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Published: Friday, Nov. 2 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Mark D

@ Binghamalum, mykaljordan

Once again, a Juan Diego "Parent" or "Booster" that has completely missed the scope of my comments... Just for the record, lets review my comment(s) from above:

"They (Catholic Prep schools, etc.) are able to and do take full advantage of raising a significant amount of money for top level facilities, staff (and yes, coaches)." The key there is "Coaches". Why? They are often well compensated and not asked to carry a teaching load along with it. The facilities are top notch (stadium, conditioning, etc.) whereas a public school "may" not have the benefits of such facilities (with the rare exception - i.e., Kearns HS baseball field - wow, now that rivals UVU's facilities...).

I am not a detractor from Juan Diego, Judge Memorial, Bishop Gorman, et al. Quite the reverse, actually. But I do want to call out the advantages that these schools "can" take advantage of that public institutions may not. You diminish your cause by lashing out at "perceived" detractors - that's not the way to gain appreciation for your school and cause...

BTW - never met a Coach that actually thew a pass or carried the ball across the goal line for the kids.

draper, ut


you keep saying mykaljordan in your post. I know exactly what youre talking about..

BTW- Ive never met a Coach tht actually threw a pass or carried the ball across the goal line for the kids either, but Ive met a Coach that has put them in the position to do so..I dont know about other High Schools but at JD, the kids dont call the plays, their TAUGHT to execute them to perfecion by the Coaches..


JD High school dominates because they have a SUPER TEAM. It's not fair to other 3A schools. I played against JD when I was in school and they had the best athletes from little league from so many different schools. Hunter High lineman, Cyprus QB, West High Running back, etc. Yes it's not fair to team up these great atheletes and make a super team every year. That's why they do so great in football and baseball. NOT FAIR.... BOTTOM LINE!


@Binghamalum they have two division 1 linebackers. One going to usu one to cincinatti

FB Fan #2
Grantsville, UT


They have 3A enrollment, just like us. As far as I remembered, being a Senior at G-Ville this year, our football team was pumped up for the game, and even though they lost the 1st round, they weren't crying because of 'Juan Diego hogging all the 'best players''. They simply are a better executing team, and complaining about them being a 'Super Team' isn't a good argument. It's just because they are have a winning history! People don't complain about Judge!

It's really stupid that people always have to put down a hard working team, just because they win a few state titles. Our team gave them a good fight a week ago, and even though it got ugly in the 2nd half, they still kept their heads up!

Good job to Juan Diego's Football team and kudos to all of your fans. You guys are a classy bunch, and I enjoyed coming to the tailgate for our game. Go win the State title once more!

"Once a Cowboy, Always a Cowboy!" #hardworkpaysoff

Heber, Utah

MarkD- For the record, I'm not a JD supporter, I support a team (wasatch) in their region. I've become quite familiar with their facilities and team over the last 6-7 years of my kids going through high school and playing them in various sports, football, baseball and wrestling. I've long been someone who agrees with play where you live and for schools like JD or Judge or whoever, I think that they should play enrollment +1. The thing is, JD wouldn't mind a bit, I honestly believe they would embrace the challenge. I've come to respect them very much, they have great fans, and incredible coaching and obviously, a great academic school. For those of us who are truly "landlocked" meaning we don't have more than one high school in town to choose from, I wished the state would change the rules to make those that use out of boundary schools play up one division. It is laughable that the St. George area schools cry out about this, when there are 5 schools to choose from down there.

draper, ut


missed u at the tailgate , we had your double teriyaki burger ready for u..

next time my friend..

Salt lake, UT

JD does play +1. they are a 2A school by enrollment.

Heber, Utah

Mykal, I did make it to the game, just not in time to tailgate (work, ugh) anyway, you guys looked good and I see no possibility of any other team beating JD. Good luck in the semis. Represent the "North" beat them Rebels, er, I mean Flyers.

Hurricane, UT

Btw, as a Hurricane fan, I have loved playing jd over the years, and this year hurricane was an overachieving team that lost there most consistent and heart of the offense, their QB prince, would've been nice to have him play in that game as QB, sometimes, small town high schools just don't have depth, and having one of the most important positions on a wing team leader go down, hurts. But, they beat us fair and square, by a very good team.

St. George, UT

Sometimes there is absolutely nothing you can do. No adjustments of personnel or strategy can make a difference. Friday was just one of those nights for Hurricane. JD came prepared and ready. As was Hurricane, they just happened to be in the way of a perfect storm. If anything, I feel Hurricane overachieved this year. A 9-2 record and wins over rivals PV and Dixie, and going 3 OT with the region champs is nothing to be ashamed of. Good luck to Juan Diego the rest of the way, they are definitely the team to beat. And also good luck to the rest of the Region 9 teams!!

