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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 7 2012 10:00 a.m. MST

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Omaha, NE

This is good news for September, but what about October and especially November. BYU needs to fill those dates with quality opponents otherwise talk of playing in a playoff game will be moot. Also, keep in mind that although the BCS is going away, the real bowl games are being gobbled up by the original 6 elite conferences. For instance, the Sugar Bowl is SEC and Big12, that does not include independent. It is still a game of elite conferences where money and tv revenue control.

These changes are good, but BYU needs to schedule for October and November. This is proving to be really challenging.

Omaha, NE

One thing that people forget (i.e., BYU fans) is that unless you are the Irish or _____ State University willing to play anyone for revenue (i.e., Idaho State, New Mexico State, etc..), it is tough to break into a real conference's regular season schedule (i.e., BIG12, SEC, PAC12, etc...) as BYU is finding out. This is why during the month of November there has yet to be announced a team that has any name recognition to help BYU get into a decent bowl. This should be the charge of Tom. I think he can do it, but it will take some time and willingness to play home-away schedules.

Frisco, TX

This is a great game to add to the schedule. Virginia is not an Alabama, but they're also not Idaho. Personally, I don't want to play 12, Top 25 teams.

Virginia is having a down year this year (with a losing record like Utah), but they're typically a pretty good team. With Texas, Notre Dame, Wisconsin and Boise State already on tap, this game fits perfectly; along with Utah, Washington State, Houston, Utah State, Middle Tennessee, Georgia Tech and Hawaii. This is what I dreamed Independence might look like.

utah trolls - just curious - would you rather open the season with Virginia or Northern Colorado?

Salt Lake City, UT


"Remind me what the Utes would be jealous of?"

The fact that Holmoe is steadily improving BYU's schedule, just like he said he would.

And, the more BYU's schedule improves, the higher jealous Utah fans are forced to raise the bar, just to have something to whine about.


Sounds like it'll be a fun series. Good Luck Cougars!! :)

River Falls, WI

RE: Wookie

"This is why during the month of November there has yet to be announced a team that has any name recognition to help BYU get into a decent bowl."

Perhaps you should do a little homework before you post. In 2013 BYU is playing both Wisconsin and Notre Dame in November with two more games TBD. For comparison sake, the Ute's schedule this November includes Washington State, Washington, Arizona, and Colorado (their 2013 schedule has not yet been released). Even if BYU plays their two remaining games against teams as lowly as Washington State and Colorado their November schedule will still trump the Utes. But go ahead and keep on trolling. Go Cougs!

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

The 2000 game was sensational! This was one of Bret Engeman's incredible second half performances. BYU was down 28-0 at half time, and then scored 5 touchdowns in the second half for the tie. BYU won the coin toss and had a defensive interception. Pochman kicked the field goal from inside the 5 for the victory. Perhaps BYUTV can get the rights for that game, I have looked for it in the past. Reynolds was offensive coordinator and Bosco was the quarterbacks coach. Those watching on TV you will remember the announcers saying "I guess we are directly next to the BYU box" when the coaches erupted after the final touchdown.
Great game. This makes makes a full 13 game regular season for the 2013 schedule.

Salt Lake City, UT


Have you even looked at BYU's 2013 schedule?

8/31 at Virginia
9/7 Texas
9/14 TBA
9/21 Boise State
9/28 TBA
10/4 at Utah State
10/12 Georgia Tech
10/19 at Houston
10/26 TBA
11/9 at Wisconsin
11/23 at Notre Dame
11/30 TBA
12/7 at Hawaii

Since BYU plays at Hawaii, BYU will be able to play 13 games in 2013
Utah, Middle Tennessee St, and two more opponents are still TBA

Nobody knows for sure, but it's possible that 4 or 5 of BYU's 2013 opponents could be ranked.

Frisco, TX

@wookie - open mouth, insert foot. Please do your homework before you post or make accusations.

I'm pleased to have Wisconsin and Notre Dame on the November schedule. If BYU can continue with future schedules that look like 2013, I will be a happy Cougar!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

BYU is doing a great job of filling out the schedule. I applaud the effort: well done!

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

lone star:
I have Utah 9/28 with no date for games with Washington State and Middle Tennessee. That makes 12 rather than the 13 that I stated.

Down under
Pullman, WA

It would be so much easier to cheer, and be happy for the Utes if SissyB would keep his yapper shut.
Prediction: UofW 24 - Uof U 17 Mark it down.

Mcallen, TX

After a few more years of being the PAC punching bag, the utes will be begging for a Big Sky Conference entrance. Look for USC and some of the others to go independent.

Anybody think the utes can beat Lone Peak in basketball, or Bingham in football?

Durham, NC

Chris B - Dukes going Bowling this year --- how is the U looking..... oooopppppssss sorry about that! And last time the U played UNC.... the final score was what? It doesn't seem that the Utes foray into a real conference is going all that well... one that has 2 of the top 10 teams.

I think it is great that the Y is coming out east. One of the funnest games I have been to was the last time BYU came to Virginia and pulled ahead late in the game. The free little seat things were flying everywhere.

Provo, UT

Realist: I have always cheered for both BYU and Utah except for the one game per year. If Utah does well it reflects well on BYU, and if BYU does well it reflects well on Utah. Both represent the state I reside in. I spend all day during the week talking with people in all parts of the country, and when BYU or Utah win, the fans know it.


Congratulations, BYU, on a good addition to the schedule.

rock springs, wy

Virginia may not be a football powerhouse, but it is still fun to see BYU play a variety of teams across the country. These game always bring out many local BYU fans. The independent schedule may or may not lead to a national championship or play-off bowl but it certainly provides national exposure, which is a goal of the program.


Salt Lake City, UT
Ute fans should be excited about these announcements. Any sports fan should be excited about bringing good football to the state. More importantly, it gets the Cougars closer to playing a schedule as rough as what the Utes face. A tougher schedule means more Cougar losses. More losses means more in-fighting. Cougar fans will be busy calling for coaching and quarterback changes, and have less time for snide remarks about Utah's development in the PAC12."

Huh, you left this comment on a BYU board where you seem to spend all of your free time. Just sayin'

Salt Lake City, UT

worf "After a few more years of being the PAC punching bag, the utes will be begging for a Big Sky Conference entrance. Look for USC and some of the others to go independent."
I thought only Colorado and Washington passed recreational marijuana laws. Perhaps Mcallen Texas did too...

Mcallen, TX

Good to see someone else than the utes.

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