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Published: Friday, Nov. 2 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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St George, UT

"It is laughable that the St. George area schools cry out about this, when there are 5 schools to choose from down there." This comment you finished with is exactly the problem with Utah and its policy on athletics. Never a level playing field!

draper, ut

JD has 800 enrollment if you count the kids that attend st.johns middle which share the same buildings at the HS kids..there's about 4-5 hundred HS students. Union HS has more Students then JD..

just saying .


@Dr. Rush

Yes, Hurricane was down on talent this year when compared to last year's team. I understood that comment of yours. But I still don't understand how Hurricane "overachieved" and "scored more points to win" in 9 games this year and you still say they were outplayed in those 9 games? I don't think I am the only one who would not understand this strange concept you are trying to sell. Perhaps you are trying to say that the teams that Hurricane won had more individual talent, but couldn't play together as a team as well as Hurricane did? Perhaps in your opinion these athletes individually outplayed individual athletes from HHS; such as P. Miller from PV who had 300+ yards in the game against HHS but PV still lost. Or how Blake Barney had a stellar game, as usual, against HHS but his Flyers still came out on bottom. D-Hills and JD beat Hurricane with a total team performance. Hurricane got their 9 wins with a total team performance. Like you said, they "overachieved" and I can guarantee you, as a team they were not outplayed in those 9 games. Your statement just doesn't make sense!

south jordan, UT

I would like to know all the facilities that JD uses to take such a big advantage in sports, and why don't they use it for all the other sports that they haven't been as successful at over the years? Comparing them to Bishop G is a huge statement. Have you ever even seen Juan Diego's sportsfacilities? No offense to JD fans but their field looks awful. More black than green. Had a chance to see their weight room and it was tiny compared to other schools. I am not associated with JD.

Also. Juan Diego Catholic has a great team this year. I think they are the clear favorites for this years championship. But don't count Dixie out. QB Barney is great and it should be fun to see him try and out play a stellar JD defense that could be the best Defense Juan Diego has ever had. My pick is JD over Dixie 21-0.

Great season Hurricane Tigers. They played a tough game against JD but show promise for years to come. Can't wait to see what they have in store for us next year.

Salt lake, UT

Both JD and Judge are under 800 students but that counts their Freshman class. For classification purposes they only consider 10 thru 12, where both JD and Judge are closer to the 500 student cutoff for 2A. I stand corrected that the enrollment today at JD puts them in 3A but when the last realignment took place JD was under the 500 student limit. Based on that they are playing up.

Heber, Utah

FBfan2- Yes, Wasatch is near the top of 3A enrollment and rumored to be 4A next alignment. I'm guessing Wasatch, Uintah, Park City will be bumped up and maybe the St.George schools? With the new 6 divisions in football, many will go at least 4A anyway, but I think the first 3 I mentioned will move to 4A in all sports. Uintah had always been the largest of 3A schools (until the recent economic problems forced alot of moves) but were kept in 3A because the Utah county schools cried about traveling out there to play. It will be interesting to see where Wasatch would be put in a region, either with Utah county or Salt lake area schools. I think JD will play 4A football, so we may remain in their region for that, but not for other sports.


Nice Win!! Love that #24

Salt Lake City, UT

I believe the main reason you have 5A, 4A, etc. to equalize big schools with a larger talent base playing like schools and smaller schools the same. Throw in an "attractive" smaller school who can "open enroll" an entire metro area, and that school has more resources to pick and choose a team from. Big advantage to them over their smaller school counterparts.

Compare to Skylines of old. Big schools with low attendance numbers that had the ability to open enroll the entire school district and beyond. Their advantage wasn't as great because they had to play at the big school level. But the open enroll advantage proved to be very beneficial when 9th graders could be identified from other school boundaries and enrolled in feeder junior highs.

In my opinion, Judge, struggles because they are the older school in an older part of the valley and not the "new" vibrant private school.

I believe Juan Diego has good coaches, no question, but so do many other school. The key is the ability to open enroll.

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