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Published: Friday, Nov. 9 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Park City, UT

Riley's pick6, yep, I do. Everyone needs to be honest and admit that in better conditions, this game is another JD win. I'm not a JD supporter, so I have no vested interest with my remarks, other than to point out the obvious, and that is, that BOTH teams struggled. Barney's stat sheet is laughable, yet he punched it in 2 times, so kudos to him. Throwing the ball he looked like your boy Riley. The JD run game is among the best in the state as Hurricane found out last week, yet in sloppy conditions, that is a hard one to get going. Likewise the Flyer passing attack. Both teams had numerous TO's and overall, it was not representative of either schools strengths this year. However, I will give credit where it's due tonight, and that is that Dixie found a way to win. The best team doesn't always win the game, and that's what happened tonight. JD wins 9/10 times against this team, however, tonight was the lone victory that Dixie needed. Congrats to the Flyers, and good luck next week.

Saint George, UT

Time to eat some crow @mkaljordan what is your excuse since you said I would need one

Provo, UT

Well done JD, always a great bunch that play a great game, but hats off to my Dixie Flyers. Go take state boys. @joseywales - Not to pile on you, but region 9 is consistently the deepest region in 3A. They don't always have the best team in 3A, but when you usually get 2 teams to the semi-finals year in and year out, you're doing something right. They occasionally have their off years where they only get one, but they make it up by getting 3 into the final 4 other years.

washington, utah

@joseywales in good weather dixie wins by two more td's

Saint George, UT

Sorry joseywales, but the crappy weather affected both teams! Barney could have lit that place up in better conditions. Dixie won, JD lost. End of story


Wailing josey, the adverse weather card would be one much more plausible if JD were the ones out of their element in it. The fact that Dixie, who rarely, if ever plays a game in less than 55 degree weather, was the one to drive 300 miles to it and stuff the vaunted Soaring Eagle rushing game is a testament to their mettle. A team needing better conditions to get their running game going is a sorry excuse, Dixie came better prepared and gets to prepare for SF with no asterisk or "9/10" derision from you because the 1/1 time that actually happened...well we know how it went.

Proud of the only blue team I'll ever represent. Hope to be there next week, go Flyers!

Your dead Uncle
Saint George, UT

So I guess we can put josewales excuse on a shelve with Hurricane's if we had our QB it would have been different right?

Hurricane, 00

Well, I was 1/2 right on my picks in 3A. DHHS should have prevailed against Spanish Fork, but that one big glaring mistake sealed their fate.

Way to go Flyers! You have done something we never could. That was not a great performance by the Flying Eagle tonight. They haven't made those kinds of mistakes all year and choose the big semifinal game to do it. Region 9 is still the toughest region in the top 6 programs, and maybe this is the year we win another championship. Blake Barney is still the best QB in the division and our game with them could have gone the other way if not for some bad breaks on their final drive. I think the championship will be a great one.

draper, ut


no excuses here, dixie won and was the better team. we dont make excuses...good luck Dixie next week..!!


Ask the Football PRO

Region 9 is the real deal! Remember Dixie was Ranked 3rd in Region 9! Also before Zac Prince got hurt in the game against DHHS they were winning 21-7 and DHHS came back and won, does the QB make a difference? Uh yes. You take away Blake Barney from Dixie think they win? NO! Take Ty Rutledge or Money from SF think they make it this far? NO! Region 9 is the Real Dael and have been in the State Finals 5 years running! Just Saying what other Region has done that? Oh None.

Casual Fan
Somewhere, UT

joseywales, you are clearly biased. Since when do wet conditions and cold weather make it harder to run than pass?


To mykal...
My info is not wrong and although I am a grad of Dixie I didn't care who won the game. My beef is with programs that play by different and unfair rules and then proclaim themselves to be the greatest. Jd has unfair advantages that the rest of 3A doesn't. they did it in2A and now they are doing it to the 3A. It is not right and it is not fair whether they win or lose it still isn't right.

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