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Published: Sunday, Nov. 4 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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Frisco, TX

Lark should be playing by the 2nd quarter, but if he isn't the starter after halftime I will be very disappointed. I wish Hill wasn't injured. This games would give him great experience working on his passing. Still can't believe the boneheaded call that left him injured.

Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA

This is the most dangerous part of the BYU schedule because blowout wins over lesser opponents will lead to claims that the team has really progressed and deficiencies that were exposed vs. quality teams will not be addressed.

Without changes to the offensive philosophy next year will be more of the same, or worse given the tough schedule.


Prediction: byu will beat Idaho by 30+ and byu fans will claim Idaho is better than every PAC 12 team save Oregon. Byu fans will then claim they deserve a top 25 ranking and they have potential to go undefeated next year. Utah fans will get on here and laugh at these remarks, and byu fans will contradict them by saying Utahs last 8 victories over byu are a fluke and byu should have won every one of those games. They will also claim byu has way more talent than Utah, and have for the last decade.

FYI Utah has 22 players in the nfl, byu has 8, Utah state has 7. I still don't understand how byu fans always claim they have more talent. I can't wait for the byu spin on this statistic...

Mcallen, TX


Idaho vs Colorado?

San Jose ST vs Washington State

New Mexico State vs Northern Colorado

Georgia Tech vs Cal

Weber State vs Utah

Notre Dame vs Southern Cal

A freaky hike over Nelsons head, and the utes don't win

Things look pretty even to me.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

This will be a challenging week of executive their "game plan" for this most challenging opponent! :o) I agree with Pa. Reader. That type of sentiment by BYU Fans & this newspaper seems to occur with wins over lesser opponents. A win will be a win, but these next 3 games will not do anything for me.



You are comparing Utahs schedule to byu's schedule and you put Utah vs weber state? Utah is not on Utahs schedule neither is weber state. You probably won't even grasp why that doesn't make sense but oh well. By the way that Washington state team you keep bagging on is byu's signature win this season.

And at 24-7 if Utah had not gone into prevent defense and allowed byu to score, and then have a "freaky" low snap on the next possession the score would have remained 24-7. Another blow out for the Utah byu "rivalry" if you can even call it that anymore.

Also, I'd like to know how it feels to be independent. You do realize next year after byu loses to Texas in week 1 byu is back to the irrelevant bowl right? Byu fans have nothing to cheer for until 2014.

Making Sense
Herriman, UT

@ niners

Project much? Love how "confident" you seem by posting all of this stuff in a trolling effort. Go support your team and get therapy for your issues.

Hopefully Lark will get some time playing against these teams.

Raleigh, NC

I am one Cougar willing to admit that Utah has better talent. But, then I can also name 9 12-pack schools with better talent than u. u do have better talent then wazzu and the buffs and should finish just ahead of them in the final standings. In the end, I prefer keeping the results of our season over u'rs.

Cedar Hills, UT

This game is huge! lol Season ticket holders have got to be scrambling to get $10 for their tickets.

The cougs better watch out for SJSU though. The Spartans lost to Stanford by 3 and byU is like 3-8 against them all time. OUCH


The Cougars will lose to SJSU with the cocky attitude I am seeing on this board. And if the Cougars do indeed lose, then the season will have been a pretty weak one.

The Cougars seriously have only one good win this year.

Baltimore, MD


The "cocky attitude" of fans on this board is completely irrelevant, since none of these fans will be playing on Saturday. Ironically, BYU's only "good win" this year (as you characterized it), came against a team from Logan.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

I'll have to admit that I was happy with the announcement of the ESPN-BYU partnership a couple of years ago. I am not so thrilled now with a game in November starting at 8:15 p.m. That is plain lame! Utahcountyute, want to buy a $20 ticket to see a real team?

Mission Viejo, CA

Yawn. Utah trolls. I hope it makes you feel better about Utah's abysmal PAC12 record to bash BYU's disappointing record this year.

It's true that the Poinsettia Bowl is not the Holiday Bowl. But BYU vs Boise again? Good game. BYU against SDSU? Another good game. I'll be there either way.

Utah not against anybody in any bowl? How is that better than BYU playing in the Poinsettia Bowl?

Pathetic trolls. I'd be ashamed to troll a BYU article if I were a Utah fan.

Orem, UT

Whoa Nellie

As far a television broadcasts go,

8:30pm on ESPN > 8:30pm on the PACnet


btw, I wouldn't be surprised to see the BYU-Idaho game break the lowest attendance mark since LES expansion, but, we'll be there to watch the somewhat sad last BYU home game against a WAC opponent, just as we were to watch the first WAC game in expanded LES in 1982.

Provo, UT

Sadly. Both teams are bad and should feel bad. Unfortunately.

Mcallen, TX

BYU did something the utes found impossible to do, and there's no way to spin it.

Beat Utah State!



The Utes did something that byu found impossible to do, and there's no way to spin it:

Beat their rivals (again)!

P.S. Have fun playing the team ranked the very lowest of all teams in D-1 football. Exciting.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good luck Cougars.

3 moere wins and a potential top 25 finish.

Another great season.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

The season is over! Now begins the SILLY SEASON. Nothing that happens from this point forward means anything. Stats don't count and wins are irrelevant. There can be no measure of "improvement" anymore unless you really believe that competing in the lower division of the WAC means anything to BYU or anyone else.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Salt Lake City, UT
Good luck Utes.

U beat u'r rival (again) and bowl eligibility of any kind is looking a little bleak.

Another great season.

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