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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 6 2012 12:00 p.m. MST

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pocatello, ID

Congrats to Michigan. You swapped one mid-major for another with a more recognizable name.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Mesa Coug
Phoenix, AZ
Spokane Ute

I hear the same thing here in AZ that adding Colorado and Utah is great. It greatly improves Arizona's and ASU's chances of going bowling.

The PAC 12 has a bowling league? How did that work out for Arizona last year?



This is like Idaho Sate going to Michigan. No big story, yes a payout but Michigan knows what it it is doing in steamrolling this lower developed teams.


Congrats, BYU. The Big House is a great venue.

Good luck against Michigan!

Mesa Coug
Phoenix, AZ

Spokane Ute

How's it working out for Utah this year?


PAC 12 Punching Bag

We can schedule all the BCS conference teams out there. It won't matter at all. We can't even beat ranked teams. So what is the point? You don't build a program by beating it into the ground. We have a tougher time trying to beat any PAC 12 team with a winning record. We haven't beaten one single PAC 12 team with a winning record since we joined this conference. We haven't had a winning record in any sport at all since we joined this conference.

I just wish fellow Utah fans would stop this nonsense. Aren't any Utah fans besides myself ticked we can't beat ranked teams? Aren't any Utah fans besides myself ticked that we can't compete in this conference at all in any sport?


The cheap comments made by the typical folk miss the point. Both schools continue to improve their respective positions.

I for one applaud the work being done to bring BYU and Utah into the mainstream of NCAA Football. The constant cheap talk demonstrates a clear understanding of the bigger picture.

Both school are moving into better positions for themselves and their futures. I have no idea why some feel the need to belittle the other schools or why we take offense to it.

I suggest we do our best to ignore the little minds whose little voices somehow speak loud enough to irritate yet at the same time say nothing real or of consequence.

Here is what matters. BYU just added another major team to its schedule. This is not the first or the last. Yes sometimes they are road games (It's called paying your dues) but sometimes they are not and the time is coming when the dues are paid and good things will continue to happen.

Highland, UT

Not a bad one and done, we'll see if it turns into anything more. BYU is probably always going to have games like this as long as they remain independent. They will have schedule holes to fill and programs like Michigan will need to have a game. That is the nice thing about independence, BYU can pick up games like this on fairly short notice.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Mesa Coug

We will be just fine; especially aftr we beat Arizona. How has the PAC 10/12 worked out for your Arizona schools the last ten years? Let me help. Bowl games: Arizona & Arizona St (3-6). Utah (8-1). Utah has won twice as many as your schools combined. No wonder you jump on the BYU band wagon when convienent. At least they win bowl games. How embarassing.

Frisco, TX

I'm glad there are some classy Utah fans to counter those who are jealous or haters.

This game is a great pick-up. Holmoe said there are a dozen schools that he would do a "one and done" or "two for one" with. Michigan is obviously one of them.

I give the Utes credit for getting to the PAC. I'm sure BYU would love to be in the Big12 or PAC12, but we're not. But don't give us grief when we pick up great games. Our schedule will rival most AQ schedules in 2013 and it sounds like the schedule is coming together nicely for 2014 and 15.

But I agree with "No Conference", the Cougs have got to find a way to win some big games. We should've beat Texas last year. We should've beat Boise State and Utah this year, and could've beat Notre Dame. But should've and could've don't get it. Winning is what counts.


Another quality cut & paste effort by Pac 12 Punching Bag.
I applaud the consistency of a Cougar fan.

Saint George, UT

Rise and Shout Baby! Sweet news for the cougs. And we'll be playing Utah those years to boot. Take that Chris Hill!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

I got off on a tangent thanks to my friend for Phoenix, but this is a good pick up for BYU. I don't see anything wrong with scheduling a one and done either. Utah was paid $500 K for visiting the Big House a few years back. When you don't play in a BCS conference, you need to pick up games like this when ever possible; and BYU is doing that. Also, both BYU and Utah really need to knock off the upper tier schools. Both were close this year; but no cigars. Everyone have a good evening!

Mesa, AZ

The best schedule in the world won't matter until the Cougars return to Lavell's offense of old, the downfield pass! And most of these big time games won't even happen if the Cougars join the Big East, anyway. At least the Cougars don't have to worry about the rivalry game in 2015, now that the Wolverines have scheduled the first re-match since the National Championship.

Salt Lake City, UT

Michigan signed 3 teams to their future schedule after breaking with Notre Dame.
A home and home with Arkansas.
A one and done with BYU.
A one and done with Hawaii.

From Ted's Head
Orem, UT

No Conf....I'm not ticked at all that BYU is not winning the "big" games. These are STUDENT athletes at a university with a different mission than most. Too many sports fans turn from sports as entertainment into sports as religion and can't bear to have their team lose. Every year virtually every team in every sport loses at least once. Why don't you learn to enjoy the ride and be happy that BYU is scheduling some good teams? And if they get trounced? It happens. But I can tell you as a former NCAA athlete that playing at Pauley Pavilion was an awesome experience for a kid who grew up nearby and whose dad was a UCLA fan. Yeah, we got beaten badly by the Bruins on 3 different occasions...but I was on the floor completely enjoying myself. So...when the Cougars go to Wisconsin or Notre Dame or Michigan and get whomped, try and smile at the fact that you got to watch it--live or on demand--and the team had a great life experience.

CO Ute

This is a nice additional game for the Cougs. To fair comments to ponder. First will either Michigan or Wisconsin end up playing in Provo? Scheduling a road game only or two road games for one home game could be an issue. Second, the Y has trouble beating this caliber of team right now and could be looking at some 6 win seasons in the near future. Having said both comments, I respect them for scheduling a much better slate of teams going forward. (Note to all that want to reply, there is nothing in the post comparing BYU to any other team, just some reasonable comments about the schedule.)

Palmer, AK

Nice job building a tough schedule.....now you need to win a few of these games otherwise they are meaningless.

No Conference Will Take Us

From Ted's Head I will take your word for it as a former NCAA athlete. Yes, I can really see the appreciation of the experience playing against teams like Ohio St, Michigan, Alabama and so on. And also saying that it was a great experience playing at their place, in such historic stadiums. But athletes at Idaho and New Mexico State can say the same thing. They get paid to play against the big time schools and always come out on the losing end.

It has been years since BYU competed with the big boys. I just want it to happen again.

No Conference Will Take Us

Mesa, AZ
The best schedule in the world won't matter until the Cougars return to Lavell's offense of old, the downfield pass! And most of these big time games won't even happen if the Cougars join the Big East, anyway. At least the Cougars don't have to worry about the rivalry game in 2015, now that the Wolverines have scheduled the first re-match since the National Championship.


I have taken heat for this before but will say it again.
Mike Leach was the person that could return the air game to BYU. Yes the other cougars in Pullman are not doing well this year. But he will have that team turned around soon. And some of us including myself will be asking why BYU did not go after him to coach.

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