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Published: Thursday, Nov. 8 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, Chris, I hope future athletes will look at BYU and decide how they want to live their lives. "Normal" (anything goes) is your value system and the bar is set pretty low.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Were they fighting each other? If so, who won? The linebacker, I presume. Also, what is "normal"? Anyway, good luck to both. Hope they can overcome this "setback".

Danbury, CT

Ms. B,

Go peddle "Normal" somewhere else. You live in Utah and are a conservative Republican. Neither of those things is considered "normal" in the rest of the country or world. I just love the irony of Ute fans that are a shade less conservative than the BYU people they belittle but still ultra conservative by everyone else's standards.

Salt Lake City, UT

Ending up on a police blotter may be normal for some people.

Omaha, NE

Almost every school has athletes that are suspended for violations and BYU history over the past few years is that they are in the same boat. I'd rather give credit to the schools that suspend than those who do not or who wait until the season is over.

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT


Chris B says he's a non-practicing Catholic, but many of his views posted on none BYU-related topics suggest his views are quite conservative.

Regardless, when it comes to spamming BYU articles with inane comments, he's proven to be an embarrassment even to many of his fellow Utah fans.


As is slowly leaking out, Sampson and Stout were suspended because of an "altercation" at a 24-hour Mexican restaurant around 3 a.m. on Halloween night - a sad and stupid way to end a college football career. It must have been a pretty serious fight to have generated a call to the police and the filing of a police report - which I'm sure we'll be seeing details from soon.

Cedar Hills, UT

Losing to SJSU is a legitimate concern at this point.

Proud Ute

I'm sure the administration was left with no choice based on what's slowly leaking out.
Good luck to the young men.
I sincerely hope they finish their education.

Las Vegas, NV

Chris B - you give us Utah fans a bad name. Quit trolling on BYU stories.

This is the kind of story that you hate to hear from ANY program. Hopefully these two young men will learn from this experience and will adjust their behavior accordingly. Hopefully their actions were not seriously detrimental to the other parties involved.

Mesa, AZ

Here's the complete press release from the police:

"On November 1st at approximately 3:00 am the Provo Police Department received a report of an alleged assault at the Rancharito restaurant located at 1314 North State Street in Provo. Patrol officers responded to the scene however many of the involved parties had left the restaurant prior to police arrival.

"There are several parties involved on both sides of the altercation and witnesses. The Provo Police Department is currently attempting to identify and interview everyone involved in the incident in order to put together a complete investigation and determine the appropriate course of action. There are allegations that some members of the Brigham Young University Football Team are involved in the incident.

"At this time there are no formal charges and as such we are unable to release any further information. Once the investigation is concluded the investigating officer will review the case with the Provo City Attorney’s Office to determine what, if any, charges will be filed."

Taylorsville, Utah

Solomon Levi:

Rockarolla is right when he said these two young men violated honor code rules. Just so you'll know the Honor Code states: Obey the law, Respect others. Under Conduct: disorderly or disruptive conduct. Altercation is getting involved in disorderly or disruptive conduct.

Aiken, SC

As I understand the report, the young men were suspended from the team for the rest of the season, not kicked off the team or out of school. The choice to withdraw from school was theirs. Can't say anything about that without knowing what their reasons and circumstances were, except good luck. I hope the next phase of their careers is the better for the adversity they will overcome, whether it be back at BYU (a possibility for Stout) or wherever they land. I appreciate the contributions they made to the team, I wish they were still a part of it!

Syracuse, ut

Chris b is just as conservative as any BYU fan, look at his other non- BYU related posts. Not sure why he tries to portray himself as otherwise.

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