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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 7 2012 12:00 p.m. MST

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red devil pride
Moab, UT

@ Abitoutside,
Pretty sure it was me that went to N.M. It was fun! Our 9-10 year old boys played with heart that our High School program just doesn't have. Hope they can carry it on. Yes I've been pretty quiet since Manti mowed over Grand in the semis. I figured Manti would win but my heck! Still pulling for SE utah, GO BRONCOS! I'll be coaching my 10 year old at a wrestling tourney in Salina Sat., but I'll be checking my phone for the scores.

Central, UT

I will cover my bases then, where is Woods Cross, Bountiful, and Viewmont playing this weekend?

If you want to go after someone go after UU32, small town football is some of the best of all of the high school sports played. Contrary to what most big schools believe, teams like Manti and San Juan could compete against the lower level 5A teams, those that are out of the playoffs right now. They may not win them all but they would be very competitive and compete as well as any of them.

Over there, UT

Well said a bit outside. I know for sure the broncos in recent years could have put up some good fights against the team like maple mountain, lehi, payson, west, Salem hills. Manti could as well.

Washington, UT

Talk is cheap. If it makes you feel better, do it. But then again, it is talk. There is a reason smaller schools play smaller schools, read the UHSAA minutes and show me a school that asks to be in a higher classification. But hey, my dad is tougher than yours. Sounds like BYU and Utah wanting BCS notoriety. LOL. Next time they realign,get your school in a higher classification. I have witnessed St George schools in the 4Aclassification. Not a lot of accomplishments with the major sports. Now back in the 3A classification. They are all doing very well. Enjoy the level where your at and good luck. It was a bit tacky asking about 11 or 7 man football. Again, talk is cheap and my speech is worth about 2 cents about now. Good luck to all your schools

Rural sport fan

Interested observer, the clock on the field makes it easier for the small schools. It's nice not having to worry about the ref, did you miss his warning or do you still have 20 seconds. Of course the coaches can actually see it, so they can respond as needed. Even in the small schools we play real football.

Looks like county mom called the 2A game!

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