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Published: Friday, Nov. 2 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

It does mean they wont!

Fremont was this talk last year, played LP and got beat by 30 points

@remember the titans
"if anderson was healthy they would walk past Bingham"

ha oh typical Region one fan!

Bingham knows the TITANS are coming, you should be be siked about your team and what they have accomplished this year.

But this is Bingham, there defense is better then Syracuses you will see really fast.

BUT ALL of our talk is for nothing because my favorite to win state is still.....

Jordan. No one has showed they can stop them, so all of our talk is for nothing at all.

But yes Bingahm is my pick thursday


Thanks, Utah Bruin. I would love to see Ammon playing in Blue and Gold! UCLA's freshman QB, Brett Hundley, is looking really good, and will be fun to watch over his college carrer, especially if he's throwing to my brother! Great win over AZ, who had just upset USC. I like that balanced UCLA offense.

I'll still be around, giving my two cents. I've been saying all year that I expect Syracuse to be the team to upset Jordan in the finals, and I'll be cheering for them next week against Bingham. However, with the loss of Anderson, I fear that I'll be cheering for the under dogs instead of the upstart Region 1 surprise favorite. But Syracuse has several powerful offensive weapons other than Anderson, so they may be able to get things together. Having seen them in action, I have no doubt they will put up a fight!

Does anyone know the condition of Koa Mo'o (DB/WR), the other Syracuse player who got injured? Was it a concusion?


Both Bingham and Syracuse have very powerful defenses. With that in mind, if whoever advances can get some early stops against Jordan's offense, who has been having some very slow starts late in the season, and capitolize on those stops with some good offensive drives, putting points on the board, then they may be able to dig a hole deep enough that Jordan won't be able to climb out. Because Jordan WILL make a run, for sure, and threaten to climb out of any hole they find themselves in! That is the only way I see Bingham or Syracuse coming away with the title, is if they can control Jordan's offense early. Because you can't shut down Jordan's offense, all you can hope to do is slow it enough to allow your offense to outscore them. And if Jordan gets into an offensive rythme early, then I think they'll run away with it, and Kafentzis will likely get his first of three championships.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves :) We still have the semi-finals to worry about!

Digger Nation
Sandy, UT

Bingham 42 Syracuse 14

Jordan 49 Lone Peak 21

Ogden, UT


Fremont didn't lose by 30 to Lone Peak last year...41-21 is 20...where did you learn to do math? Let me guess, Bingham High School?? Lol. And don't talk like you know anything about Syracuse's team saying "they would have had a chance with Anderson, but now they have 0 chance with him gone."

FYI: Football is a team sport and that's why 11 people play on either side of the ball, in case you've never watched a game or played the sport.

Go Titans! You need to dedicate the semi-final game to Anderson and crush the arrogant Coal Miners!

Syreacuse, UT

Are you kidding me, You guys said that Syracuse is to weak and that they played and easy schedule. Now that they just knocked out Alta no one stills believes that Syracuse is good. How could you say that the best Defense in the state will give up 42 points to Bingham. I can't believe how much hate Syracuse and region 1 gets. This is why i hate all the Schools down south. You guys don't know what a good team is, because one of those good teams just knocked out the favorite alta and still no gives them credit. Syracuse just knocked out Alta!!! and still no respect. I agree with the 14 points but 42 seriously, give Syracuse's defense credit.

Syreacuse, UT

Binghamalum, how has Jordon shown that no one can stop them and Syracuse hasn't? No one has stopped Syracuse!! Why is it so hard to believe that Syracuse is good? They are 11-0 and i can easily see them going 12-0 but then Brock went down. So yes we will be missing something on offense, but our defense is still going to be playing. I sure hope Syracuse finds something to go on offense. because man i would like to just rub it in your face that Syracuse is better then Bingham.


I love that none of you have a clue, I can't wait for thursday.

Syreacuse, UT

Markymark which side are you talking to?

Saratoga Springs, UT


Hundley is for real and would love to hear the Hundley to Barker for six over and over and over again.


Hey, don't say "you guys", I have been chiming with BingdumAlum for a week now trying to get him to remove his homer goggles and see past Bingham and give some others some credit, I have been Syracuse's biggest advocate for over a week now. So don't say you guys.

With that said...

Syracuse proved themselves Friday night to be worthy of credible talk and quiet the naysayers (BingdumAlum) who kept crying about 'Cuse schedule. As I said, schedules mean nothing, and papi makes a great point and the point I made all last week about it being a team sport. Is it going to be a bit tougher this week for 'Cuse losing their star QB, sure it is, but like I said all last week, 'Cuse plays disciplined assignment football. The coaches will come up with a new game plan on offense, but the defense is still the same with one new DB minus Anderson. I still like Syracuse and Jordan to meet in the title game.



Clinton/Davis, UT

Markymark you are still mad your Mustangs got beat. There will be next year when they are rebuilding and maybe make the playoffs. Dont be a hater just because your team went out early.


Thanks go aggies, but don't assume that herriman is my team. Cause the happiest day of the year for me was when herriman drew east. My team is still in it and will walk away with the trophy. You just put yourself in the category I'm talking about. Don't assume.

Clinton/Davis, UT

Markymark, all Im saying is dont be a hater if ya dont know. It would have been a great game to see if our teams met this year. We had a home and home with East last year and my understanding is they backed out and picked up Pineview instead. Dude it would have been a good game.

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