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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 7 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Tooele, UT

@CHS 85

You said - "You mean we can finally drop the persecution complex?"

Yes I hope this means we'll stop hearing liberal commentators and bloggers say things like, "The only reason people voted for Romney is because their sick of seeing a black man as President?" Or "Obama is pro-woman and since the neocons can't vote against Hillary, they vote against Obama." (Didn't make these up)

I guess some people can play the race card, gender card and even the religion card all they want, but others can't say a word back.


You said - "The Mo Moment is gone. And religion still doesn't belong in politics."

Does that include "progressive" churches like the Universalist/Unitarian Church, United Church of Christ and United Methodist Church?

That's right, separate church and state unless you agree with the church.

Huntsville, UT


Are you kidding? I never, ever carried my "quad" out tracting. That thing weighed like 50 lbs (slight exaggeration). I did carry my italian bible, but our focus was the BOM, not the bible.

Glendora, CA

The bigotry of many Evangelicals and condescending non-religious liberals will never die, until the Second Coming. That's just how it is. Nothing's really changed.

Bob A. Bohey
Marlborough, MA

In this case one persons bigotry may be anothers rational evaluation.

Salt Lake City, UT

Shatter the invisible barrier of religious bigotry?

Let me be clear, I am a Democrat. I am against many views of the LDS church.

Am I glad a member of the LDS church was a candidate for President of the United states?


I just wish it was John Huntsman.

I believe Huntsman would not have been divisive towards so many Americans. Blacks, Latinos, Women, LGBT...

and 47% of America.

Huntsman, would have tried to work with Americans, for a better future. Not against.

Hyrum, Ut

Mormon's claim their religion is based on the Bible. Their religion is based on the Book of Mormon. Just ask any Mormon missionary to show you their copy of the Bible when they come to your door...NOT Going to happen!


Sorry my friend. Those missionaries will be able to show you their bibles. We believe in both.

See, this is where bigotry and predujice start - with people spouting "facts" that are not true.

Woods Cross, UT

Shatter an "invisible" barrier?

Uhhh, to shatter is to win. Romney didn't win.

Florissant, MO

jtalk, I commend you for speaking up for the Mormon's and their belief in Christ. I admit that I have only read the Old Testament twice and the New Testament four times, and the Book of Mormon about 20 times. I went through a short period of inactivity after reading the Old Testament, I was young. Mormon's do accept the Bible as scripture, but yes it is based on correct translation. There were many hands that it was passed through, these men who did the translation did the best that they could in that time. The Book of Mormon has gone through only one translation. As a missionary, I carried all the scriptures, no I didn't try to place a Bible in peoples homes, because they already had a Bible. If they didn't, I would have gotten one for them. The reason that the LDS church places Books of Mormon in homes is to add to the testimony of Jesus Christ that is found in the Bible, it is a 2nd witness.

Anchorage, AK


Missionaries do carry the Bible with them. I know that I did. I loved to hold the Bible in one hand and the Book of Mormon in the other and bring the two together in one hand to illustrate the fulfillment of the prophecy in Ezekiel 37.

West Valley City, Utah

It is interesting how well the Obama did in their character assassination of Romney. We rely on the media for our our information. When they join in with the incumbent President in attacking a relativity unknown candidate it sticks. While was labeled a labeled rich liar, flip-flopper, etc. Obama's major misdeeds, lies and lack of leadership was ignored or blamed on others. It was a blatant and corrupt bias. It is due to the mounting lack of trust in the media that Romney was able to come so extremely close to winning. Let's not allow media to tell us what to think any longer.

Prescott Valley, AZ

3 million white republican voters did not vote....stayed home. Romney may have made a dent in religious bigotry, but it is very much alive and well.

VA Saint
Chester, VA

Religious bigotry as it applies to the LDS Church is alive and well. I heard so many awful comments about my faith during the election than at any other time in my life. As a converted member of the Church, I have a very open mind when it comes to religious preferences, but the bigotry towards me, my faith, Mr. Romney was intolerable, especially here in the South.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

anti lds bigotry is alive and well, just read many of these posts


The bigotry is still there. 28% of the Evangelicals said they would not vote for a Mormon, and they didn't. Had the same numbers who voted for McCain voted for Romney, Romney win's in a landslide.
Personally I don't care, the people vote for the government they want and deserve.
If you have a good job, you'll be fine, if you don't, good luck. Unemployment will increase, gas prices will go higher, as Obama wants, and with the Federal Government spending it self over a cliff nothing will be done until it's broke.
California will go first, cities in California are already declaring bankruptcy, and it won't belong before the state has to as well.
Have a good life.

Yakima, WA

I agree with Labeau, due to the people that couldn't overcome their bigotry, we will have 4 more years of the same. Was this whole thing a failure in regards to becoming understood? No, but hopefully we can keep the ball rolling. I am still amazed at how people could know "all about Mitt Romney", but have never met him. Next election I also think that those who compete in the primary might want to be a little more careful of what they say of the other person(s). I had a hard time listening to someone endorse someone that they completely "hated" two to three months prior. After what I saw I would say all of them rate as flip-floppers.

Let me say however that I don't have a problem with flip-floppers, especially when this means that someone is learning from life's lessons. I know I'm glad that I still don't have the same views on life that I had when I was a young adult, else wise I probably wouldn't be around to type this. I would prefer someone leading who has learned and adapted and is now wise.

Las Vegas, NV


Romney being a flip flopper? Romney was the Governor of Massachusetts. Last I checked it is the bluest (most democrat) state in the United States. Anyone Republican who wins the governorship in Massachusetts can't rule with a Conservative iron fist and expect to get anything done because the state assembly and senate will constantly turn him down. It would be no different than a democrat winning the governorship in Texas and expect to rule with a liberal iron fist and he(or she) wondering why nothing is getting done. Both in this situation would have to govern as a moderate to move forward even though each is a conservative or a liberal in there personal core beliefs. So it is with Romney, he is personally conservative but governs as a moderate or at least he had to in Massachusetts. So if your going to blame the man blame him for not running for governor in a conservative state if he held conservative views, but he did what he had to do in Massachusetts to move that state forward. If only Obama can be more Moderate than he has.

Draper, Utah

Nothing has changed. The masses are still ignorant, biased and too lazy to care.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The irony of all this is that Mr. Romney couldn't overcome the bigotry in the republican party. The Evangelicals cost Mr. Romney the election. He wasted way to much time trying to sell his own party primarily evangelicals on why they should vote for him. Mike Huckabee, who in the last election referred to Mormons as a cult while running for the office of President. Yet with no major republicans coming to their defense, the majority of Mormons still hold fast to a party that in many parts largely still view Mormons as a cult. This shouldn't be a surprise though because republicans have a lack of tolerance for anyone who is not exactly like them.

Clearfield, UT

When Utah legislators (Mormons) pass alcohol related laws that are considered inhibiting compared to other states, it resonates in the press. When tourists come to Utah and are subjected to laws that seem designed to move your actions and morals toward becoming a member of “the state majority” it is relayed to their fellow friends and neighbors upon their return to “reality” back home. It is considered normal for adults to drink alcohol, coffee, and tea. When they are considered less than first class humans here in Utah for doing the same, it resonates. A Mormon president is impossible to consider when the impression has been instilled that he will lead all of Americana into the land of Zion and we will all be forced to bend to the will of the LDS doctrine and Word of Wisdom. That concept is unfathomable to those of other faiths or even no faith. This opinion is so well in-trenched that there will never be a LDS president until it can be trusted that the LDS religion can stop thrusting their morals onto the general public. In other words, Live and let Live.

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