Still a tiger fan

Draper, UT

For those who has the opinion that because of JD's open enrollment, we somehow attract a ton of athletes. Unless you have experienced it first hand, you have no history or knowledge of what really goes on at this school. Yes you are right when saying the advantage they could have being that they have open enrollment. It does not mean that it happens consistently in JD's program. Sure there is a few coming in here and there. Not enough to even scratch any surface. Listen, this program is not deep if that is what your are saying. They might have one back up if any in every position. These kids (high %) do well in the classroom. That transfers to why they do well on the field. They are unselfish but obedient to what they are asked to do each week. Don't assume their success is based on open enrollments or recruiting. Don't discount the fact that this is a well coached and discipline football team. It cost $9,000 a year to attend this school. How many parents are willing to pay that money? Very few. I know a lot of them myself.

Dr Rush
Saint George, UT

@tiger06, yes we all know that if you score more points you win, you missed my point which was the Hurricane team was down on talent this year and actually overachieved to win some games where they were outplayed. Like it usually does it caught up with them against JD but thanks for the reminder about the points.

Hurricane, 00

Anyone bashing either Juan Diego's or Hurricane's program just doesn't know the coaches and the players for either school. They are both class programs with great coaches and very good kids. You will never see any of these players do the "in your face" crap that you see from other programs. That comes from the coaching philosophy and high expectations of the programs. If I had a kid in the Draper area, I would love him to go to Juan Diego. All class. Hurricane is the same way here, although some parents will move their players to any of the schools in St. George thinking they will have better chances at scholarships, but how can you argue with 4 straight championship appearances?

JD Dad--Good post. Mykaljordan--We need to get together one day.

draper, ut


We will be getting together soon, I know for a fact that JD and the Tigers will meet again shortly . I have nothing but love for everyone from down south,especially the Mighty Tigers and Dixie Fans. I haven't met anyone from the other schools yet, but I bet their just as classy as the rest of them. May heavenly father continue to bless the parents and fans from hurricane and most of all the student athletes they play for the mighty Tigers..


p.s you can cheer for my boy # 55 if you're not busy...lol

have a blessed one my friend.

IRS Agent

The "Private School Advntage" arguement is as old as private schools. The fact is that private schools don't win championships at a higher rate than public schools. It is always sour grapes that comes up anytime the private schools field a great team, and beat someone who was expected to win. If a p-school has a run of success (Judge did in football a few years back), then everyone starts claiming we need to change the rules. The reality is that most p-schools are 1A, 2A or 3A. If they happen to get a "bluechip" athlete, they usually transfer to a bigger school to get notice (ie the Mika kid from Waterford). Couple that with the tuition expense of a p-school, and they are on a level field with the public schools at best, and at a possible disadvantage. The biggest difference, is if the parents are paying tuition, they tend to be much more involved and supportive of the activities. I have personal experience with both sides, and there is no real advantage.

Heber, Utah

Fan212- JD has over 800 enrollment. that puts them solidly in 3A, there are even smaller schools in 3A, Delta, Morgan come to mind.

FB Fan #2
Grantsville, UT

@ yankees 27

I think JD will end up being in 4A for football with the pointless extra classification. Out of curiosity, Is Wasatch's enrollment near the top of 3A?

With the realignment, the only big diff. that I see is them splitting 3A in half, to satisfy the wants of the small schools that cry about 'not being competitive', namely Juab, NS, Carbon and Delta. Morgan and G-Ville (minus 1 person apparently) aren't complaining about being small. I don't think I've heard anything come out of Union, Cedar or Judge being small.

I know that was off topic, but I want to hear thoughts about the realignment since that is in just around the corner.

scrappy do

Yankees27 is correct JD and Judge are right in that 800 range. There are smaller schools, Delta is prob the smallest, but someone has to be. The idea of private schools playing +1 of their class is intriguing but to apply this consistently might be an issue. Schools like Layton Christian and others are very small and would surely take issue. You could also have discussions on how public, tuition free, charter schools like Summit Academy fit into the equation. Obviously Summit attracted some 5A/4A kids that were not going to get playing time and they were pretty good, they could easily put together a championship season, are we going to complain about them next? I would imagine other charter schools will come on board soon, considering the demographics in this state.

Just Food for thought

scrappy do


I agree going to 6A is silly, JD and Judge are the same size and I could definitely see both in 4A in the new alignment, I don't think JD would mind, travel costs are an issue for them and they would probably prefer to play locally. They really should look at the rural vs urban component of this and expand 2A and 1A a little that probably would have solved a few things without adding a classification

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