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Published: Friday, Nov. 9 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Best of luck to both teams. Is there a tailgate going on? How many 8th Grade football phenoms will be there eating the fabulous teriyaki burgers as part of their campus visit?

Saint George, UT

Lonzo that's funny

draper, ut

no tailgae today my friend...I wish we could but I dont think the U would allow us too..

draper, ut

@lonzo and southpride,

I figured out the recruiting process works...its simple..!

The way that JD's Football team plays and wins is all the recruitig needed..!! kids want to play for a top notch football program and JD has it. Kids every where want to be a part of a Proven program that has the records to show it. Coaches dont go looking for Good kids to play for JD, Good Kids come looking for Great Coaches...and the Best Coaches in State are at JD..(highest winning percentage in state)


Salt Lake City, UT

I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to give you a hard time. When you're on top for so long, and JD will continue to be for years to come unless it loses its coach, you're going to take shots. More than any sport, coaching is the key to success in high school football. Talent is second. If anyone questions that, they only need to look at Pine View.

That aside, good luck today to both teams. I'm pulling for Dixie, but recognize that it's a long shot. In all the years I've been watching high school football, I haven't encountered classier fans than JD's. Some have said it is easier to be classy when you're on top, which is partially true, but nobody is making mykaljordan invite visiting teams' families and fans to his tailgates.

Hurricane, UT

Should be a good game. After JD destroyed Hurricane, a couple of questions arise. Is JD really that good, or was Hurricane that bad. I think tonights game will show this. Hurricane just squeaked by Dixie with a win. Hurricane struggled against JD second team. Cand Dixie compete, or is JD on a different level all together? Have to wait and see. Good luck to both teams. Go Tigers....doh!


JD is in the best of worlds. They are perfectly located to attract all the players that can't quite make it at the larger schools. They also have money to give out to good players (i'm sure they will tell you it is for academic assistance) that need a good home. and as for being the best coaches, well they are very good, but to really be labeled as the greatest, send them to Milford or Enterprise etc. where they have to coach only the local kids, can't go out and get what you need from some other program and have to pull someone out of the halls and teach them the game. Then if they have the kind of success that they are now having I will join you and coronate them as the greatest. someone there recruit. they have tried to get one of the young men from our area to come to their school

Saint George, UT

I do know that it is really hard to contain a running QB in high school so that gives Dixie a shot

draper, ut


there is no money given to players good or bad, your information is totally wrong.! my son plays for JD #55 and trust me no money is given to any player to better the situation at home. there is academic assistance, but its not free. the parents have to put in hours at the school,and help out at school activities, the kids need to keep their grades up and maintain them. no matter where you go in this world, whenever someone is doing good, you have those that try to hold them back or make excuses to why the successful, succeed.

maybe I should try to get some money to buy some diapers for baby..

can you post the excuse your going to use tomorrow...today..!! JD has thier hands full with Dixie,but IMO I think JD wil pull off the win...

JD 42 Dixie 14..

Park City, UT

Man I hope JD wins this game! I've heard a gut full all year about how great Region 9 is. True, they had 2 semi-finalists, and had 3 ranked teams all year, but so what? Rankings mean nothing in high school football. When JD wins, that's a Region 9 shutout for the championship. I guess the southerners will keep saying that SF and JD playing those "cupcake" schedules makes it easier to get there, but I just say R9- Overrated!

sher khan
La Verkin, UT

@joseywales, I don't remember anybody necessarily saying that region 9 has the best team, only the best region. JD, Spanish Fork, and Stansbury all do have cupcake regions. Every OTHER team in all 3 of their regions wouldn't finish in the top 4 in region 9 more than likely.I do however think that JD and SF would contend for the region championship year in and year out.This year, it looks like any team from region 9 would continue to be a cupcake on JD's schedule. They should win it all this year.

Washington, UT

What is really neat about John James is it never has to worry about about well .......... Ask East, Timpview, and so on. Boundaries? Well there are none. On a positive note, they have high standards and they do win graciously.

Provo, UT

I think JD was better than Hurricane this year but Hurricane losing their QB (Zach Prince) was a big blow. In that type of offense the QB is a huge dual threat. Prince is a three-time state wrestling champ and tough as nails and a born leader. You can't lose that type of athlete and expect not to be effected greatly especially against an excellent team like Juan Diego.

Washington, UT


My friend, your prediction was 1/2 right.

Washington, ut

Wow. Good game dixie.

Draper, Utah

I guess you were wrong Mykaljordan. 14-13 Dixie. JD and their money lose again. Two years in a row. Very nice

sher khan
La Verkin, UT

I guess I was wrong about all region 9 teams being a cupcake for JD.Nice win Dixie! Nice season JD! Good luck Dixie next Week!

Hurricane, UTAH

Wow nice game Dixie I pick you all the way this year and almost ate crow in the Hurricane valley ha ha.

Inevitable R.Nelson Interception
Provo, UT


Still think region 9 is overrated???

why play

And that is why they play the game!!! Congrats to DHHS on a great season, but big time kudos to Dixie on making it to the State Championship!!! Nobody is a "cupcake" when you get to the semi-finals, I don't care what region you are from.

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