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Published: Sunday, Nov. 4 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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Frisco, TX

I was a little surprised by the Cal game, but not the WSU game. The real test will be the WA and AZ game. Bowl eligibility and bragging rights as a middle of the PAC team hang in the balance. Lose both and U will be remembered as a cellar dwellar this year. Good luck.

Franklin, IN

Realistically we are not good. We do have an opportunity to give the freshman QB some game experience for next year the rest of this year. Hopefully we get some good recruits to add to a semi solid core in the off season.

What good is a bowl bid this year? A couple more weeks of meaningful practice and one more game for our inexperienced QB.

Utes, lets not slide backwards and covet Poinsetta Bowls or Las Vegas Bowls like little bro down south. We joined a major conference to play in conference championship games and major bowl games. We haven't done either.

Lets keep things in perspective...

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

It certainly hinges on Washington and Arizona. Both teams have been up and down all year. If Utah plays like they did against Cal and WSU, they can certainly beat both teams. The WSU win was pretty impressive when you consider WSU play Stanford to a 7 point game (@ Stanford) the week before. It not how you start, it how you finish.


cedar city, UT

Spokane Ute couldn't have said it any better. Washington (which will be tougher in my eyes because it is away) and possibly Arizona will be tough for us. If we quit beating ourselves mentally we'll be fine. It's been nice to see us not thinking so hard about things and doing what we do best (creating fumbles and interceptions to get our offense closer). I also really would like York to be out there. Anyone know if he will be playing this week?

Mcallen, TX

Amazing how people rave of playing the weakest teams in the conference.

Should have stayed in the WAC, or MWC. Opps! Didn't do well there either.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Not sure where to even start with you, since it's obvious that your M.O. is to try and get a rise out of Utah fans. Didn't do well in the MWC? Yeah, right, two undefeated seasons and BCS bowl victories. Stayed in the WAC and beat weak teams? Yeah, right. Don't worry about Utan, we will be just fine. Try pulling for your own school. Something tells me you don't even have one. Just a Hater. Pretty sad when you think about it.

cedar city, UT

Amazing how BYU fans troll Utah articles. Jealous much?

cedar city, UT

@Spokane Ute

Unfortunately BYU's football program will go the way of Ricks College aka BYU-I. They know it, everyone knows it. Probably the only thing these guys will be able to do will be what this worf character is doing, trolling Utah pages and being sad about their demise. I guess he has a jump on them and is going to start early. Ha ha!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Gotta love worf forgetting his own teams patsies (Weber State appears to be a LOT weaker than No. Colo.), particularly with the heart of their WAC schedule coming up.

And, as Y-ners are quick to proclaim, that whole 3-in-a-row, 8-of-11 thing doesn't mean the "best" team won. Just ask them.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

Gotta love Utah fans pretending that beating 3-7 California and 2-7 Washington State AT HOME somehome proves that the Utes are finally "putting it all together".

Especially when those same Utah fans claim that BYU beating 4-5 Georgia Tech ON THE ROAD, was not a quality win.

Can't wait to see the spin from the hill if the Utes pull off the upset at Washington, making the Huskies 5-5.

Bottom line, until the season is over, NOBODY can really say for sure which wins were "quality wins" and which wins weren't.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT


York has a high ankle sprain. He will be questionable at best which is actually okay because I loved what I saw out of Karl Williams.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

"Gotta love worf forgetting his own teams patsies (Weber State appears to be a LOT weaker than No. Colo.)"

Before spouting off, you should do a little more research:

#156 Colorado
#170 Weber State
#175 New Mexico State
#176 Northern Colorado
#180 Idaho

Bottom line: They're all AWFUL, so what difference does it make whether they're ranked #156 or #180.

Provo, UT

I hope fans of both teams realize that both are really not so good.

BYU had some chances to have some great wins but pretty big problems on offense prevent them from having a record that is any better than it is right now.

The utes are a bit more balanced but still are having QB issues and overall performance problems.



I don't see any Ute fans claiming that CAL and WSU where "quality" wins - simply wins and a step in the right direction towards
getting better. Not unlike the Ga tech win for byu.
As far as SOS goes, I didn't see Cal and WSU in your data so I will assume they are somewhere above Idaho and NMS. Regardless,
your schedule seems to be improving, so you should have more to look forward to in coming years. As it is, I do understand that the y fan simply has nothing to look forward to for the next three weeks, so must troll on the Ute articles. Good luck with Idaho, and Go Utes!


Watching the Utes this year make adjustments to personnel and schemes to finally start seeing some success has been a painful experience for the team and the fans but it seems like theres some hope. I'm glad they turned a corner and I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.

Despite the difficulties, I don't hear the vitriol from Ute fans that I hear from Cougar fans. They ran Heaps out of town, turned Riley from a Savior to a goat and have throw Bronco under the bus every week. It's what i'd expect to hear from Ute fans. Not sure what it is about the culture of BYU football that inspires all of this self loathing.

I hope both teams run the table. It's great to see Utah State and the strides they've made. With BYU and Utah no longer in the same conference, it gives all three major teams a chance to shine. The future for football in the state of Utah has never been brighter.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Utah fans are claiming that drubbing weak opponents Cal and WSU shows that the Utes are "improving", yet those same fans were claiming just a year ago, that BYU's "improvement" during the last have of the season was just the result of playing weaker competition - typical double-standard by the kids on the hill.

San Jose State is ranked higher than anybody left on Utah's schedule except for Arizona. The Spartans may not be as intriguing as Notre Dame or Georgia Tech, but they are a solid team, and certainly alot more interesting than Utah's season-ending sleeper. BYU still has a legitimate chance of finishing 8-4 with a fun game in San Diego, so, to the contrary, BYU fans do have something to look forward to.

Mcallen, TX

The utes survived on BYU TV revenue during its WAC, and MWC days. They don't have that any more and will be the PAC punching bag.

The PAC needs punching bags to supply their top teams with good win/lost records, and top rankings. With Colorado, and Utah, the need has been accomplished.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Per the RPI rankings:
36) Washington
43) Arizona
44) SJSU

Face it, Utah has played a tougher schedule to date, and will play a tougher schedule from here on out. I love how certain fans love to reference the Sagarin rankings when it works. Did I mention that Utah beat BYU on the field, where it counts, no in some onscure poll!



"The utes survived on BYU TV revenue during its WAC, and MWC days. They don't have that any more..." but have something far more lucrative that will finally put them on the same playing field within 3-4 years with their counterparts... is how that story actually goes.


I've said for years that the Sagarin ratings are pretty much worthless, and it is highly evidenced this year. Last week, I believe Oregon was ranked 7th, this week Louisville is 44th! I do believe Louisville is very overrated at 9th, but they are undefeated at this point of the season in a lower-level major conference, so I can accept it. However, they are NOT the 44th best team behind teams such as Fresno State, Ole Miss or defenseless Baylor.

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