Church's perception of the Virgin Mary is diametrically opposed to the Mormon position, which (correct me if I am wrong) states that God had physical sex with Mary in order to conceive Jesus Christ. That and Romney's position on immigration made it hard for Latinos to vote for him.

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