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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 6 2012 12:00 p.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

Many will remember, no doubt, that Tom said something a year or two ago, to the effect that BYU wasn't going to do 'two for ones', or one and done at the opponent's place, etc, etc.

The truth is that what was announced today is the reality for BYU. They play at Notre Dame, not once, but twice in a row, and other games where will undoubtedly take a two fer or one and done to fill the schedule.

This isn't a bad thing, especially if the Cougs can clean the other teams' clocks!

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK


Please produce the statement. I believe that you will discover the actual statement is that there are a few programs that we would play 2 for 1. Michigan is certainly qualifies as one of those teams. Their stadium can seat 40,000 more fans, so it makes economic sense to play the game there.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Home game against WAC-fill-in-the-blank

The only bad thing is they couldn't get the game in November, but that's expected.

Good pickup, congrats!

Wally West

So far, in this thread, There is far more vitriol coming from byu fans. Really only 1 caustic Utah fan.

@ Floyd Johnson

So, do stadiums that seat 41k or greater count as great & spacious buildings??


From a Ute fan Great Job-BlueCoug please take a rest. When your playing Michgan we will probably be playing USC, UCLA, Oregon or Stanford. You'll get your shot at some cupcakes during The season as for Utah there are our cupcakes.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Wally West

I think your vitriol meter is on the blink.

I really dislike disparaging remarks about Bronco, Riley or the cougars in general, but I have to admit: LaVel said early on that the reason he went with the pass was because he didn't have linemen that could block for a consisten run game. Every time I hear someone say "you have to establish the run game," I think of LaVel.

Looks like things haven't changed that much. We still have linemen that struggle consistently blocking for the run game. Pass more.

So thank you all for no misguided diatribes about fielding punts or mis-spelling of the coaches name. Schedule smack? I can deal with that. Utah is in the middle of showing us what an upgraded schedule looks like, and we may well find ourselves on the same trail next year and the years thereafter. Time to turn it up a notch. And run less and through more. Shoot, Jamaal is turning into a fine reciever.

Holladay, UT

Congratulations! This Ute fan hopes BYU can continue to upgrade their schedule. If you can get rid of those lowly WAC teams and replace them with quality opponents AND WIN, then respect will come your way. But more importantly, just enjoy the upgraded schedule. Despite the fact Utah is 6-9 in the PAC-12, having this upgraded schedule is fun! I really enjoyed being at the USC game. Great atmosphere. Wish Utah could have won, but I'm enjoying the more difficult challenges. I would truly rather lose to USC by 10 than beat Wyoming by 30.

Murray, UT

BYU continues to improve their future schedules, Tom Holmoe has done a fantastic job scheduling as an independent.I look forward to alot of big games in coming years and I would not be surprised if Michigan becomes a 2-for-1 type if deal where they end up scheduling a home and home at some point in the future.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

When the Y only gets what Michigan offered Central Michigan, Appalachian State, the Akron Zips, of the football world...and Utah gets a home and home...one knows who has arrived and who has not.

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD

No Conference Will Take Us

"I am a BYU fan and have been for many years. If you don't like it then don't respond to my posts you Cougar wannabe."


You're so obviously a Utah troll its laughable, but go on pretending to be a BYU fan if it helps you sleep at night.

Arlington, TX

I'm a loyal BYU alum and fan but I don't think a one and done is the way to improve the program. Michigan is anticipating an easy home win not a long term relationship! I'd prefer we never accept or offer one and done or two for one. Good relationships are built when both sides win! BYU needs to join a conference in football so that they are not desperate to find quality opponents. I could be wrong!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Aren't any Utah fans besides myself ticked we can't beat ranked teams?"

Punching Bag:

Ooops, your blue pompons are showing! All real Utah fan would know that Utah DID beat a ranked team this year. Their victory on September 15 in RES was over a team that at the time was listed 25th in the AP poll. Sadly, the loser fell out of the poll after that. But hey, since that team is coming into the teeth of its WAC schedule, you never know.

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