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Published: Thursday, Nov. 8 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Provo, UT

These children are repeating what they've heard their parents say. Sad.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Kids merely repeat what they hear their parents say.

Parents, are you aware of this?

When we take the sacrament on Sunday, can we do so with a pure heart and clean hands when we've been saying such awful things about our fellow brother who is living in the white house?

Oakley, UT

No matter how well intentioned Obama may be, he has brought this country to near ruin with his spending and his attacks on the Constitution. I, too, try to be respectful of others - until they attack me, my children, or grandchildren's freedoms that are "God" given.

Salt Lake City, UT

Not too surprising in a state where schools won't even air a message from the President encouraging kids to get an education.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

Good counsel. Thank you.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Is it proper to tell children lies? When the President makes a mistake, do we ignore that mistake? When he tells us that a video was the cause of an Ambassador being killed, do we tell our children that a video was the cause or do we tell our children that the President made a terrible mistake and that because of that mistake four people died? Do we tell the truth or do we lie, just to make the President look good.

Calling anyone a pig is wrong, but covering up mistakes is equally wrong. Children who believe that the President is infallible are being taught the wrong lesson.

It is the duty of every parent to be truthful and accurate in his own home. It is the duty of every parent to report the truth, even if the President lies or the media covers up his mistakes.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Thank you Cindy,

I think this nation needs more parents like you. Disagreement in politics should not lead us to demonizing another person on a personal, human level. As much as I disagreed with the policies of the past President, I did not believe him an evil man trying to destroy the nation, but as someone who had a different idea of what was best for the country.

Eugene, OR

Wow, a rational and level-headed letter that doesn't assume that President Obama is the source of all evil on Earth. I'm impressed, DN.

one old man
Ogden, UT

An excellent letter with good sense in it. Thank you.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

Mike Richards,

I agree with you here.

We should definitely not be telling our children lies. We absolutely should point our our disagreements (and points of agreement) with the president and his or her policies. And we can express deep disappointment over failed policies.

But all of this is a far cry from some of the histrionics that kids have been subjected to with this president which, I think, is the author's point.

We should be teaching our children rational political analysis. Something that is in terribly short supply these days.

Provo, UT

I know I try to teach my children that they can disagree with someone without calling them names and making wild accusations against them. I will never understand the parent who thinks it's proper to do otherwise.

Salt Lake City, Utah

@ DougS: How has Obama attacked the Constitution and what rights of yours has he taken away?

J Thompson

Let's be a little more honest. Let's compare statements made about President Bush to statements being made about President Obama. To ignore the "trash-talk" about Bush is to ignore that people have spoken negatively about both Presidents.

Anyone who calls anyone a "name" should be ashamed of his bigoted behavior; but ignoring the truth so that a President is portrayed as a saint is just as wrong.

The people have the obligation to control the government. We hold all power. It is our government. Those who have been elected work for us. We have the obligation to hold them to the oath that they take when they accept that "temp job" which we entrusted them to handle for us. Malfeasance and nonfeasance are not acceptable in a President. When a President does not do the job that he was elected to do, it is our duty to point that out. Those who excuse a President for wrong-doing or non-doing have abdicated their responsibility as citizens.

Samuel the Liberalite
Farmington, UT

These kids are parroting what they hear at HOME.
I can only imagine as adults what they will be teaching THEIR children.

If this doesn't stop,
We will see more Timothy McVies, and other Domestic terrorists -- perhaps the Civil Wars we've been warned about...

Just like the Nephites,
this is the sort of vile hatred and "false tradtitions" being taught by their Fathers -
which will destroy this once delightsome people.

NO Latter-Day Saint home shuld be indoctrinating these little ones with such lies.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

But this will usher in the 2nd coming so much faster (many facebook comments), evidently God is an American and a Republican.

Centerville, UT

And what did we hear across the nation about Mitt Romney and all the trash talk about him. Liberals are great at defending their president, Obama is who he is. We hear about the protest in Mississippi against Obama as being bad, but not one word of condemnation of the OWS movement and their profane violent acts and promises to violently act, liberal politicians gave them all kinds of support. Do you think your children were not aware of their violent promises. Did you talk in your homes how Romney wanted to tell women what they could or couldn't do. That he was a liar. How conservatives are racist, women haters, wanting to kill old people. Did your children not hear you as you talked about your disgust for conservatives. Liberals and free speech certainly do not go together, to the point they expect their opposition to censor their speech in public and in the home. I really do not like Obama's policies, and I hope my children and grand children understand that and hear that. But calling him a pig is really low, just because he is self indulgent and narsisstic.

Millcreek, UT

A couple of things here. First, if you have kids, how old are they? Because I have a 4 year old, and I have a couple of 6 year old niece and nephews. Sorry, you don't need to tell them about the murder of an ambassador in Libya, they won't understand and your just scaring them, if you have a 14,15,16 year old or adult children it's an entirely different matter. An elementary age kid just doesn't need to hear about the problems of the world yet. They will have plenty of time to realize how crappy life can be when they are older. Second, the comments about Obama in this letter aren't fact. There is no way Obama is enslaving white people, he's not all powerful(no president is) and there is no indication he will start WWIII. If you want to talk to your teenage child about FACTS that is one thing. It's another entirely to scare little kids with boogeyman stories about the president.

Centerville, UT

Noodlekaboodle, you are naive, the Obama administration has deemed, sex ed is needed in kindergarten, those four and six year olds sit endless hours in front of the boob tube. They are getting told whats going on in the world. "you don't need to tell them about the murder of an ambassador in Libya, they won't understand and your just scaring them" Your right they will not hear about the murder in Benghazi cause the liberal media will not report it. But they watch news breaks and lead ins all day long about Syrian jets bombing civilians, hundreds of suicide bombers killing thousands across the middle east with pictures and footage. They watch the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, you don't think they are already scared? I remember as a six year old the Cuban Missile Crisis, how the fear of the deadly mushroom could appear at any time. You better be explaining what they see and reassuring them of their safety.

salt lake, UT

it is not right to tell children lies but obviously this is exactly what is happening with these children that are coming to school and spreading this misinformation. Where does it come from? One need not look any further then these threads and your own post Mike.

Mad Hatter
Provo, UT

Mike Richards South Jordan, Utah

The election's over. You need to find other ways to attack Obamae. It's obvious when you repeat ad naseum a litany of Fox News/Republican talking points to express your distain from Barack Obama. You'd probably say the same about me since I don't agree with anything you say. That's just the way it is.

But I'd still come and help you if you needed it. Rigid ideology doesn't guide my belief in people and my desire to see my president succeed. Romney's concession speech was magnificent. I only wish those who supported him (even the nuts on the fringe) would take heed of his words and commit to make America continue as the greatest nation on earth.

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