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Published: Thursday, Nov. 8 2012 7:00 a.m. MST

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River Falls, WI

RE: Naval Vet

"Finally, apart from Michigan in 2015, the Y is scheduled to play Nebraska, BSU, USU, So. Miss., Cincy, and Hawai'i. So who are the "several other very difficult opponents"? Because I see only Nebraska and BSU. Utah's 2013 and 2014 schedules see Michigan, Oregon, Stanford, and USC, plus rising programs such as Oregon St, Washington, UCLA, and ASU. So really...no comparison. You have only 3 difficult games. We have up to 7."

Nice try. Why compare BYU's TBD 2015 schedule to Utah's 2013, 2014? We can do the same thing the other direction... BYU's 2012 and 2013 schedule (OSU, TX, BSUx2, Wis, NDx2) is vasty superior to Utah's 2010 schedule (BYU, TCU, BSU). If you want to make a comparison trying keeping the years the same.

bountiful, ut

and the justification for NOCO this season? Always looking for excuses.... Ute fans = democrats of college sports.

Gilbert, AZ

Naval Vet

"UVA is a phenomenal academic institution, but they don't necessarily play good football. They are one loss away from their 4th losing season in the last 5 years."

Translation, Virginia's play during the last 5 years mirrors that of most of the teams in the bottom half of the PAC 12.

Of course, you intentionally ignored the fact that Virginia finished 8-5 last season (sound familiar), with wins over Georgia Tech (hmmm), Miami, and Florida State - would you consider that good or mediocre?

As with any opponent, nobody knows for sure how good that team is going to be when you finally get around to playing them - see Utah 2004 versus Utah 2005.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Give it a rest!

Bronco never even hinted that he's thinking of leaving anytime soon - 100 more games is EIGHT years away. It's doubtful that Andy Reid would have any interest in coaching at the collegiate level, they're two entirely different worlds, so you can put away that pipe dream.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

People are lining up to play us.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Naval Vet

So you think Michigan(3-9), Oregon(7-6), Stanford(1-11), USC(8-5), Oregon State(3-9), Washington(0-12), UCLA(4-8) and Arizona State(4-8) with a combined record of 30-68 is an impressive schedule???


Those are actual records that each of each of those teams has posted within the last 6 years.

The point is, comparing future schedules is an exercise in utter futility. Sure you can assume that Michigan is going to be better than Cincinnati, but where's your PROOF that will actually be the case.

To claim that any future Utah schedule is VASTLY SUPERIOR to any future BYU schedule is simply blowing hot air - you have absolutely NO PROOF other than your own biased opinion.

Bottom line: Comparing schedules for next season is difficult enough; comparing future schedules for different seasons is absolutely meaningless. A team that is the belle of the ball in 2013 could be dog meat by 2014, and visa versa.

No Conference Will Take Us

I can't believe that fellow BYU fans keep dragging out the same roadkill possum about scheduling. Please stop and move on. It does not matter who we schedule, if we don't win it means nothing. BYU is on a merry-go-round. Teams are backing out and we are having to reschedule. Does that sound stable to you? Absolutely not. It would be better if we are in a conference, with less hassle to schedule non conference teams.

And for your information Notre Dame is dictating its own schedule as a part ACC member. They are the ones canceling agreements, not the other way around. So stop pretending we are on their level, we are not.

And I can't believe the drivel spewed by phoenix. Apparently you don't understand anything about flagship academics in the PAC 12. Four of their schools are ranked in the top 20 universities in the world.

Salt Lake City, UT

You have to love the Y fans bagging on the U, a team that has dominated the Y recently. Every mocking comment toward the U just makes the Y look worse, don't you get that?

@ cougfaninTX
Your assertion is a little off base. The acc, big ten and others only have 8 conference games so they have room for BYU. If the Pac 12 goes to 8 games rather than 9 the game with the U would be played every year. If that does not happen it will not be consitant. Congratualations on being slightly better than a cupcake.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA

Navel Vet

"Montana State was scheduled at the last minute due to the Big 12's Iowa State cancelling their scheduled return game to RES. You knew that. Your disingenuity only exposes your soul-crushing envy and desperation."

Your own disingenuity is laughable.

You whine about Montana State being a last minute fill in for Utah, yet have the audacity to mock Holmoe for filling holes in BYU's 2011 and 2012 with WAC teams.

