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Published: Friday, Nov. 9 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Joe Moe
Logan, UT


Your last comment (3:33 p.m.) is dead on, on every point.

Ogden, UT

Latter-day Saints examined Romney's words and actions and found them not in acccordance with the Church's advocacy for dealing fairly and honestly with others. Consequently they either voted for someone else, or just didn't vote at all. Romney himself, by his words an actions, caused the lower LDS vote for him. Sad.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

Ying Fah,

Of course I know lots who did support him. But not all.

There was no expected path. No word was put out. At least not that I saw.

And yes, some do publicly oppose folks proposed for certain callings. Not often, but I have seen it happen.

Lehi, UT

I am also one of the moderate 20% who could not in good conscience cast a vote for Mitt Romney. Until the GOP ditches the Tea Party nonsense, they will continue to lose voters. Mitt was actually a decent governor. It's too bad he moved his positions so far to the right in the last six years. The right wing radical takeover has ruined the Republican Party's reputation.

Richmond, VA

The election is over. Romney lost so let's move on. Whatever's ahead, we deserve it.

logan, UT

Bad news for Romney

Just the Facts, Mam!
Meridian, ID

This is an interesting stat. It really just tells me that most Mormons really are just like the majority of the American electorate. Which is sad. They follow the mainstream media like sheep. A look at the facts of Obama's first term would have told any thinking person that he is not the right one to lead the US. Some commented on Romney's short list of errors that were blown out of proportion by the media. Let's look at Obama's short list...not funding the distribution of absentee ballots for armed forces services men/women, higher everything $, food, gas, taxes etc, higher actual unemployment, higher debt, oh, and lest we forget Benghazi, as the media tried to hide it from us as soon as it came out. Romney is a decent honorable man. Not perfect, but definitely better than socialist, lying, guilt by association (Frank Marshall Davis?) Obama. I fear for our Country. I am sickened by the media's doting on our current president. They are not doing their job, not asking the tough questions, so we Americans must! The truth will set us free.

Layton, UT

All this suggests is that LDS people are not mindless followers. But we know that can't possibly be so... because we've been told we are.


There is no mention here of the LDS libertarian vote that went to Gary Johnson and uncounted write-in candidates. Plus, many LDS Republicans were so disgusted by the GOP and Dems during the last election that they stayed home..

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