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Published: Friday, Nov. 9 2012 2:00 p.m. MST

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Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I'm not LDS but I have always enjoyed Mormons and their history. A few years ago the Church opened their archives and let historians like me in to use materials that were off limits for most of the last 170 years. I meet non-LDS historians all the time who are just fascinated by the history of the Mormon people. Notre Dame, the University of North Carolina, and many other places have Mormon studies programs. While these groups are not producing "faith promoting" literature, their works are certainly not hostile either. I've always told my Mormon friends to quit harping on how persecuted they feel and tell their story. Trust me, the attention is going away with the end of the election, and you may be pleased to find many people who find your history remarkable on its own terms.

Florissant, MO

I think that a lot of people who were cautious about Mormons now have a respect for them. In some ways, maybe it is good that Romney didn't win, if he messed up, then many people would link it to the Mormon's. I believe that religions are going to be more unified in the years to come and this unity took place when people supported Romney and didn't get hung up on his religion. We aren't so bad after all, and like any race, creed or color, none of them are so bad after all.

Carlsbad, CA

I believe that something big IS coming. Don't know what, except it is my gut feeling that whatever it may be, it is good. The Lord knows the beginning from the end and that is all I need to sustain me.

Washington, DC

While it is good to get some curiosity over the church in Europe, there is no growth for the church there. The most rapidly growing area of the church is Africa. That is where positive press will make a big difference, not in a Europe that has rejected religion.

We need to shore up the African saints. We need to build a BYU-Africa. That will give us a great deal of good will, positive press, and serve the needs of the saints. Mitt Romney could do a great service to the world and the election potential of his sons by building a BYU-Africa. It would also give him a break from the US political scene, while building up his political capitol.

Cache county, USA

what lies ahead?
Business as usual.
pretty simple life.
not much worries when faith is practiced.
thats about it.

Here, UT

Once upon a time, Mormons were told to be "in the world, but not of the world". Now they just want to be like everyone else.

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