The only soul-crushing desperation I see here is a BYU-hater clinging to the hope that Utah's supposedly "superior" future schedules will remain superior, although that's becoming less and less apparent.

What really bothers you is that Hill exposed himself by running away from BYU in 2014 and 2015, proving that he doesn't think the Utes will be contenders for the playoffs. While other power conference teams are strengthening their OOC schedules, Hill chose to continue scheduling D1-AA teams instead, to give the Utes a chance to be bowl eligible.

Salt Lake City, UT

Navel Vet,
You lose up to 7.

Salt Lake City, UT

No Conference-
Yes, and Utah is not one of those top 20. Don't try to ride the glory of Cal, Stanford and UCLA. Utah could win the conference every year and still not rise from 251 and be in the top 20 universities.

Arlington, VA

No conference championships for U

Apparently you don't understand that PAC stands for Pacific ATHLETIC Conference.

Believe or not, there are hundreds of very prestigious world universities that don't even have a football team.

If you were actually a BYU fan, instead of a pathetic pretender, you'd know that the only reason BYU isn't ranked higher in research, is because BYU's governing board has chosen to concentrate more on undergraduate studies. BYU does do some exceptional research and its research is ranked at the same level as some of the Big 12 South schools that Larry Scott desperately tried to entice into merging with the PAC 12.

Springville, UT

WacPaddled by USU

"Meanwhile BYU is chicken feed for everyone else..."

Said the fan of the team that's tied for 8th place in its conference. LOL

Baltimore, MD

roadkill possum

Actually, it does matter who Utah schedules, that is, IF Hill ever hopes to see the Utes in the playoffs.

Then again, maybe he's throwing in the towel on the playoffs, just like threw in the towel on Utah's NCAA tournament chances, hoping that the cosmetic improvement in won-loss record will fool Utah fans into thinking that the Utes are actually competitive and relevant.

Eagle River , AK

You mean the Idaho BYU plays Saturday, and the New Mexico State BYU plays in late November?

Baltimore, MD


"You have to love the Y fans bagging on the U, a team that has dominated the Y recently."

Gotta luv the crimson colored shades through which Utah fans view the world. Haven't you learned by now that one game does not a season make?

Recently, during the Bronco/Kyle era

Top 25 Finishes
Utah 3

Top 15 Finishes
Utah 1

10+ Win Seasons
Utah 3

Conference Championships
Utah 1

BYU has dominated U recently and throughout history using the only measuring stick that really matters - National Rankings.

Top 25 Finishes since BYU went Independent and Utah joined the PAC
Utah 0

btw, in the final year of WAC football

Utah - 0-1 in the WAC

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT


"You mean the Idaho BYU plays Saturday, and the New Mexico State BYU plays in late November?"


since neither of those teams will be on BYU's future schedules, they should be available to pad the early season records of teams like Utah who aren't concerned about qualifying for the playoffs.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Why compare BYU's TBD 2015 schedule to Utah's 2013, 2014?"

Because those were the only 2 years we scheduled Michigan and DIDN'T schedule the Indy-WACers. Y fans are trying to claim they schedule tough opponents AND Michigan, and insinuating Utah will not. I proved that Utah WILL Michigan AND a tough opponent, while the Y will play Michigan and only 2. Try to follow the dialogue.

Lindon, UT

Still need another home game to make 6 home and 6 away games. If BYU elects to go to 13 games (Hawaii Rule) then they will need 2 more games, hopefully an additional home game. I think BYU would go to 7 away games only if the additional away game were the caliber of game that you wouldn't want to turn down and would help your season in a positive way. However, that said, the schedule is tough enough that BYU may elect to stay with the 12 games. Anxious to find out what the additional game(s) is (are). If, by a miracle, BYU can run the table next year, watch out BCS. Even if they have one or two losses, it will be a great season. The toughtest game may be Notre Dame, and BYU came within a hair (a mis-communication on the pass play in the 4th quarter), of winning the Notre Dame game this year. All of the scheduled games are winable.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Rockwell
"BYU has dominated U recently and throughout history using the only measuring stick that really matters - National Rankings."
I do not know if you have ever watched a football game or not but typically the only stat that matters is the final score.
I also thought is was a nice touch you did not put down the head to head record Bronko vs. Kyle.

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