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Published: Saturday, Nov. 3 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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CHS 85
Sandy, UT


Does Jason Chaffetz know where is district is? For the past four years he has lived outside his district.

Is that okay with you because he is a Republican?

How quickly Republicans forget this very FACT.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT


"It is time to send Matheson, now a career politician, packing."

Are you aware that Rob Bishop in the 1st Congressional District is running for his sixth term. Is it time to send him packing, too? Does he get a free pass because he is a Republican?


Jim Matheson took the opportunity to run in a district other than the one he lives in thinking it would be an easier race to win.
He now will have to pay the fiddler as they say, he chose the dance, and it looks as it will cost him.
He votes for the Pelosi adjenda all the time, it's time to make change in this country, and with a team Pelosi player it won't happen, with love she will work for all of those in Utah not only the people in her District where she lives.
Good choice in Mia, "A Change is as good as a rest".....anon

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Fred44 Salt Lake City, Utah

Hopeful Mia Love will be elected and it will make Nancy Pelosi see red. (Pun intended.)

Mai Love will be a better fit for our new president. It just doesn't get any better than that.


Other then being LDS, Mia is not a viable candidate. Cotta to love Utah politics.


I will be sad on election night as Romney and Matheson will bose lose. Sadly the best candidates don't always win. Utah will lose a great congressman simply because he does not have an R after his name. Sometimes the person is more important then the party. Sadly in Utah that does not look like the case. I guess it is more important to have the worst member of congress that is Republican for many people. She was an awful mayor and is not going to Washington to be the best in congress. Thank you for all your hard work Jim

Kaysville, UT

Matheson doesn't have an R, is correct. But he also lacks some of the principles that he should be standing for and not just give in because he can't take the pressure from Pelosi or others in his party.

His father may have been a diplomat and a politician but Representative Matheson is a politician, only. He just needs to remind himself that it does make a difference which side the bread is buttered.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: mightymite DRAPER, UT
"Cotta to love Utah politics."

That's the opinion of the politicians from Chicago where the Democratic Political Machine rules supreme.


It's a healthy sign when Utah votes for not only a woman but a woman of color. I don't agree with her politics however.

Ogden, UT

What many of you don't understand (somehow) is that when she talks about getting rid of the Dept. of Education she is trying to do you and your children a favor. The DoE is an entity in Washington, drunk on progressive ideologies about ignoring the children of citizens in order to better serve migrant populations, and basically entering into the curriculum all of the worst things about ultra liberal ideology that you could possibly imagine. She's not trying to rid us of teachers (I pay attention, as an educator) or cheat our children. She wants our unique (and wonderful) state to take the responsibility for educating our children away from desk jockeys, many of whom are not even educators themselves, and place it back in our hands. So, Wlidcat... I'm sure your intents are as pure as the driven snow, but you and others who pluck that line are woefully (or willfully) misinformed...


Retire Matheson because he has been in office 12 years and does not live within his district.

How can anyone use this argument to vote for Mia Love?

IF 12 years are too long for Matheson, RETIRE Orrin Hatch who has been in Washington DC 36 years.

IF not living in his district is unacceptable, why wasn't the same logic used against Jason Chaffetz who did NOT live in the district he represented?

People are NOT voting for Mia Love because she is a woman of color...They are voting for her because she is a Republican.

smarty pants
Herriman, UT

Mia Love is an attractive, smart and corageous young woman. Still my vote already went to Jim Matheson who seems to know better what he is doing. I watched the debates they had on KSL and honestly my husband and I were so amazed at the ignorance this lady has when it comes to health care. I still don't why she wants to get rid of student loans. That's the only way my husband was able to go to med school and we are still paying those loans. I hope Jim Matheson wins.

Taylorsville, UT

Of course my comments are derogatory because I don't think she is qualified and out of her league as a socialist convert to represent democracy and rights of citizens without government mandates and demands as a welfare state.

West Jordan, Utah

Utah is at the bottom with Mississippi in education support. That's very sad. If Mia Love represents Utah in Congress, it seems to me this could get even worse with Love's education spending (or lack thereof) philosophy representing Utah in Congress.

West Jordan, Utah

Is the main reason this race is close because of the money put into Mia Love's campaign from the far right of the republican party? Utah is understandably the reddest state in the nation. Nevertheless, shouldn't informed voters realize that Mia, despite her appeal and diversity contribution to the party, is still being used by the far right's support?

I think Mia will win, but Matheson is not from the same cloth as Pelosi, Reed and Obama. Please voters, will you understand that Matheson is the right fit for Utah and has been decades now.

Matheson is not on the far left. Look at his history of service and voting record. Forget the negative ads to the contrary. Forget the ads on both sides altogether. Educate yourself on the real facts and consider what is at stake for Utah.

It's easy to see Mia Love as a breath of fresh air for Utah. Love has an amazing story. But she represents politics that are contrary to her success. If elected, others trying to duplicate her success story will be hard pressed to do so despite the work hard message of becoming everything you can be.

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